Bullpen: The Mecca Recap

The Mecca


Event Recapped by staff Writer France

LTBR Award Recipients

Battle of the Night:  Lady Caution vs Bonnie Godiva

Best Individual Performances of the night:
 #1 John John Da Don | #2 E Hart | #3 Cortez| #4a Bonnie Godiva  | #4b Lady Caution 

The Biggest Win of the Night: E-Hart over Casflo Rizzy | Cortez over Philly Haze 

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John John Da Da Recognized By The City Of Yonkers

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Cortez vs Philly Haze

In the fun Battle Rap between Cortez and Philly Haze, it was evident from the get-go that Cortez’s veteran status would reign supreme. Displaying an unmatched level of savviness and experience, Cortez took control of the stage, leaving a high bar for Philly Haze to reach. Dope flows, sharp haymakers, and a commanding stage presence, Cortez effortlessly weaved through punchlines and clever wordplay, leaving the crowd in awe of his prowess. Despite Philly Haze’s efforts to hold his ground and deliver his material with poise, it, unfortunately, paled in comparison to the seasoned performance of Cortez. As the battle progressed, it became apparent, and he sealed the deal with a well-deserved victory.

Despite facing an uphill battle against Cortez’s formidable experience, he managed to maintain his composure and deliver his verses with determination. He showcased glimpses of potential, revealing a unique style and some clever bars that resonated with the crowd. While Philly Haze’s performance may have fallen short in comparison to Cortez, his efforts towards his craft were admirable, earning him respect from Cortez.

Lady Caution vs Bonnie Godiva

The clash between Lady Caution and Bonnie Godiva proved to be the most competitive battle of the night, showcasing a captivating back-and-forth between these two ladies. Lady Caution, rising to the occasion, fearlessly took on the challenge of facing a top-tier opponent like Bonnie, and she didn’t disappoint. Caution displayed her relentless gun bar action and punches, going toe-to-toe with Bonnie’s versatile repertoire. 

On the other hand, Bonnie returned to battle rap after an eight-month hiatus due to pregnancy, yet she effortlessly demonstrated that she hadn’t missed a step. Opening each round with humor, Bonnie brought a barrage of punchlines, schemes, and direct angle punches aimed at Caution, keeping the crowd engaged throughout the battle. Her skillfulness was one of the details that could be a separating factor between the two of them.

Bonnie’s content was filled with so much range with different methods of attacking, while Lady Caution was delivering them back-to-back punchline/gunlines to keep the intensity soaring. Caution’s second round was equally impressive, and she showed a bit more creativity in her writing and sneaky set-up bars that gained appreciation upon rewatching the battle. In her third round, Caution reached a peak of potency, revealing her ability to ignite momentum and land powerful bars. 

The battle remained fiercely competitive, leaving room for debate as any of these ladies could be seen as victorious in various rounds. Both Lady Caution and Bonnie Godiva left a mark with their standout performances, making this battle a memorable highlight of the event. Personally had Lady Caution edging the last two rounds, but this is certainly a close enough battle that any scorecard is probably acceptable for either emcee. Both came to play.

E Hart vs Cashflo Rizzy

The battle between E Hart and Cashflo Rizzy was a highly anticipated showdown, marking E Hart’s first return to the stage in nearly eight months. Cashflo Rizzy, known for her sharp shooting style, kicked off the battle with some turbulence in her first round. Despite facing some stumbling and regathering her composure, Cashflo managed to finish the round with a strong energy, impressing the audience with her commitment to delivering the material.

E Hart, on the other hand, came out swinging in her first round, dominating the stage with her impressive bar setups, chain punching, and heavy haymakers. She had the room in the palm of her hands, showcasing her veteran status and undeniable skill. The stark contrast between E Hart’s commanding performance and Cashflo’s stumbles put the former in a clear advantage going into the second round.

In the second round, Cashflo faced similar stumbling issues, though not as severe as in her first round. However, these mistakes were still glaring and proved to be costly as E Hart continued to maintain her dominance and deliver a flawless round of the same caliber as her first. E Hart’s consistency and skill were undeniable, and it seemed evident that she was on her way to securing the victory.

Cashflo, to her credit, continued to show her passion and commitment throughout the battle, despite the setbacks. In the third round, she unfortunately suffered an abrupt choke, but by that point, E Hart had already sealed the deal with her impressive performances in the previous rounds. While Cashflo showed resilience, it was clear that E Hart’s prowess and control of the stage had earned her the win, with the first two rounds firmly in her favor.

John John Da Don vs Jae Millz

In the main event battle between John John Da Don and Jae Millz, nostalgia filled the air as Jae Millz took the stage, with none other than Smack White hosting the event and Harlem legends Murda Mook & Loaded Lux showing support behind him. The stage was set for a memorable showdown off the optics alone. Jae Millz showcased some significant improvement in his pacing, delivering his lines at a much more rapid rate and incorporating stronger delivery, and increasing his performance elements in his bars by acting them out more.

While some of his material may have lacked the potency expected in the current era of battle rap, he still managed to put forth a good performance by his own standards. Notably, his third round stood out, packed with hard-hitting haymakers that left an impact like the TD Bank bar. Jae Millz deserves credit for listening to criticism and working on refining his game, resulting in perhaps one of his most polished performances in recent times. And while it was a commendable effort, it meant absolutely nothing in terms of winning.

It was clear that John John Da Don was on another level in all areas. He took the stage with a stellar performance, showcasing his mastery in material, pacing, and overall structure as a battle rapper. John John demonstrated the attributes of an elite battle rapper, leaving his opponent in the dust, still struggling to break free from the bounds of his mediocrity. John John’s flawless execution and display of skill set him apart, highlighting the vast gap between a seasoned performer like John John Da Don and his opponent. With a commanding presence and undeniable talent, John John firmly asserted his dominance, leaving the audience in awe of his prowess as he claimed victory in this memorable battle.

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