10 Biggest Takeaways From The QOTR | Premier Battles | U-Dubb | WestWorld Weekend

#1 Charron Has POTN At Udubb's Rebirth Event.

Written by Justin Smolenski

What better way to be the top performer than being the winner in the battle of the night? The 1st round of Danny vs Charron was very close and also a high peak for both, instantly being noticed as some of the best rappings of the night. Charron only wrote uphill from there though, winning the 2nd even in the face of another strong Danny round. But the 3rd is really where he made his mark, with one of the absolute best rounds of the night and a “7th Ward” haymaker for New Orleans that broke the venue in half. Great showing from an all-time great and a great victory to start the year off on.

Charron put on and one could argue he might have been the best battler of the weekend. 

#2 Quis Pulls The Upset

Written by Francel Brito

In a stunning upset that defied all predictions, Quis emerged victorious against the heavily favored Hansel in the first round of the West World Elite 8 Tournament. Not only did Quis secure an unexpected win, but he also showcased an exceptional level of skill and stage presence, earning him recognition as one of the standout performers of the night. By defeating Hansel, a name widely projected to advance to the finals by media and fans, Quis shattered expectations and asserted his dominance in the competition. 

His previous tournament victory in the west hinted at his experience and capabilities, which may have been underestimated by many in the lead-up to the event. Quis’ performance became a major talking point of the weekend, solidifying his status as a formidable contender and leaving a lasting impression.

#3 Premier Battles Drops Jaz The Rapper vs Bizzo Bond In Less than 24 hours

Written by Francel Brito

In a swift move, Premier Battles delivered the main event of their Absolute card on YouTube within 24 hours, showcasing an impressive commitment to their fans and allowing the battle’s headliners to capitalize on the momentum generated during the event. You also gotta give massive kudos to the league’s staff for the editing and quick turnaround time for this. The clash between Jaz The Rapper and Bizzo Bond proved to be captivating and dynamic, it lived up to all of its hype.

Bizzo’s sharp wit, jokes, layered punches, and strategic approach were met with Jaz’s equally impressive skill set. Jaz’s performance on the stage was nothing short of elite, as she expertly utilized her pacing to heighten the anticipation surrounding each of her haymakers, and they all paid off. Jaz did a perfect amount of research and strategy to have bars to connect with the audience, she was self-aware of the environment and she’s not a stranger to London. The back-and-forth between both battlers was compelling with the level of writing and the entertainment factor they both brung to the stage.

The battle further demonstrated the prowess of both Jaz The Rapper and Bizzo Bond, showcasing the depth of their abilities and the intricacies of their skills. A milestone for both emcees has been checked off from this battle, to add to both of their illustrious and decorated careers. Bizzo is currently one of the best active battlers in the UK scene and Jaz continues to showcase the value she brings. When you put Jaz on almost any card or stage, she is not only worth the price of admission but she’s highly likely to walk away with being one of the best performers of the night. If you haven’t seen this battle yet, go to YouTube and give yourself an entertaining half an hour!

#4 O'fficial Is Back

Written by Justin Smolenski

Legends with home games: a recipe for highlights. Official co-headlined the Udubb event vs Loso. Even with a fair discussion around the crowd being a little too one-sided, this can’t overshine the fact that O’fficial had one of her best showings in some time and won the battle. 

She was the cleaner battler compared to Loso, a given, but also used the boost from the crowd to deliver with some of her most confidence and power in some time. She was landing consistently and was similar in ways to her Casey Jay performance, another top showing of hers in the last couple of years. From 1st to 3rd she held that advantage and gave one of the most complete performances of the night. 

Good weekend for the Bardashians! 

#5 Kapo's Conflict: The Raps Are Not Matching The Promo

Written by Q Moody

There’s something to be said about being a talked-about enough name to find yourself in spots battling the likes of Arsonal, Ms. Hustle, or getting a spot on Bags and Bodies. Not everyone can do that, but there has to point where the rubber meets the road and the in-ring work matches the outside of the ring attention.

Time after time, Kapo doesn’t leave any of these high-profile opportunities displaying anything impressive. He’s very good in the T-Top battle and that won’t be ignored or dismissed, but that’s looking more like an outlier than the norm at that point, and in his last few battles, he hasn’t rapped at that level.

