Power Ranking The Trenches Tournament Round 2

Eazy The Block Captain is fostering a roster of talent with his tournament and The first round of the Trenches Tournament is in the books. Concluding 8 Battles 

Round 2 Match ups:


With the last 8 emcees standing to compete for the Grand Prize of $10,000.  We will power-ranking the contenders left by evaluating their performance in Round 1, the opponent they have to face in the 2nd round & the style match up. 

#1 JMorr

Jmorr, is the embodiment of being a polished battler. His gritty style brings explosive prowess that will be hard to be matched by anyone in the tournament. Renowned for his barrage of haymakers As the odds stack up, it becomes evident that Jmorr is not just a participant; he is the favorite, the contender to beat. His style, a perfect amalgamation of staying poised and raw power, sets him apart from the rest. 

Jmorr’s energy ignites him into a force to be reckoned with. His experience coupled with being able to connect on almost every bar in that room, Jmorr solidifies his position as the frontrunner, It’s going to be a tall task to challenge him in The Trenches.

#2 King

King’s commanding victory against Kaf in the Trenches Tournament, was one of the standout performances of the night.  King left a mark and made his name and presence felt. He saw blood in the water and he attacked relentlessly in various sequences of chain punching and building a mountain of momentum. He’s committed to his performance and his style of battling can be sustainable to put himself in a position to win. He can land more punchlines than almost anybody left in the tournament. 

However, the road ahead for King promises a tougher challenge, as he prepares to face a formidable opponent in MuuWop, known for his tenacity and skill. His pacing will be his biggest advantage. His writing style can cater more to a room to win a battle on the spot in a judge setting. We have seen this style of punchers win various tournaments over the last few years.

#3 TEX

Tex, is one of the top contenders in the tournament, he possesses a gritty and unique style that sets him apart as a force to be reckoned with. His journey through the battling has endowed him with a level of poise that radiates through every move. Tex’s powerful delivery and imposing presence make him special. You can hear the pain in his raps. He talks effortlessly and blends his authenticity with a creative finesse. He exudes the “IT Factor” that makes an impact in the room. You can say that Tex and Kutta arguably had the best back-and-forth battle of the night, his third round was also special. So he’s able to also stand out and shine while his opponent is also doing their numbers.

However, the irony lies in his draw to face the best battler in the tournament in J Morr. While Tex undoubtedly possesses the skill and charisma to emerge victorious, the challenge that lies ahead casts a shadow on what would otherwise make him a clear favorite Against any other opponent left in the tournament. Tex would be poised to advance to the semi-finals, if he was paired against anyone else. 

J Morr vs Tex should be the best battle of the 2nd round.

#4 MuuWop

MuuuWop as one of the faces of the trenches continues to build on his early career. Muuuwop has a game that can be like a Swiss army knife. He isn’t your typical puncher or 4 bar build-up rapper. He can talk to you, he can punchline or chain punch, he has a variety of intricate flow pockets, he can rap well, and his aggression adds to his believability. But most glaring, MuuuWop always looks so unbothered when his opponent raps, his defense makes him look like an unmoveable object. 

He takes advantage of using a variety of rhyme pockets to make his performance more captivating. His delivery and pacing are on point, but in the first round, his punches weren’t up to par with his most recent performance in the Trenches against Quban. They lacked some firepower in the first round. To his credit, you don’t need the most potent punchlines to beat someone like Prezzy, but he will have a challenging task being in front of someone like King who is landing a barrage of punches. So MuuuWop’s flows & bars will have to be tighter to advance to the next round. 

#5 Bo The Great

Best way to describe Bo The Great is his style is a distinctive voice. What works best for Bo, is that he marches to the beat of his drum, exhibiting a deliberate and measured tempo that sets him apart. Instead of relying on a barrage of punchlines, Bo works for the crowd through his engaging content and seamless transitions between attacks.

What truly distinguishes him is his willingness to delve into personal experiences, fostering a genuine connection beyond the confines of his material. Bo The Great’s ability to open up and share his authentic self shines through, creating a memorable and relatable experience for viewers, especially evident in rounds like his third, where the depth of his approach adds a layer of intimacy to the battle arena. As he faces Starboy Chuck, the stage is set for Bo to showcase the power of his distinctive style and potentially deliver a breakout performance.

#6 Z The Dropout

Z The Dropout, a battle-tested contender, brings a wealth of experience and a journey that has seen him share the stage with solid names and grace the prestigious Summer Madness stage. His rhyme patterns are marked by a familiarity that resonates with the ear, showcasing an artist who has a full fundamental understanding of the art of battling. Having navigated through challenging situations, makes Z fearless and it shows in his performance. 

In this tournament, Z finds himself pitted against what some may consider the weakest opponent, a circumstance that plays into his hands. Because he is armed with a fundamental game that can weed out and level of competitors that are lacking in staying sharp with their attack or maintaining cleanliness in their delivery. 

#7 StackBoy Chuck

Stackboy Chuck, despite his entry into the tournament, has had a rather underwhelming performance, seemingly advancing by virtue of his opponent’s self-defeating errors rather than any standout prowess on his part. The opportunity to progress seems more a result of circumstance than a showcase of Chuck’s own battle skills.  Perhaps this will ignite a fire within Starboy Chuck, motivating him to refine his craft and prove the doubters wrong. It remains to be seen whether he can channel this into a source of inspiration, turning an initial lackluster showing into a platform for a more formidable and determined presence in the battles to come.

#8 Deizal

Deizal’s battle journey has been plagued by a persistent struggle with cleanliness, a challenge that traces back to his Survivor Series days when he fought tooth and nail to make it to the League. The issue of stumbling and self-sabotage reared its ugly head once again in the first round of the tournament, casting doubts on whether a fully flawless performance could ever be confidently expected from him. 

I will say, that we did witness a glimmer of Deizal’s potential in the third round, a moment where everything clicked into place, showcasing what he’s capable of when clicking on all cylinders. However, replicating that round in shorter prep times remains a considerable challenge. Also many were left surprised by his advancement sparking debates over the decision. Now faced with a matchup against an opponent who is unlikely to beat themselves, Deizal stands at a critical juncture, where his ability to conquer his cleanliness issues will determine whether he can rise above the doubts or stick to the reputation he has. 

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