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Eazy’s Counter Writing, written by Staff Writer, Q Moody | Hitman Holla’s Storytelling, written by Staff Writer, France

Chrome 23’s heavy-weight Mega-match between Hitman Holla vs Eazy The Block Captain is a few days away. This is one of the biggest battles thus far for the year 2023, and everyone may think this is a battle between the greatest performer in battle rap vs The Talk being different, but it’s much deeper. 

This is a chess match between two calculated and strategic battlers. Both emcees study the game tapes, are disciplined in their craft, and think 5 steps ahead of the curve. “Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, and do what is great while it is small.”- Art of War

The electricity of this match will be an exciting experience and it’s what entices everyone about this battle. Seeing Eazy’s talk vs Hitman’s stage presence and performance will be a unique challenge for both parties. This is a battle that has the culture split in making a decision for their winner. But the truth is, the writing within this battle is what will be most deliberate in determining a winner. Both emcees are hardly credited for their pen and ability to convey a point while being direct and breaking down their opponent. And in this battle, you will see the inclination of their most natural skill on full display, which is character assassination. 

When you craft the right angle, every battle is won before it is fought. Both Eazy & Hitman have the special power to affect the perception of their opponent. And both of these emcees produce angles at a high level, yet they have such a different and unique approach to the way they impart their message.


Hitman Holla Angles Just As Good As He Performs

A good story can be most effective when being expressed with suspense and vivid imagery. A great connector finds a way to transfer his experience and make it and relatable. You make people feel heard, feel validated, and feel listened too.

Having the ability to capture an audience, lead them in whatever direction necessary and leave the fans with newly presented knowledge or information to absorb, creates a catastrophic and resonating impact whenever you watch a Hitman Holla performance. He wraps up his angle with his elite ability to be a great storyteller. 

A good story can create and drive behavioral changes, Hitman Holla is widely identified as a performer, but more brilliantly, he deserves to be recognized as a high-level angler. He often attacks all his opponents with a direct and personal approach, detailing aspects of the relationship or stories he shares with his opponent. Hitman distinctly presents a canvas of a moment he has shared with his opponent, and by the end of painting this picture, his goal is to get the audience to have a different perception of them. 

You can go as far back as his battle against Arsonal to see an example of Hitman painting a story that is filled with humor, suspense, and a surgical breakdown of Arsonal not standing on his own words.

There is a ton of nuance to the details of Hitman’s Holla ability to angle within his storytelling.  Let’s break down how Hitman uses the elements of storytelling to execute effective angles.

-Character: Hitman Holla is a box office battler, and the majority of the battles in his career have a purpose. He is usually against an opponent that has a backstory with him. These are important details for him because it lays the foundation for him to pick apart his opponent and center his focus on character assassination. He probably already has an angle of attack before he accepts the battle. 

-Plot: Your story’s plot describes the events rather than defining them; Hitman isn’t just chronicling an event, but rather presenting a theme to weaken his opponent and hones in strategic dialog or a flowery description in a vacuum. Everything you write for your story feeds into the other elements.

-Setting: This is where his skillset as a performer overshadows the brilliance of his writing. Hitman Holla isn’t always intricate or isn’t looking to stack the deck with double-entendres, but rather he uses his crowd control abilities to fit the aspect of being entertaining and theatrical for a punchline or a driving point to his story/angle.

-Suspense: This is where the pristine sense of timing in Hitman Holla’s delivery excels the most. While he is building up to his point, he knows how to withhold just enough information that piques the audience’s curiosity. His sense of timing is indescribable and it’s a rhythm in his battle rap skillset that you just simply can not teach. To be able to connect with a crowd enough to know when the speed up or slow down the tempo is what captivates and draws in the audience to give him their full undivided attention.  Sometimes he drives home the final bar and executes to perfection. And other times his punchlines can fall flat and create a dry spot in his round, if it does not garner a reaction, but the most important aspect of this is that he gets the crowd to follow his command.

Some great examples of this can be most recently the Showroom Floor bar against Calicoe, where he paints a personal story he shared with Calicoe into a holorime. 

-His first round against John John Da Don where he showcases the separation of skills between Top Tiers and Rookies, almost in the form of a tutorial. 

-His third round against O-Red with the story about what O-Red did with some women in a house they all stood under. 

-His 2nd round against K-Shine, where details how disloyal Shine was to Dot Mobb & T-Rex. And Hitman uses his battle with Aye Verb as a comparison to show the difference between how they settle disputes among Families. 

Point blank. Hitman Holla is great at selling an angle but he is met with the depth of someone who can not only execute an angle just as well, but can counteract your entire game plan.

The Art of CounterPoints

“Never interrupt your enemy while they are making a mistake.”- Art of War

Eazy Da Block Captain’s pen has been a point of discussion on this website before. Highlighting his growth as a rapper and why with this improved skillset, it makes him such a hard battler to predict losing. 

But for this breakdown, in particular, we’ll be looking at one specific attribute that could be the tide-turner in this battle with Hitman Holla: counter writing.
At the time of writing the previously mentioned article, Eazy was fresh off his NOME battle with Goodz. And since then he’s only continued that momentum by continuing his undefeated streak on the app and with a dominant win over Big T on Battle Academy’s Frenemies card. But with all that continued success in 2022 that took him all the way to #3 for the year’s COTY rankings, the performance of his I keep coming back to the most is vs Goodz
There are so many things in that performance to appreciate, however, Eazy’s ability to neutralize the powers of a guy who’s always been the one to neutralize and de-power others came down to his strategic writing. Having counters within his rounds to things Goodz might say and it paying off in huge ways as the battle progressed. Goodz does things like mention how much his outfit costs, Eazy had a perfect retort written about how real wealthy people aren’t about wearing expensive clothing and jewelry. It’s one line that paints the whole picture. As we hear Goodz talk about stocks and buying vending machines, it starts to resonate a little more hollow than usual because Eazy swiftly painted this picture of this surface-level financial literacy Goodz possesses. 
Eazy brings up having majored in business in school, credit, and other revenue streams during the battle as well, making Goodz’ “grown man” talk sound foolish. Eazy then does more in the way of controlling the narrative of the battle when he says “Against X-Factor, having priorities wasn’t a factor, it wasn’t boss talk or credit, you a trapper, the first rapper to get on Vlad and say he’s just a rapper.”  He went to proceed to predict all of the things Goodz would talk about for the next two rounds and it proved to be true as Goodz continued to discuss his finances and business. Another key detail in this section
“Not the boul who preach grown man bars, but indulge in gossip. Like silly me.” or talking about his life as a father and ending it off with “I just thought that was being an adult”. Doing more in the way extinguishing all of the stings that Goodz could have had with his content and leaving the legend more vulnerable than we’ve ever seen him.
Goodz is such a polarizing figure that for some it’s easy to dismiss what Eazy accomplished in this battle because of whatever stylistic biases we may hold. But the facts are, Goodz is a tough out for anyone historically. Many a top tier stood across from Goodz and didn’t come away with clear wins. But Eazy did. And it was off the strength of the counter writing Eazy did to overcome the aura and crowd control Goodz possesses. 
Hitman and what he brings to the stage presents a different set of challenges for Eazy, but Eazy’s previous toughest test to date he passed with flying colors. He doesn’t look out of place among all-time greats and his mind for the game has kept him ahead of the competition. It’s his toughest battle to this point but based on his track record and constant improvement and elevation, Eazy should be once again primed for a level up as a battler and bringing some of his most potent writing ever. 

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