Jaz The Rapper Is Back Outside And Wants All The Smoke

Back to back like I'm Jordan in '96, '97

The narrative of Jaz The Rapper not being outside is officially dead. We saw her go crazy against Geechi Gotti on ‘Kings vs Queens 3. In a short 4 months, she’s right back outside for two more battles.

Fun fact: The last time  Jaz The Rapper had 3 battles drop within the same calendar year was 2011. (vs Syke, K Prophet and Chayna Ashley)

For the first time in Jaz’s career, she will be battling back to back, a day apart. Saturday night, Jaz will be teaming up with Lu Castro to battle on the Our Society Battle league (OSBL), Double Dragon Card against Jade & Steams as the headliner. And on Sunday night, Jaz will be partnering up with her Bardasian Sister, O’fficial for the second time, to take on Shooney Da Rapper & Phara Funeral on the URL’s ‘Battle Of The Bayou’ Card, in NOLA. The Bardasians vs Shooneral will also be the headliner for the URL event as well.

Jaz The Rapper is on her 3rd headliner for the year of 2022 and she will be headlining back to back appearances on URL.  Her opponent is no stranger to also being a headliner, as this also Shooney’s 2nd time headlining on URL this year.

LTBR Stats: List of ladies that have headlined multiple cards, in the same calendar year on URL.

2020 – 40 Barrs: (Royalty | Kings vs Queens | Watch The Throne 4)
2022 – Jaz The Rapper: (Kings vs Queens 3 | Battle Of The Bayou)
2022 – Shooney Da Rapper: (Kings vs Queens 3 *Day 2* | Battle of The Bayou)

Jaz has been adamant on multiple battle rap platforms, that she wants more smoke with the females.

So Who's Next ?

The main battle she has the culture buzzing about is her versus Viixen The Assassin, which can definitely play out to be the battle of the year for the ladies. Just like what we saw with Viixen versus Bardashians’ Casey Jay, I know we will get moments, high-energy performances, bars, quotables and everything that goes into having a classic battle. Though Viixen told DNA on his ‘Breakfast With The Champ,’ Caffeine show she would rather see Official first than Jaz. The fan in me would LOVE to see Jaz vs Viixen on this year’s Summer Madness or the Drake card.

Why stop at Viixen though? Jaz says she is ready for Coffee to drop the baby so they can battle. She even threw Myverse name on her hit list while on the ‘Attitude Era Podcast.’

“I want smoke! We need Viixen, we need Flamez, when she drops the baby we need Coffee, we need Myverse, we need RX, we need Couture, we need Ms. Fit.”- Jaz The Rapper

Lord knows I have stopped entertaining Jaz vs Ms. Fit cause I’m still in my feelings. It hasn’t happened yet. However, I love that Jaz is leaving the door open for more of the ladies to catch a verbal beatdown. Will we get all these battles? That’s up for the league owners to decide but I know Jaz has earned the right to be one of those battlers that gets whatever she wants.

The culture, especially female battle rap needs more of Jaz The Rapper. We need her star power and more classic performances like the one she showcased versus Young Gattas last year. It’s no denying that when she is outside the culture always wins.

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