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Day 1

Recapped by Cece, Dylan & France

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Day 2

Recapped by Tai Tai (Reporter in the field)

URL gives us a jampacked weekend of battle rap festivities for Kings vs Queens 3. Friday Night, we had an appetizer with the Future Queens card go down, for all the rising talent in female battle rap. Names such as Fendi, Rocq Lee, C Bri The Lyricst and Charisma all had note worthy performances on the card.

Then on Saturday, we got the entree. The main card of Kings vs Queens 3 was streaming live and for free on Caffeine for the world to see. The stream hit a peak of 1.7 million live views for the event.

Our commentators for the evening was Jay Blac & Nunu Nellz. They kept us entertained for a bit of time, but as all battle rap fans we want less talking and more rapping ! They did a decent job of filling in time for an hour before the show kicked off. Caffeine has shown improvements from their recent streams, there was no buffering or streaming issues tonight. However the audio did start off very low for the first two battles. The adjustments were made over the night.

With this being the 3rd edition of the Kings vs Queens series, this one in particular was unique because this was the first installment of having this event on big stage as opposed to the small caffeine rooms. The ladies got the opportunity to prove they can hang with the most elite battlers under the brightest lights and the loudest room. The caffeine fan votes after each battle was the determining factor used to keep tally of the winners for the Kings & Queens.

At the end of the night the Kings & Queens were tied at 3-3, off the caffeine fan votes. We saw some competitive battles. We saw a few Kings & Queens suffer bloodshed and receive 3-0 chant from the building. We walked away with the best inter gender battle of the entire Kings vs Queens series with Tay Roc vs Viixen. Smack White proclaims in an interview with 15 minutes of fame “This might be the battle of the year so far.”

Kings vs Queens 3 was the first event in a few years where URL has reinstated a performance incentive. URL in conjunction with Champion has brought back Champion Of The Night. (COTN)
where one performer will walk away with an extra couple of thousands of dollars for impactful performance.

URL has put up $1,000 in addition to a collective amount of donations from the fans to award a performer deemed worthy of being the a Champion of this event. Fans are able to click on a survey to vote for their COTN. the voting survey will close at 7pm EST Monday Night. (5/2/22)

Then to close out the weekend, we had an action pack day 2 card, headlined by Fonz & Shooney Da Rapper. Featuring  more inter gender battles to continue to the series and a rescheduled battle between Steams and Elijah Strait. These battles took place in a more intimate setting with a smaller audience. Many of the fans and media members in attendance are walking away from day 2 saying that Fonz & Shooney, arguably had the best battle of the weekend.

LTBR Award Recipients

Battle of the Night: Tay Roc vs Viixen (Day 1) | Fonz vs Shooney (Day 2)
Body of the Night: Charlie Clips over Yoshi G | First Lady Flamez over Jakkboy
Champion Of The Night prediction: Tay Roc, First Lady Flamez or Charlie Clips 
Best Performances of the night: #1 Tay Roc |  #2 Charlie Clips | #3 Viixen |


Recapped by France

Jakkboy Maine and First Lady Flamez opens the night. Seeing both of them on the stage made me come to a realization, that more couples should consider battling to express their gripes. This might be more effective than couple’s therapy !

Jakkboy Maine goes first to set the tempo of the battle and he starts off every round strong and loses steam by the end of the round. He is filled with energy, aggression and he showcases a ton of performance. But he loses the crowd sometimes when he starts to get intricate. Some of his set up lines appeared to be difficult for the audience to follow and they couldn’t center their concentration until the last bar. His unique esoteric approach has been proven to be effective and captivating in smaller rooms. He is still finding ways to translate his style in a larger arena. He can be dependent on his performance bars at times so when they don’t land you can see the momentum dwindling away.

