BARS AND ROSES: From The Concrete Recap

Allow Bars & Roses to Introduce theirselves

Meet Dajon, the league owner of the newly founded all-female battle rap league Bars and Roses. She is widely recognized as a manager, a phenomenal scout, and a talent evaluator within the battle rap culture. Her keen eye for talent and exceptional ability to identify promising battlers has solidified her reputation as one of the best in the business. Dajon’s commitment to providing a platform for female emcees to showcase their skills has been instrumental in uplifting the voices of talented women in the battle rap scene. Her dedication to fostering a supportive and empowering environment for the upcoming ladies within Bars and Roses has earned her respect and admiration from both fans and artists alike. 

Dajon’s ability to spot and nurture raw talent will play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of female battle rap, making her an invaluable asset to the culture.

LTBR Award Recipients

Best Individual Performances of the night: #1 Rainefire Moon | #2 Rainee The Rebel | #3 Nae (solo)  | #4 Taz

Battle Of The night: Rainee The Rebel vs Mallorei X

The Biggest Win of the Night: Taz over Destin | Rainefire Moon over Rocq Lee 

Taz vs Destin

Photon Cred: BC from URL | Battle Recapped by Tai Tai

To kick off the night of Bars and Roses Battle League, Taz and Destin stepped onto the stage, ready to showcase their talent. The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the crowd eagerly awaited the ladies to hit the stage. From the moment Taz started her round, it was clear she meant business. Her aggressive and disrespectful style was on full display as she delivered her material with a directness that left no room for interpretation. Taz’s overpowering presence commanded attention, but there were moments when her pacing and delivery could have been refined. Nonetheless, her potential shone through, indicating a promising future as she gains more experience in the battle rap scene.

On the other side of the ring, Destin struggled to find her rhythm. Despite her best efforts, she encountered turbulence in her fluidity, hindering her ability to establish a strong momentum. As Taz relentlessly attacked, Destin found herself unable to match her opponent’s firepower. The fire and intensity needed to compete on the Bars and Roses Battle League stage seemed to elude her. Although Destin exhibited glimpses of skill and creativity, it wasn’t enough to overcome the dominance displayed by Taz. This battle served as a learning experience for Destin, highlighting areas where she can refine her delivery and develop a more commanding presence to compete at the highest level.

Rocq Lee vs Rainefire Moon

Photon Cred: BC from URL | Battle Recapped by Tai Tai

An intense showdown between Rocq lee and Rainefire Moon. In the first round, the battle was closely contested, with Rocq lee and Rainefire delivering impressive punchlines, wordplay, and a healthy dose of aggression. Their performances left the audience captivated, and the outcome of this round became a topic of debate among fans. It was a display of skill and talent from both competitors, setting the stage for an exciting battle ahead.

However, as the battle progressed into the second round, Rocqlee faced some challenges with her pacing and overall delivery. Despite stepping up her material, she struggled to maintain a smooth flow, causing her performance to feel a bit choppy. Recognizing this opportunity, Rainefire seized the moment and elevated her energy to another level. With renewed vigor, Rainefire dominated the second and third rounds, capitalizing on Rocqlee’s inconsistency. Her impressive stage presence and powerful delivery earned her a clear advantage, leaving with a possible 30 in favor of Rainefire in this battle.

Nae vs Tasha Da Author (Did not go down)

Photon Cred: BC from URL | Recapped by Tai Tai

Nae and Tasha Da Author did not go down due to Tasha not showing up. But Nae still performed her bars and they were nothing short of awesome. In a solo act, she displayed great fundamental skills required in battle rap. Her delivery was on point, commanding the stage with confidence and precision. Nae’s punchlines hit hard, leaving the audience in the room entertained. She also shows some directness in her writing that left no room for ambiguity, she could’ve easily dismantled Tasha. Nae’s performance was a testament to her polished style,  which could’ve easily made her a standout competitor on the card. With her combination of technical ability and intangible skills.

Rainee the Rebel vs Mallorei X

Photon Cred: BC from URL | Battle Recapped by Tai Tai

The main event battle between Rainee the Rebel and Mallorei X was highly anticipated and served as the perfect culmination for the first installment of the Bars and Roses event. Right from the start, Rainee took the stage and immediately set the tempo for the battle. Her performance was nothing short of impressive as she commanded the room with her punchlines and rampant pacing. Rainee’s control over the atmosphere was palpable, captivating the audience’s attention. Her top-notch wordplay demonstrates a keen ability to play with language and deliver clever lines. 

However, Mallorei X was not to be outdone, retaliating with slick punchlines and sneaky haymakers of her own. The battle became an enthralling display of skill as both ladies showcased their abilities, delivering blows that kept the crowd on the edge of their seats.

As the battle progressed, the back-and-forth between Rainee and Mallorei X intensified. Rainee’s command of the stage remained strong, but Mallorei’s cleverly crafted punchlines and unexpected haymakers added a layer of competitiveness to the battle. The exchange of punchlines between the two was entertaining, leaving the audience captivated and engaged throughout. The battle showcased the immense talent and competitive spirit of both Rainee the Rebel and Mallorei X, making it a memorable main event that set the tone for future Bars and Roses events to come. 

Raine The Rebel secures the victory 2-1 as she goes the distances with her content and is able to outlast Mallorei.

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