While we didn’t get the main event to URL’s Any Given Sunday, we still got a bunch of amazing story lines and battles. First of course was the redemption of the ATL battle rap crowd, the much maligned(unfairly in my humble opinion) Atlanta crowd has been heavily criticized and they left the weekend the real winners as Tsu Surf called them one of the best crowds in battle rap. That being said the reason we’re here is because we got 3 competitive battles, a lot of statements were made and messages were sent. A lot of has been made of the weekend but let’s look ahead to some matches to make in the future.


It’s time man, it’s time for this smoke. Both of these guys have gone back and forth on whether they would or wouldn’t battle or not given their history. I think with the EFB vs Guntitles energy that’s out there, the stellar performance from Big Stage Ave we got vs Danny, now is the perfect time to match these two up and let them tear the roof off of a building


One thing about me, I love a style clash. Lu Castro put on the best performance of his career vs Charlie Clips and outside of what I believe to be a critical tactical error in choosing to go first, there’s nothing I can criticize from his performance Sunday. Lu and Real Sikh have been two of the leading faces of the stacked ultimate madness 1 class and I want to see more of that class face each other now that they’ve taken time out to face different competition and grow in their talents and abilities. I believe win or lose Lu Castro and Real Sikh have earned the right to meet on a big stage and their elevated skill sets since UM1 would absolutely lead to a dope battle on a major card.


This is a two birds one stone situation, but Charlie Clips and Calicoe have gone back and forth for years there’s been interest from both sides in doing this battle. Full disclosure for a long time this was a battle I didn’t need or like(We miss you Brizz) but seeing the run these two have been on since 2020, I think the perfect time for this battle is now. Two elite veterans who are somehow still elevating and reaching new heights finally clashing has all the makings of fireworks.


Look bruh… just book this battle so we can add it to our battle of the year lists. Chess is almost a walking classic at this point and has proven throughout his career that he’s capable of getting into any and every bag based on his opponent. B-Dot is the best angler in battle rap(Not up for debate) and he’s shown an ability to match energy, bark and get into a multitude of pockets. I’m fully convinced Chess and B-Dot would produce a battle better than we can imagine, and our expectations would be high.


Danny Myers put on a great performance vs Ave, I know there’s been a lot of speculation and talks on what Danny should do next. I believe he should get whoever he asks for, but the match I WANT to see his him vs Iron Solomon. This is a perfect pen matchup and has the capability of being a battle we remember forever.

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