Jakk has a great understanding of how to open up a round, like his 2nd round for an example when he tells Flamez “Why the fuck don’t you ever know what you wanna eat“. A simple yet effective intro to rally the crowd to start his round. His simple references lead to more success for him. Also, when he gets in a chain punching bag and sticks to a rhyme pattern that helps build up to a haymaker, is when he is able to find the peaks of his round. Maintaining a level close to that peak through out the round, is one of the challenge he still faces.

Flamez makes her big stage debut and she is the complete contrast of what Jakk does on a stage. She doesn’t have ton of performance and she has far less energy than Jakk, however her aggression and immaculate writing abilities was able to command the room. She showed some humor and had a dope third round angle towards all the men. She’s able to get into 2 bar punches that gets the crowd going.

“You got me fucked up, that’s exactly why i’m snapping/ Single Black mom on Christmas, I make a lot happen!”

Flamez direct attack towards Jakk was the content everyone was waiting for. The crowd was fulfilled when she told stories about his habits at home and all the things he does or doesn’t do. She tailored all of her material for Jakk and was able to land her bars at a efficient rate on the stage. It’s going to be interesting to see her improve her ability to command and control a stage over time. Her Pen is a certified problem and was able to translate on the main stage. Flamez proved to be the warrior we all knew she would be.

Flamez kicks off the night for the queens with a dominate win. And she also scores the most votes out of all of the winners at 4886 votes. Surpassing Tay Roc & Charlie clips, making her a strong candidate for Champion Of The Night

Round 1: First Lady Flamez (clear)
Round 2: Jakkboy Maine (edge)
Round 3: First Lady Flamez (clear)


Recapped by Dylan

Lyrical violence between former NWX teammates ensued when DNA took on O’fficial this weekend on KvQ3. The NWX first lady kicked the battle off with an elevated energy and projection that only she can bring. Her veteran presence was felt from the first bar and she kept the intensity going throughout round 1, making it a difficult hill for DNA to climb.

DNA slowly built up a good showing in the first round until the tar heel haymaker. This round was extremely close but I edged it to O’fficial for being more efficient with her bars. The second round was less competitive this time around. O’fficial attempted to build upon the work she started in the first but the bars weren’t as heavy and it was clear this round wasn’t as good as her previous. Tagging in Jaz got the crowd back involved and ended O’s round on a better note. However DNA came bombing in the 2nd with a couple fire rebuttals and took back the momentum and never let up. He was able to take this round fairly easily and made it battle rap’s favorite phrase, 1-1 going into the third.

Round 3 is the most important round of the battle, for the simple fact that how you close the battle effects the perception people have of the other rounds that may have been close to judge. O’fficial had some good punches but her angles fell flat and there wasn’t enough substance to win over the crowd, plus it was a short round. DNA started off slow, and he wrote downhill as well. In what was an underwhelming battle overall, I ended up giving the edge to O’fficial 2-1, 1st and 3rd even though DNA’s second was the clearest round of the battle.

Round 1: O’fficial (edge)
Round 2: DNA  (clear)
Round 3: O’fficial (edge)


Recapped by Dylan

Charlie Clips proved to be too much to handle for Yoshi G on KvQ3. In what was a highly anticipated match up, the wild n out star and battle veteran Clips was on his A game from the jump, setting a strong tone in round one.

With a clean mixture of clever schemes, disarming angles and a couple heavy punches, Charlie made it an uphill battle for Yoshi. Although Yoshi showed some confidence on stage, her delivery was a little choppy and might have had a negative effect on the perception of her well written bars. She had a great combination of humor, disrespect, and penmanship, but it just wasn’t enough to snag the first round.

The second round got jumping with a couple freestyle rebuttals from Charlie that got the crowd engaged and back on his side. He turned up the humor in this round but kept his foot on the gas, connecting everything into an angle to discredit Yoshi’s writing legitimacy that was effective. Combine that with the Jesus tag team, and this was another round Yoshi would have to fight to survive through.

Yoshi’s rebuttal in round 2 was a ROOM SHAKER and definitely swayed the momentum of the battle. At this point of the night, it was the moment of the event and the loudest the room cheered. Yoshi gave her self a fighting chance to even the score after a clutch rebuttal, but the rest of her round was unable to sustain the momentum.