He is the main event of the Udubb card and stood in front of what was a vulnerable performance from Arsonal, where he has the full capability to capitalize and secure a dominating performance. And while he did win the battle, the performance wasn’t captivating. And it was his shining moment. 

As the headliner, the card is built around him, and one could say he wasn’t even a top 6 performer of the card. It’s the approaches or shock value things that never actually add to the battle, and it’s frustrating because every few bars you might hear something that is dope and think it might go somewhere, but then he deviates from it. His first round has a flop with the revenge porn flip of the woman on the phone, In his 2nd round he had a tag in that wasn’t worth the payoff & he choked in his 3rd round. At some point, it’s battle rap, not battle promo. And Kapo needs to find that middle ground fast.

#6 Don Ladyii Has POTN At QOTR

Written by Justin Smolenski

The standout showing of the night, Don gave one of the more dominant showings she has in recent memory.

Don Ladyii undeniably stole the spotlight with a stellar performance. From the moment she stepped onto the stage, it was evident that Ladyii had meticulously honed her craft, delivering an unparalleled display of skill in performance, delivery, writing, and crowd control. Her aura commanded attention, creating a powerful atmosphere that resonated with the room Despite a minor slip-up in the third round, Ladyii dominance throughout the battle was so pronounced that the victory was already sealed in her favor.

From 1st round to 3rd, she leveled up on Torture with aggressive delivery, heavy on the real talk and leading to a clear victory.  Unexpected and great look for Don standing out on a card with some major names. Looking forward to her taking this momentum and building on it as the year continues. 

#7 Geechi Gotti & Real Sikh are One Round Assassins

Written by Justin Smolenski

Geechi had absolutely 0 remorse in his 1 rounder with ENess. After a standard Ness round, Gotti responded with a body bag round that disrespect Ness history, status in Battle Rap, and his style. A pure character and style breakdown round, Geechi adds another highlight 1 rounder to the resume with a body bag showing that made him one of the best performers of the night. As for Real Sikh, everywhere he goes he’s giving elite raps. Another top-level showing even in a 1 rounder battling down, this is another example of him being one of the best in the world right now and looking like it in all situations. Two great one-rounders from two of the best right now. 

#8 Bonnie Godiva is Currently the Front Runner For WOTY in 2024

Written by Francel Brito

3 for 3 in 7 days! 

That is the story of what Bonnie has been able to produce so far in the first quarter of the year. Headliners against Ms. Miami, Lady J & A.Ward.

Bonnie gives another solid showing to start her 2024. 3 Battles in 7 days, fatigue could be seen in her showing but even then, she still had a competitive battle with her toughest opponent so far this year with A.Ward. After losing the 1st round, she had a solid 2nd that she got clearly and put together a 3rd that made the battle competitive enough for her fans to want to edge her the win. Although you can debate, she lost, and she is losing our Twitter poll, she held it down and was clean at the end of a long week of battling and did enough for this to be more of a positive showing. 

She made a statement, that this is the year she is going for WOTY, and we are off to the races with a very strong start towards the goal. Bonnie is putting in pain and it shouldn’t go unnoticed. As the first quarter of 2024 comes to an end, she emerges as the current front-runner.

#9 Jay Blac & 3lettaman is What Commentary Should look like.

Written by Justin Smolenski

The commentary duo you didn’t know you needed in your life.

Jay Blac and 3lettaman from PSA Reloaded teamed up for UDubb’s commentary team, a special thing having 3 on commentary considering the rarity of him popping out to events. And with 2 of the best minds in Battle Rap media covering the show it led to some of the most engaging and smooth commentary you’re going get in Battle Rap. Good analysis, clearly watching and registering the battles, and recapping the key parts all while being entertaining and straight to the point. 

Good battles are the basis of cards, but it takes good production, punctuality, as well as crispy streams to put successful and good events together, and having reliable commentary is a boost to that. Salute to the legends and hopefully not the last time we see them sharing the commentary duties.

#10 J2's Off To A Stellar Start in 2024

Written by Francel Brito

J2 has kicked off the year 2024 with back to back to good showings. A well-received battle against JC on URL’s Redemption 3 card, followed up by one of the best performances at QOTR’s Caskets or Classics 2, against Kay Prophet. J2 is showing consistency and skill, making a strong case for a 2-0 record in the first quarter of the year. The most noticeable improvement in this sample size is hi s ability to craft better angles. This progression highlights J2’s dedication to honing his craft and taking the necessary steps to progress.

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