Renowned battle rap artist, DNA (born Eric St. John) is launching starting a battle rap management company of his own called GMDW ENT, which stands for Get Money Drink Water ENT. According to DNA, his passion for the project comes from welcoming new artists into the battle rap scene.

He realizes that new artists often When they first enter it, they’re excited but often get taken advantage of. Additionally, they have to go through the induction process, and often don’t understand the business and how it works. DNA says he doesn’t want others to make the same mistakes as him since they may not be able to recover. According to him, the battle rap business culture needs to change to be part of the solution instead of the problem.

The first client of DNA’s new agency is an up and coming battle rapper named Z The Drop Out, from Queens, NY.

DNA at the Forefront It’s also important to note that DNA will not just be the face of the company – he’s running it and is at the forefront of the business. In addition to being hands-on, he will be assisting new talent understand how to make a profitable career our of their talent with business. While new battle rappers are skilled, they lack business experience, and that’s what DNA brings to the table with his new management company.

Despite battle rap growing in popularity and leagues being formed, there’s not enough management at the forefront. There are many avenues within battle rap where people can make money, including merchandise and caffeine shows. DNA plans to help up-and-coming battle rappers establish their brands.

Z The Drop Out has been seen on ibattle and has rapped against battlers like Don Marino and Dre Dennis. He is currently in Phase Two of the URL Crucible.And DNA is looking to put Z The Drop Out on to a path of success and new heights as he becomes a professional battle rapper.

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