Clips 3rd round was another display of angling and disrespect. This was his weakest round of the night and one that Yoshi could have beaten. I was hoping the young queen wrote uphill but this round was underwhelming compared to the expectations and then her saying “this should’ve been B Dot” solidified her loss in a heroic effort. Clips with the light 3-0, to give the Kings a 2-1 lead in the series

Round 1: Charlie Clips (clear)
Round 2: Charlie Clips (clear)
Round 3: Charlie Clips (clear)


Recapped by France

Cocaine Veezy & Casey Jay take the stage for what would be a thrilling battle. At this point of the night, the queens were down on the score card 2-1. If you ever need a queen to solidify a win on the KVQ series, you gotta insert Casey Jay into your line up. Veezy wins the coin toss and allows Casey to set the tempo.

You can clearly see from Casey’s approach she has been studying the game tapes on how to engage an audience, attack her opponent directly and deliver on a bigger stage. She starts off landing jabs, nothing major in the first part of the round but then she strategically implements the use of Verb’s Showtime move before he gets a chance to do it. And from there and on, Casey had the crowd rolling with her and established momentum. She got a chance to play with some unique pockets in the 2nd round and was completely dominate from start to finish. 

Veezy hits a world record in battle rap, he made a crowd boo him off his 1st bar to start the battle. “LAST MINUTE WITH THE PREP I AM GRINDER.” The bar was immediately rejected and it was clear, this crowd was not going to give him a fair chance. This looked like a 2011 version of a Verb battle, where the crowd doesn’t even give him a chance to rap.  Verb had a really slick scheme about chicken, Walk you on my strip on my wing kinda fly on it/ with a sign saying, buy two breast and two thighs with it.”

And even his second round had some dope content. “You can live how you want but none of you won’t die different.”

“Fighting demons like go move a pack but that’s moving backwards/ The trap is, is only in entrapment never no traction.”

With the new personality of Veezy, I was expecting for Verb to implement a little more humor to start the battle off. His multis, patterns and lyrical acrobats are always going to be appreciated more on camera. And while the crowd didn’t give him a real opportunity to get rolling, the approach he used versus Casey Jay rendered to be ineffective and his material didn’t translate on this stage.
Casey Jay evens up the series at 2-2 at this point of the night and she now has 4 wins against men on URL, which is the most all time thus far. Kudos to Casey for always displaying a killer mentality and she is the only Queen to be undefeated with multiple appearances on this Kings vs Queens series.

Round 1: Casey Jay (Clear)
Round 2: Casey Jay (Clear)
Round 3: Casey Jay (Clear)


Recapped by CeCe

I said if Jaz The Rapper and Geechi Gotti didn’t secure the Battle of the Night (BOTN) it damn sure will be Tay Roc and Viixen the Assassin. As if Viixen wasn’t already preparing to battle for her life going into Kings vs Queens 3 (KVQ3) against Tsu Surf. Then to find out two weeks before the event that Surf would be replaced by his little bro Tay Roc many fans didn’t think Viix stood a chance.

To add even more pressure the queens had tied up the score to the kings 2-2 after Viix rival Casey Jay 30’d Aye Verb. The queens would have to win the rest of the battles remaining to FINALLY beat the kings. Was the pressure too great for Viixen?

Hell no! Corset Viixen out the gate man handled Tay Roc on staged, repeatedly called him “dirty bitch,” and even had her first room shaker while calling out Tsu Surf with the “It went from Surf on Twitter Space to Caution yelling give them space let the paramedics through!” From the “Cal Tech” gun bars to sending shots all throughout Gun Titles, Viixen had the crowd in the palm of her hands. Viixen brought it back a lot, but I think since the crowd was rocking with her, she got away with it.

