7 Battles On Our Radar At RBE’s Da Breed Dyphrent Weekend

RBE (Rare Breed Entertainment) is gearing up for 2-day event with their “Da Breed Dyphrent card” featuring 22 battles over the weekend. You can find some of the marquee top Bricks battling their peers or more experienced battlers, alongside some of the newer Bricks and artists that are currently in the intake process to be the undercard. The wordplay on “different” is hilarious, but this weekend is filled with a bunch of rising talent looking to make a statement. Hunger should be on  full display

Big shoutouts to Winged & Lawrence for their continuous effort towards The Brick & Intake process and their development. Their commitment has been instrumental in the growth of these names. And you can find Vada Fly & Shotime SP to be the host of these weekend’s battles.

It’s interesting to hear that VA is becoming a hub for the bricks. With over 40 emcees set to battle this weekend. With such a large lineup, there’s definitely potential for some shocking performances and for new talent to emerge and make a name for themselves.

It would be great to hear more about some of the marquee battles and the emcees on our radar. 

OG Prime vs B The Emcee

Written By France

This battle has the potential to be one of the best battles of the entire weekend. Yes, you heard right. There are a ton of battles with plus(+) odds for Battle of the Weekend, And this is one of the ones I would put a Fanduel ticket in for. Both batters are poised to steal the spotlight as one of the standout battles of the entire weekend, despite all the numerous matchups vying for the title of Battle of the Weekend. OG Prime is a straight shooter, his approach to lyricism, is exemplified in his dope back and forth with Will Major, one of the better Bricks vs Intake battles. OG showcased his undeniable skills, slow flow pace, and gritty delivery that give you bars that make you go MMMM. Conversely, B the Emcee is easily one of my favorite talents on this roster, hailing from Buffalo, emerges as a standout talent with his ability to intricately weave narratives while delivering punchlines with finesse, almost like a street poet painting vivid portraits with words. Their complementary styles have a high potential for a riveting match. Bravo to whoever booked this, in theory, this is a perfect blend of pacing and content. 

Kausion vs Gwitty

Written by Q Moody

A battle that has been in the making for about a year and really the selling point of this weekend of battles as the headliner for Day 1. Kausion adds another main event to her RBE resume.

Kausion was taking the women’s battle rap world by storm, having a noteworthy run in the Chrome 23 tournament before ultimately falling short in the finals to C3. Since then, a bit more turbulence has been experienced than a lot of people would have expected with some solid performances, but nothing strong enough to get the job done. With all the promo and back and forth that we’ve seen, this is the perfect chance to combat all the naysayers and people who jumped off the wagon for Kausion. Gwitty frankly hasn’t made much of a splash on RBE since his signing back in 2022. Gwitty always is great for generating promo and attention to his battles and with his biggest RBE battle in some time, he should be looking to take full advantage of the spotlight.

Peachez vs Jade

Written by France

Peachez and Jade, contrasting levels of experience and styles collide on the RBE stage. Peachez, steadily ascending through the circuit, showcases gradual growth in each battle. On the other side stands Jade, at this point of her career, we can consider her a seasoned veteran, renowned for her bar-heavy content and nearly a decade of involvement in the battle rap. Jade coming off a stellar 2023, where she was very active and pinned against a lot of tough matchups, she continues to be outside and active. Despite Peachez’s tenacity, Jade’s having a wealth of experience should pin her as the favorite, and rightfully so. However, there’s a lingering question of whether Jade can maintain consistency throughout all three rounds in staying clean. Nonetheless, this battle could be one of the standouts of the event. A Bar fest amongst the ladies

Dolla vs Jay Breed

Written by France

When Dolla squares off against Jay Breed, you can expect a dynamic personality to clash against an aggression that is filled with purpose.

Dolla, a beloved figure among battle rap fans and a lot of attention from some of the media, has garnered widespread admiration for his originality. Dolla can truly be labeled as a breath of fresh air with his unorthodox style (that is true to the essence of the actual word) and limitless growth potential. Meanwhile, Jay Breed, a founding member of the first Brick class, has experienced his fair share of ups and downs on RBE so far. Yet, what remains consistent is his unwavering commitment and boundless passion for his craft. He is resilient and gives a ton of effort. It may be simple to say, but Jay Breed just has heart. He still has to find a footing of consistency and direction with his career, content, and strucutre, but he’s gonna make you work for a win. With Dolla’s unique approach set against Jay Breed’s drive, this match-up can really propel the stock of one of these two emcees. In a perfect world, it would be great for both, but a breakout performance can be on the radar here for someone. 

Fate vs Wise

Written by France

The impending battle between Fate and Wise is 100% guaranteed to be a barfest amongst two Punchers. 

Both of these names have gain a lot of experience by battling in very high-pressure circumstances. They both have battled in judged settings, big cards, on PPV and have several top-tier names. Just look at their resumes combined for a second. 

Wise: (Tay Roc, Geechi Gotti, JC, O-Red, Bill Collector, Chess)
Fate: (Pass, Madflex, B Magic, Chef Trez) 

Despite their relatively recent emergence amongst the scene over the last few years and battle-tested resume, both contenders still have much to prove. One can argue there aren’t many wins amongst these names or that a lot of those names are one-rounders, but it doesn’t negate the experience of standing in front of high-level competition. Both are Armed with a puncher’s style that delivers hard-hitting bars with precision in their delivery and flair in the performance. In Theory this should be one of the best bar-for-bar battles of the weekend, but they have both been in big spots before and have come up short before, none the less they both have my attention anytime I see their names on a card. 

MR. MILLS vs 6’8

Written by Q Moody

The closest thing to a Rookies vs Vets style match up on the cards and it’s a very worth inclusion. 6’8 has shown flashes for a while as a punch-based guy with solid potential. And as the headliner of day 2, this is his opportunity to show out. Facing off with Mr. Mills, a foundational name in RBE’s history provides a strong opportunity for 6’8 to stake his claim as the name that is needed to keep an eye on the emerging RBE talent. For Mills, it’s a chance to put the league on notice and set a firm reminder that the future of the platform still goes through him.

Zay vs Snypa

Written by Q Moody

A true clash of the bricks and one that provides a good amount of stylistic intrigue. Snypa’s RBE work has given the home a case of being the best pen in his class, but Zay’s charisma and humor which he can blend with potent punching presents a task that Snypa may have to step up even more to complete. Zay’s seen punch-based guys, Cino Savvy being one of them so. So Zay isn’t unfamiliar with this challenge, but Snypa may be the best one he’s faced to date.

Projecting for a much better & condensed performance from both Zay & Snypa than their showings in the blue room. 

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