What We Know So Far About Hitman Holla’s Battle Rap TV Reality Show


Battle Rapper & Wild-N-Out Star, Hitman Holla is gathering 12 battlers to live in a mansion for 4-6 weeks, to conduct a battle rap tournament with the last man standing receiving a $100,000 bag. 

It’s been 8 years since the last time battle rap has seen a reality TV show / Battle Rap tournament and that was Total Slaughter. While Eminem and the whole Slaughter House gave the Battle Rap culture a tremendous opportunity to transcend higher into the mainstream success, the show did lacked some of the foundational roots of the culture. This time around, this new TV show looks to have a more organic and relatable feel.

Hitman is well aware of the lack of involvement of the culture when commercial opportunities arise for battle rap. So this time he made it his goal to touch the soil, to ensure he involves various parties.

I got the opportunity to ask Hitman, how will he keep a balance for the TV show to be digestible for new fans while also capturing the essence of the culture? I also asked him what will the format of the battles be? Hardcore Battle fans know that causal fans can’t sit through 20+ minutes of raps. But a 1 round battle isn’t a strong enough of a sample size to really capture the energy for the show.

Hitman Holla expresses the value of impulsive & impetuous moments revolving around the show. Everything will be related to Rap on the show, there will be surprise challenges, battle categories for performances and random match up selections. The spontaneous nature of the show will breed story lines within the Mansion to keep the show exciting and the battlers competitive and on their toes.

Hitman advised that his decision regarding the format of the battles, is to make them into 3 round battles instead of 1 rounders. “3 round battles gives us the best feel”.- Hitman 

The limit of the rounds will be 1 minute. So that battlers can get the feel of a 2-1 or 3-0 victory and have a chance to freestyle/rebuttal. And also battlers will be able to prepare three minutes worth of material in a few short days of prep.

A List of Facts We Know So Far

Hitman Holla wanted to give updates of the TV show and provide some details so that he can paint his vision for us all to see. Hitman Took to Twitter Spaces, which is has become the Battle Rap Culture staple platform for touching base with all voices, rappers, media members & supporters and decided to do a Q&A with anyone who requested to speak. Twitter Spaces is a perfect place to gauge the temperature of what the people want.

Here is some of the biggest takeaways from the Q&A with Hitman.

  • Hitman wants to start a new league after the TV Show.


  • Battlers on the show can not be under contract.


  • Audition locations for contestants will be in New York, STL, LA, Houston and Possibly ATL.
    (Can send in live videos for audtions if you can not be present)


  • They will be in search of brand new talent.


  • No Top Tiers will be a part of the Tournament. 


  • Hitman Holla wants to have culture credentialed judges involved. (Rappers or Credible members of the Media)


  • Hitman Holla is looking for Mid Tier level battlers that may be established or known.


  • At least 3 female battle rappers will be selected to be a part of the Tournament.


  • Filming for the show will be held in ATL (filming starts Oct for 4 to 6 weeks)


  • There will be spontaneous and separate challenges to stand out throughout the show Everyone will be living in one mansion doing various interviews, club outings celebrities appearances.


  • Battles in the Tournament will be 3 rounds. 1 minute per round.


  • The matches in the Tournament will be spontaneous and matches will selected at random.

ARP Enters The Game

Yup, you heard right. ARP did a blog on the Rare Breed Ent Youtube Channel where he disclosed some details regarding the T.V Show and he reported that Hitman Holla reached out to him to get on board with the T.V Show. ARP accepts the offer and expresses his gratitude to the relationship he has built with Hitman Holla over the last few years.

ARP did share a few interesting details. He states that good auditions that doesn’t get selected, still has a chance to be a cut into the episodes. So he encourages all to apply with the mindset of putting their best foot forward. There will be some high stakes to get to the finals. “I wanna see some personality and image.”- ARP

For Full blog see below.

How Can You Apply ?

Hitman Holla has announced that Audition information will be released on August 1st. 

But for contestants that want to get ahead of the race and want to start a campaign for their selves can do so by Hashtaging #BagsAndBodies  And having a creative, unique original and stand out commercial to separate their selves from the 100’s of possible applicants that will be getting.

Viixen The Assassin will also be supplying a hand in the recruitment process for the auditions!

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