Tay Roc was able to not only keep up with Viixen but also in many fans’ eyes steal the round from her.  He had the crowd go “mmmhhmmm” when he said “to whip me, this white girl gotta turn into Roc (rock)!” Followed by an ensemble of creative white girl bars ending with “this lil white girl say catch me outside and find out how a Doctor Phil (feel),” which shooked the room!

Kicking off the second round Viixen didn’t slow up the assault on Roc. Bringing up his battle versus Danny Myers Viix hit Roc with “do you believe in a parallel universe…I do. And it’s tragic, you talked about Vicky smoking rock…then it actually happened.” Followed by the Space Jam 2 “just like Space Jam, I knew touching Roc (rock) would make my shootin better.” The Assassin showing her love for gun bars and strategically flipped Roc’s infamous “Body Bitch” third round he had for Official to her own version. 

Tay Roc kicked off his round with a Will Smith rebuttal saying, “I don’t want to hear shit from a bitch that fucked Norbes, keep my wife’s name outcha fuckin mouth,” Getting into his material he had a lot of name flips (Vic, Vicky, V, etc.), more white girl bars. After the joking joke, Roc went back on offense with more name flips. With all that said, it was a solid round, loved the rebuttal but I think Viixen did more to secure this round and make it 1-1 going into the third.

Kicking off the third round, Viixen had a slight mix up by calling race car driver “Danica Patra” instead of “Danica Patrick.” Mentioning Calicoe’s dad Black Face and saying, “to you I will always be a white girl in the culture cause you scared to say anything about Black Face.” Followed by more gun bars, Gay Roc angles, name flips and the disrespect towards Roc’s girl Lady Caution (yikes). All jokes aside though, the third was Viixen’s weakest and sadly she left the door open for Roc to secure the win in such a close battle.

Roc seeing the opportunity went straight for the kill with bars like “I would beat the shit out yo fraud ass, swing and make sure I target the cheeks, saw mask.” Along with “head shot wreck your Crown Victoria that’s a car crash.” Roc relentlessly kept punching and out writing Viixen this round.

It’s hard for me to admit but I edged Roc the battle by winning the third round. However, one second watch it can change because the battle was really close. Viixen gave Roc tough competition (he even admitted after the battle), and this is a certified classic. The energy was on 1000!. Add this battle to the collection of great KVQ battles and I am already making a prediction this will end up on many Top 10 Best Battle lists for 2022. 


Round 1: Tay Roc (edge)
Round 2: Viixen (clear)
Round 3: Tay Roc (edge)


Recapped by CeCe

Two Box Office names in the culture and friends in real life headline Kings versus Queens 3 (KVQ3). Jaz The Rapper, arguable the female goat of battle rap going up against Geechi Gotti, this new era of battle rap’s goat. Both want to win for bragging rights and to decide if the Queens will get a shot to fight for another day on KVQ3 Day 2 event.

Jaz took a dangerous risk on volunteering to go first. She kicked things off addressing Geechi’s Twitter getting hacked, sprinkled some Bardashian bars in the mix with “Bardashians the biggest gang, you know why I’m Kim, cause when I fuck this nigga shit gonna break the internet.” Jaz no lie was barking on Geechi and had me hitting the Jaz face after, “yall wanna know if I spit or swallow, it doesn’t matter I’m still catching a nut in the mouth.” The queen addressed Geechi being “lazy” and being the “Champion of the Yeah…Yeah (lol)” and Viixen caught a stray when Jaz said, “all they seen was something paled, bloated and gut hanging, like Viixen the Assassin.” 

Geechi kicked off his first round with blatant disrespect saying, “I don’t care how many of these niggas dick you sucked you aint sucked mine yet, so I feel a way.” Hit Jaz with one of many gun bars for the night “bitch my gun was poppin cherries before you even got dick.” Along with 911 dispatcher bars like “the work I put in is the reason you got a job bitch!” Gotti also mentioned George Floyd and Sean Bell, which led to his “I blame you” and “bitch you a dispatcher” rant that I know everybody felt (especially the street niggas). 

