Kausion Says First Lady Flamez is Clearly The Underdog In Their Battle

Battle rap enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the upcoming clash between 757 Kausion and First Lady Flamez on the highly anticipated Chrome 23 “Grudge Match” card. In an exclusive interview with PSA Hip Hop, Kausion sheds light on the battle and addresses the comparisons and expectations surrounding this high-stakes showdown.

Despite being billed as a “grudge match,” Kausion clarifies that the “grudge” between her and First Lady Flamez is a creation of the media and fans drawing consistent similarities between the two of them. Kausion acknowledges she sees all of the remarks in the comment sections, on social media, and between some of the voices of battle rap media that express or imply similitude between their styles. Kausion emphasizes her intent to showcase the distinct differences in their styles and abilities during the battle.

Kausion shares a keen detail that her and First Lady Flamez share a positive relationship and they have been supportive of each other’s careers. Hailing from Virginia, the two artists have engaged in conversations and established a good rapport. However, when it comes to the battle, Kausion is determined to make her mark against First Lady Flamez, who is making her debut on the Chrome 23 stage. 

Despite the results of the fan votes on a Twitter Poll, Kausion has a bold and confident demeanor, Kausion sends a direct message to First Lady 

“I personally know Flamez we supported each other cause we are both from Virginia. I’m honored to battle her, but bitch, you in my house. You are the first lady, but I’m the queen of VA. You are clearly the underdog, I’m Chrome’s own. I am clearly not the underdog in this occasion. I am defending my title. I was on Chrome before you, I did the first female tournament and made it to the finals.”

For Kausion, this battle is an opportunity to solidify her position as a dominant force in the battle rap scene. Having recently reached the finals of a tournament and impressing with four consecutive good performances on the platform, she aims to continue her winning streak and leave a lasting impact with her lyrical prowess.

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