Lu Castro Calls Out 3 Names For A Battle

The Hitlist

Lu Castro, the rising star in the world of battle rap, has recently made headlines by issuing a challenge to three formidable opponents: Shotgun Suge, Chess, and John John Da Don. Known for his impressive wordplay and captivating stage presence, Lu Castro is eager to prove his skills against some of the best in the game.

In addition to his call-outs, Lu Castro took the opportunity to emphasize that he still holds the coveted Midnight Madness belt and is willing to defend it against Swamp, another talented battle rapper. Midnight Madness, a platform created by Tsu Surf, Jakkboy, and Bill Collector, has gained recognition for its various weight classes and undisputed championship belts.

With Tsu Surf currently absent from the battle rap scene, Lu Castro suggests carrying on the legacy of Midnight Madness on The Ultimate Rap League (URL). He proposes integrating the title matches into the highly anticipated URLTV Banned series, known for its intense battles and its gritty aesthetics.

Lu Castro’s ambitions to face off against Shotgun Suge, Chess, and John John Da Don demonstrate his hunger for competition and desire to solidify his name among the battle rap elite. As fans eagerly await responses from the challenged opponents, the prospect of witnessing these battles unfold on the URL stage has generated significant anticipation within the battle rap community.

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