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The Ressurection

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The Black Ice Cartel’s “The Cage Resurrection” First PPV event was a momentous occasion for the culture, marking a return to the electrifying atmosphere of the iconic Cage setting. Led by the visionary Jon Dough and supported by the skilled team of Avocado & Ruin Your Day on the production. And a Major salute to Black Ice and the entire staff because this event was a perfect display of the dedication and passion of everyone involved with the league and the turnout is breathing life into battle rap. 

The battles within The Cage were nothing short of spectacular, with each battler were locked into a high-stakes verbal duel, surrounded by the raw energy of the fans. The aesthetic was perfect and now you got everyone adding the cage to their bucket list. The intensity and passion displayed by the battlers were palpable, infecting every moment of the event with an atmosphere that left audiences fully engaged and energized. 

One of the standout features of The Cage Resurrection was its cinematic production value, with expertly crafted camera angles capturing every moment of the action with precision and flair. This attention to detail elevated the viewing experience, perfectly capturing the vision of Jon. The energy was perfect for every punchline to hit with maximum impact.

With The Cage Resurrection, Black Ice not only delivered an unforgettable event but also set a new standard for excellence for their league. We can say, that this is thus far, the best event of the year in 2024. It stands as a shining example of what can be achieved when passion, creativity, and talent come together in perfect harmony.

5 Biggest Takeaways From The Performances

Tay Roc Starts His Gauntlet Run

Tay Roc’s debut on Black Ice and in The Cage was nothing short of legendary, as he stepped into the spotlight as the main event after a long night of intense battles. Fueled by boundless energy and aggression, Tay Roc delivered a performance that woke up the room and put on one of his trademarks with a vintage second round that left the crowd and us at home going crazy. With back-to-back gun bars and punches, as well as a relentless barrage of name flips, Tay Roc dominated in the cage, reminding us all why he’s considered one of the greatest in the game. 

What resonates the most with the fans about Tay Roc is this window of his career where you can see him venture to multiple leagues across the countries, while giving opportunities to lower-tiered names. This has an emotional connection with the fans because it’s a chance to see Roc in their city, or their local league, especially if they never got a chance to witness him during his prime years in New York. And he always brings that intensity and effort to the point where, you feel like you are getting an Irving Plaza level Tay Roc, in your own backyard. 

Tay Roc’s debut on Black Ice and in The Cage was worth every penny of admission. And it’s his first battle of a long stretch. He has 5 more battles in the next 7 weeks, and he is ready to go on a special run and do something we have never seen him do before with this much volume in a short amount of time. 1 down, 5 more to go. 

The Ladies PUT ON !

I can speak for the entire team at LTBR when I say, that every major battle rap event needs at least one lady on it, or at least one female battle. There is a very high percentage of the ladies always being some of the stand-out performers of a card, and all 4 of the women on this card PUT ON, Do you hear me ?? 

Tae Doe & Aeon was a war, filled with aggressive, powerful delivery and haymakers from both! 

E-Hart vs Coffee lived up to all expectations. Coffee returned to the platform after 5 years, and E-Hart is battling Coffee, after having a career year and the battle was an intense back and forth. Both battles had some turbulence in the third rounds, From Tae Doe & Coffee’s end, but the first two rounds were so competitive and intense, you can find our twitter polls having both these battles split damn near 50/50.  

These are so far, the two best battles by the ladies for 2024, this is the bar for the remainder of the year and the cage was fit all 4 of their styles perfectly. 

Prophelinni Has A Career High Performance

Prophelinni’s career-high performance against DOT was a revelation, showcasing his evolution and mastery in the battle rap arena. With a seasoned presence on the platform, Prophelinni brought his A-game to his fifth battle on Black Ice, leaving an indelible mark with a performance that will be remembered for years to come. His writing displayed a level of precision and finesse that was unmatched, delivering punchlines with staggering potency and impact. 

Its worth noting, that Dot’s first round was all green on 2k! He was clicking on all cylinders, which is what makes Prophelinni’s response that much more rewarding. However, it was his second round that truly stole the show, as Prophelinni unleashed an onslaught of relentless firepower, leaving both his opponent and the audience stunned by the sheer force and confidence of his delivery. This performance solidifies Prophelinni’s status as a force to be reckoned with and it serves as a testament to his skill, dedication, and undeniable talent as he continues to climb the circuits and make a name for himself.

KD & ShowStoppa Showed us how to separate personal from business.

KD and Showstoppa’s battle was an intense and deeply personal clash that left me reeling from its raw emotion and authenticity. Delving into their own lives and shared experiences with mutual acquaintances, the two emcees laid bare their vulnerabilities and histories, creating a narrative that felt more like an HBO drama show than a typical rap battle. With no topic off-limits, they confronted each other with unflinching honesty, pushing boundaries and testing the limits of their integrity. Yet, despite the intensity of their exchanges, both KD and Showstoppa demonstrated the utmost professionalism by shaking hands and showing mutual respect after the battle’s conclusion. (I COULD NEVER) 

Their ability to navigate such personal terrain while maintaining composure and sportsmanship is a testament to the maturity and professionalism of battle rap, even amidst the most emotionally charged confrontations. Watching their battle made me have to take a break from the PPV because man, the way they spoke to each other, made me realize I need to have fewer friends in my life! 

Capboy Hurt & Eastwood Took Their Shot, Close Range

Both of the talents on The Black Ice Roster were pent up against some high-level competitors, Cut Eastwood battling Mackk Myron & Capboy battling the bar god, Danny Myers! And it’s safe to say both of them understood the assignment and executed in their performance. Not only did they both go toe to toe with them, but one can argue they won their battles and they kept the excitement of the event flowing in their performance, while being competitive, bar heavy & gaining a victory in the process.

Whenever you are tasked with opportunities like this, you have to make the most of it. The lights are bright and all of the pressure is on you while standing in front of someone who can REALLY kill you, if you aren’t at the top of your game. And while you can say both emcees heading into their match were underdogs, when the battle started, they both looked like they belonged and that’s high praise within itself. Beyond just showing they can compete, they walked away with stand-out performances and you can for sure bet to see one of these emcees, if not both on the next card with possibly a bigger plate. Mission accomplished

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