Anticipation For The Unpredictable

"I'm One Of The Best Entertainers Of The Face Of The Planet."- King Bau

The old cliche is to “Expect the unexpected.” What happens when the unexpected meets the unknown? I guess we’re going to find out, long time battle rap fans are somewhat familiar with this. A new face comes into the culture with big pockets, promises, and aspirations. “Change the landscape” of battle rap. With King Bau, however, it all feels different this isn’t simply a league owner he also plans to be the face of his platform and is entering the game by battling…Daylyt. The man who has talked about battling K-Shine, Rum Nitty, Tsu Surf(Free the Wave), Eazy the Block Captain, Nu Jerzey Twork, and last but not least LOADED LUX! Daylyt is coming back to battle who? Immediately we all go into research mode and credits to Bau, he’s done a solid job at promoting himself, been on multiple major platforms including an appearance on Champion. If you’re wondering who he is just listen, I’m sure he’s given an answer somewhere but the confusing thing is the more you listen, the more there is to question.

 He mentions his lyrical prowess often, has spit a couple verses on a few platforms but all the songs and verses he references are almost a decade old. He says when he was first coming into battle rap around 7 years ago people around him said he was like Loaded Lux but he choked in his battle because he didn’t care about battling. Sidenote, look up Joel Bauman vs Payback on YouTube and you’ll see the battle he’s speaking on. Bau is more actively known for being a professional MMA fighter where he jumped into the spotlight with some of the wildest things said from calling Jimmy Kimmel a pedo, to an admission of herpes. Just some outright wild stuff, he lost his last fight in January by unanimous decision, he mentioned it in one of his many promo runs & said he lost because he didn’t care about the fight, sound familiar? I’m not saying there’s a pattern there but there’s two moments of King Bau speaking on losses and attributing them to a lack of care. 

The question really becomes why should we think he cares about this? Maybe the answer lies in his interview last year with where he spoke on how battle rapping is his real passion. “I have more pride in battle rapping than I do fighting, all these battle rappers, they fear me. That’s why nobody talks s*** about me” He stated in the interview, one of his many bold proclamations which sounds interesting to someone with little to no knowledge of battle rap, but the only battle I was able to find on YouTube was the aforementioned Joel Bauman vs Payback battle which sits at a whopping 628 views. I don’t think fear is the reason no battlers spoke his name but maybe I’m mistaken. If you think that’s all there is just wait, there’s more, in this same article he states “I did a couple battles where I just did antics, and people were pissed, like, ‘this guy’s actually really the s***, I was Daylyt before Daylyt. In Minnesota, that’s how people knew me.” Again, these things sound good to someone unaware but there is little to no actual evidence of it being true. All in all King Bau comes off as a character, a man who really wants fame and attention and will use whatever resources and platforms to get it.

NFTs Doesn't Have A Good Track Record In Battle Rap

King Bau comes into the culture with his own platform, Create For U (CFU). CreateForU is an all-in-one NFT, PPV, and streaming experience delivered directly from creators and influencers. Partnered with Groupi.

NFTs are all about utilities, but this isn’t the first act of an NFT/Crypto business model we have seen take place in battle rap. Previously we have seen leagues like Rap-Off dabble into the NFT model for their art and GTX has made a foundation surrounding the NFT model for battlers to have ownership of their content. 

While there should be a level of encouragement for the idea of battlers having ownership of themselves & tapping into a potential opportunity to create a residual income stream for their art/animations, and performances, there is valid skepticism surrounding the NFT as a model from the detrimental effect it’s had on GTX.

in February 2022, Lush One & Dizaster meet with a Crypto Investor through one of their reps from SONY, and this investor commits to a deal for GTX, that entailed a percentage of the ownership of their company for an unspecified amount of money, that was over 6 figures. Lush One also gets another investor from a record distribution company, that gave GTX another 6 figure investment for their first event, The Prelude. Lush One notices the money from their Crypto Investor was depositing funds at a much slower rate than promised. But due to their operational cost being covered by their 2nd Investor, the GTX owners didn’t make an urgent case for this red flag and completely disregarded those funds not being received, with the anticipation that those funds would eventually come.

In May 2022, GTX hosted a press conference for a mega match announcement of Dizaster & King Crooked, and in a matter of days of the announcement the Crypto Market crashed and GTX’s main financial backers were now frozen out of their funds from Celsius (a Cryptocurrency bank). The Investor wasn’t able to provide any more liquid, while still maintaining ownership. Over Millions of dollars of assets have gone under, which prevents Ouroboros from being a 2-day event as scheduled. And as a result, this pushes back the Dizaster vs King Crooked event as well.

You can gain everything and you can lose everything. The NFT  This may well be the apotheosis, the peak in the paradigm of everything. Upon research, from multiple financial industry tracking and reporting websites, it’s evident that this market has grown too big, and too fast under immense hype and speculation. NFT trading volume grew 38,000% year-over-year to hit $10.7 billion during the third quarter of 2022. Needless to say, there are some valid market research and history to remain skeptical about this business model rendering success for battle rap & battle rappers. 

Return Of The Mask (Mark Morrison Voice)

On the other end of this spectrum, we have Daylyt, where the burning question is why are we doing this? The legacy of the Watts native in battle rap is a complex one to say the least, while being regarded as one of the best lyricists in the culture he has a history of just asinine antics and nonsense, dressing like a slave, undressing entirely(in two separate countries), attempting to take a dump on a stage, the list goes on. All that is without mentioning his interviews where he said some outlandish unmentionable things. In spite of all of this, and in large parts due to his stellar performance vs Tay Roc at NOME X which as someone told me might be the most powerful performance in battle rap history because of how much it altered the perception of Day and made people forget the years of questioning who he really was in this culture. He and Loaded Lux spent about two years building up a battle between the two of them, we still haven’t gotten that, but somehow here we are, with Daylyt vs King Bau. 

Listening to their face-off on Champion was so curious, Daylyt seemed almost intrigued by the things Bau would say like he was a proud godfather of antics and outlandish statements and honestly, it sounds like this entire battle could be a spectacle of chasing a viral moment and who can be the biggest troll. Maybe I’m a pessimist, maybe they show up and just rap & we get a normal battle, but everything about this reeks of a moment we will all wish we didn’t see. I guess we’ll all just have to expect the unexpected.

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