Brian Theman, better known as his stage name, MadFlex, is an American battle rapper. With over 40 battles under his belt, he is expanding his influence in the battle rap sphere by partnering with King of the Dot (KOTD), a renowned Battle Rap League, to release non-fungible tokens (NFTs). When MadFlex first came onto the big stage, he used Super PAC to connect with his community. He now plans to continue that with NFTs.

When talking to Organik about doing a project with King of the Dot, he was immediately interested in NFTs. He was quick to point out that this isn’t a whim – he has been interested in NFTs for a long time and is even critical of them. MadFlex understands that NFTs can be misused but knows that the right idea and execution can result in a cool project. That’s how he conceptualized this project.


Being the first to do so in the battle rap community, MadFlex and his team have created a series that will be filled with King of the Dot (KOTD). He hopes this exciting opportunity will inspire his audience and the battle rap community. In addition to creating battle rap moments, the project has turned them into collectible cards. However, according to MadFlex and his Facebook announcement, “these aren’t just cards – they’re video moments…on collectible cards.”

These will be rolled out in collections, with the first battle rap collection being the History Series. This will consist of over 50 cards. Other collections will build anticipation, tease moments, and expand upon the line. The History Series has been teased as having moments from names such as Bobby Lee, Chedda Cheese, The Deadman, Everybody Knows, Esem, MyVerse, Osa, Pnut, Remedy, Rum Nitty, Sketch Menace, and Young B.

The collection is sure to be a success because of the current popularity of NFTs combined with the sheer variety of moments available. There’s something for everyone, from larger crowds and smaller ones to funny and witty moments. In addition to common cards, fans can look forward to rare cards, variants called Crowns, 50/50 cards with two moments, and more.

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