2023 Crucible Phase 3 Scouting Report

Scouting Report

Another year, another Crucible class. After a shaky introduction to the Crucible concept in 2021, in 2022 we saw more fleshed out ideas and cards built around the newer talent and that carried over in to 2023. The top 6 from last year have all shown an abundance of talent and potential and have been responsible for some of the best stuff we’ve seen on URL this year. The 2023 names will have some giant shoes to fill, but with the right choices and development, maybe we’ll see another class come in and light up battle rap. 

One thing I noticed before getting into the bulk of the article: this was a very Southern dominated Crucible this year. And I’m not saying that as a bad thing or implying anything, it’s just reflective of eyes finally being put on southern battle rap and how many gems were still in that region waiting to be discovered. There was plenty of DMV/OSBL representation in previous phases and there is still a good amount on this card, but the story to me of the Crucible is the south getting more established as a hub for talent in battle rap. 


Someone I felt like had Crucible winner potential from the first time I heard him rap. Boat loads of aura and presence, but far from being carried by those things. His pen is up to par too with some very fluid rapping and a real knack for roomshakers and quotables. With the right support, someone with a very high ceiling. 

Northeast Tay

I think Tay will be the most divisive battler of this class. Maybe the guy in this phase where it could take the most time for people to appreciate his delivery and pacing, but Tay packs a serious punch when he lands bars and has a very real unpredictability factor with his punchlines. 

Raydale Shamaine

Raydale is someone where at first glance his name might not be familiar, but he’s stood across from the likes of JC and Th3 Saga in battles. A  solid puncher, but what makes him stand out in this class is probably being the most performance heavy guy on the card. He could coast on his punching, but taking that extra mile with performance could be what separates him in the long run. 

Carolina Nightmare

The strongest delivery of the names on the card and that can be enough to captivate the room. Not the strongest pen by any means, but he’s clever enough to not make it feel like a glaring weak spot for him. Improving in that department would make him more undeniable though. 


The most well rounded person in the class. Great delivery, a witty pen and very good puncher and weaves in a lot of real life/drug bars. I see even more potential for him to grow as a writer, maybe even as an angler. He’s still getting used to transitioning from Twitter Space battles to in person, but he’s been nothing but impressive so far. The more in person battles he racks up, the more potent and dangerous he gets.


The rate at which Yunus has progressed and improved within the last year is truly astonishing. From being a Spaces standout out to becoming a fan favorite of OSBL, it was a smooth transition for him. By far the best writer on this card. Yunus’ pen is extremely potent and he’s not shy when it comes to adding performance to his bars. His delivery might not be the strongest or he might not have the most imposing aura, but when you write as well as Yunus does sometimes that doesn’t matter.

Kapo Bravado

A case can be made for Kapo being the name with most buzz around him on this card. Extremely charismatic, unique sound and a good pen. Plus with him currently being on Bags and Bodies season 2 and being under that learning tree, there’s room to grow and get even better. One might wonder if fatigue will factor in at all with the Bags and Bodies filming still taking place, but I’m confident Kapo will have great material and prove why he’s been so talked about for the last year.


Great vocal projection and a very witty pen. Might not have the propensity for the biggest room shakers, but his rounds are filled with clever and sneaky lines and real life bars that could make him a favorite. I can admit I wasn’t overly impressed by what I saw on YouTube, but knowing that he was reportedly maybe the top performer in phase 2 shows that something is there.

So Severe

One of the more recognizable names on this card because of some of the opportunities he’s gotten in the past like facing Charlie Clips and being in the KOTD Grand Prix, but getting a well earned chance here to showcase his growth as a talent.

Bandit Montana

Another one of the more recognized names on this card, but in a way I almost feel like Bandit is a dark horse. He might not have the most buzz around his name or most vocal support system, but he’s a guy that has great delivery, utilizes different flow patterns and has shaken rooms against legitimate pro competition.  


One of the more under the radar guys on this card, but I see potential for him as a stand out. A lot of presence, can be really reserved and laid back but knows when to apply pressure. Vocal projection stands out immediately and his pen is far from a weak point for him. His pace has potential to be an asset for him or something that gets him overpowered against a high energy battler.


Boogie has a solid flow and some humor and charm to him, but I would like to see improvements on the punching or even just retooling his style. He has okay punchlines for the most part, but it never builds to anything substantial or stand out. And then there might be times where he says a line that leaves me scratching my head like “Uber driving slave owner, I whip people”. I haven’t seen any of his Crucible work so maybe he has improved on these things, but changes are desperately needed if he’s going to have a place on the roster.


I had no clue who Chilly was before starting to prep for this article and truly didn’t know what to expect. What I found was someone who I see a good deal of potential with. As a big fan of J Krooger, his voice and delivery reminds of a lot Krooger’s but he doesn’t take the same approach to punching. He’s faster paced and has some flashes of performance. A gritty delivery and one of the better punchers on the card. I wouldn’t be shocked to see Chilly in the top 6. 

Poppy G

People might look at this comparison and say it’s based off how they look, but there’s some similarities to Kid Chaos that I notice with Poppy G. Damn near the exact same voice and delivery and I think Poppy has a very similar pace. He’s maybe not as layered lyrically as Chaos, but he’s a very good writer and honestly from a potential aspect I can see him with one of the higher ceilings. For him it’s gonna come down to preparation. I’m not going to put the label of choking on him, but Poppy G can’t afford the slip ups he had against KidCash to appear again this weekend. If Poppy G shows up ready, he’s a dangerous guy on this card.


One of the new faces of Miami’s emerging battle rap scene. Manii made some noise last year with his battle against Carolina Nightmare at Midnight Madness. The days of Midnight Madness are long behind us, but if Tsu Surf believed in Manii’s talent level so much that he had Manii on the Gun Titles MM team, he must have seen potential. And there’s plenty of it with Manii. Highly energetic back to back puncher and also very young. With good development, he can be an asset on any roster for years to come.

Money Mitch

Rising through the ranks on WeGoHard for the last year, Mitch has shown some dope writing in the times I’ve seen him. Might have a dry spot here and there, but for the most part the writing side of things is his strongest attribute. He will need to pick up more skills to keep progressing. His delivery is solid but not the strongest and there’s not a ton of performance to his style and when picking out who’s going to be in the top 6, it’s gonna be beneficial to show a developed and more well rounded game to give reasons as to why you should make it to Final Exams.


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