Going into the second, Jaz started out strong referring to the gas when Geechi battled Mike P. Jaz had a “blue lives matter” bar which was cool to address the dispatcher bars she knew Gotti would have. Along with “you said my name so much battling Case I thought you was testifying.” I loved when Jaz went into “You know what scuffs my Timbs,” angles and rebuttaling Gotti being predictable for talking about Jaz cherry getting popped by saying “niggas ran my cherry down to the ground but you still choosed to talk about it, cause you the type to go for low hanging fruit!” She did a great job painting the picture of Geechi being a bully but really is “a good guy.”

Geechi hit Jaz with a rebuttal on how he stopped Coffee Brown from “whopping they asses,” to kick things off. Playing off the fact she looks like Saga, more dispatcher bars and highlighted what he saw as cracks in the Bardashian circle. When he said, “you decided to take a vacation on the Bardashian’s biggest day,” had me hollering. Geechi ended the round with ghostwriting allegations that Tsu Surf writes for Jaz, I don’t believe that AT ALL! 

Jaz brought the battle home starting strong with the “No Studio’n” bars, dropped tea on Geechi going to school for criminal justice and called him “a snitch in training.” Followed by her own version of “Yous a Bitch,” which was creative and witty. Jaz brought Coffee back up saying that was his sis and how he was wrong for not having her back when she wanted some of her opps out before battling A Ward on The Riot. Solid round, a few punches that didn’t hit but overall Jaz put together 3 great rounds.

Geechi wraps up the battle with rebuttaling Jaz’ criminal justice angle saying he only did it “to cheat the system.” More jokes this time about Jaz Timberland boot on her wall (lol), how she still lives with her parents, sex jokes and yes it was all funny. Very entertaining but lacking substance that Jaz had in her third.

So, who won? Well, it looks like the culture now is split and wouldn’t be surprised to see the URL app results reflect that same sentiment. The first round was definitely the closet but if you ask me, I had Jaz take the second and third. Jaz survived the infamous 99 dispatcher bars Gotti had. Did it live up to the hype? I would say yes, the battle has replay value, there was moments on both sides, but just because it wasn’t BOTN doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. I can tell they both didn’t come to play with the other and I appreciate that. URL puts up a fan vote about 5-10 minutes after the battle finished and Jaz edges out the fan vote.

Round 1: Jaz The Rapper (edge)
Round 2: Geechi Gotti (clear)
Round 3: Jaz The Rapper (clear)


Recapped by Tai-Tai

Our LTBR reporter, Tai Tai received a media pass to be in the building for day 2 and she gives some of her brief thoughts on each of the battles.


Recapped by Tai-Tai

A bar heavy battle between two competitors looking to set the the tone for the afternoon. Elijah showed promised and Steams was able to display why he is a true veteran and professional. 


Recapped by Tai-Tai

A dope battle that was pen heavy, aggressive, entertaining with a good back and forth. Many people in the room had different results for this battle. C3 is an elite battle rapper, JC gives her major props on an interview with 15 minutes of fame after the battle. “C3 is one of them ones you can’t play around with.”


Recapped by Tai-Tai

A super aggressive battle with the most energy of the evening. Shotgun Suge pulls out all of his special moves within the first two rounds of the battle, asserting his presence and commanding the room. And Miami doesn’t back down. She is all up in Suge’s space, stood consistent all 3 rounds and was very direct.


Recapped by Tai-Tai

Fonz & Shooney Da Rapper was a beautiful back and forth. Every round, Shooney would set a high bar with her performance and material. Followed by Fonz matching the intensity, bars, energy and aggression. This battle contains moments, quotables, humor and haymakers.

Everything you want in a battle, you will find it right here. Shooney has been consistent all of 2022 and Fonz is showing why he belongs on the main stage and is ready to cause some serious damage. 

This could have very well been a day 1 battle and many say this was just as good if not better than majority of the day 1 battles.

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