Jerry Wess Calls Out DNA For Summer Madness

Summer Madness coming...

In an unexpected turn of events, battle rapper Jerry Wess recently made an appearance on the popular show Champion to discuss his upcoming 2-on-2 battle with his partner Lu Castro. However, the interview took an exciting twist when Jerry Wess seized the opportunity to issue a call-out for a potential match on the prestigious Summer Madness stage. His target? None other than battle rap legend DNA.

Jerry Wess wasted no time in delivering a direct message to DNA, firmly stating, “Don’t duck, don’t front, don’t run, and don’t use Lux as an excuse. We were supposed to battle about three times, and you know that, and I know that. Summer Madness is approaching, and it’s time.” Determined and unyielding, Jerry Wess made it clear that if this battle doesn’t materialize on the grand stage of Summer Madness, he will step away from this battle.

Adding fuel to the fire, Jerry Wess went on to cleverly reinterpret DNA’s initials, suggesting they stood for “Ducking N*ggas Always.” This verbal jab further intensified the anticipation surrounding a potential showdown between these two formidable opponents.

As the battle rap community eagerly awaited DNA’s response, the veteran wordsmith didn’t disappoint. DNA made a memorable entrance by calling into the set of Champion to address Jerry Wess’s call-out directly. With a mix of confidence and assertiveness, DNA accepted the challenge, leaving no doubt that he was ready to take on Jerry Wess. He even cheekily remarked, “If you’ve never been on Summer Madness before, thank me for getting you on there.”

With the stage set for a monumental clash between Jerry Wess and DNA at Summer Madness, battle rap fans can hardly contain their excitement. The anticipation for this high-stakes encounter continues to build as both artists gear up to deliver an unforgettable performance on one of the biggest platforms in the battle rap world.

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