Mid-Year Top 15 Power Rankings For 2024

The mid-year power rankings are here for the year 2024!

Disclaimer:  In 2023, for our Mid-Year rankings, we used a statistical formula that did not include 1-rounders or 2on2 battles. 
This year, we are removing the statistical component and factoring in all levels of battles to focus on the entire body of work for the first six months of the year 2024. 
(January 1st to June 30th)
Criteria:  Below is the list of factors we used to evaluate the rankings for each year.

– 2 Battles Minimum To Qualify.

– Competition: The level and stature of the competitor you are facing. (Basically, your strength of Schedule.)

Impact: We grade the cultural impact of this performance’s aftermath on the battler’s year, whether positive or negative.

Performance & Material (P&M): We factor in the level of your material and performance in this showing.  IE: Top Performers, Battle Of the Nights, etc…

– Wins, Debatables, and Losses: We factor in your overall record regarding Wins and losses. Some wins are clear, and some wins are bodies. We factor in debatable. We understand that opinions of battles are in the eye of the beholder, but some debatables may have a bit of a direction leaning towards wins/losses that we, as staff, voted on. Judged results are also accounted for. 

#15 Charron

4 Wins - 0 Debatables - 0 Losses

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
Cali SmoovKOTDMain EventDebatable Win
Danny MyersUDUBBPOTNClear win
Anderson BurrusThe TrenchesMain EventClear win
Emerson KennedyThe Riot Clear win

#14 O'ffcial

2 Wins - 0 Debatables - 0 Losses

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
LosoUdubb Clear Win
ViixenURL Debatable

#13 Ms.Hustle

1 Wins - 1 Debatable - 1 Loss

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult

Shank Prezzy (1 Round)

Battle Academy Clear loss
SwampURL NOME Appearance Debatable loss

#12 Jaz The Rapper

1 Wins - 1 Debatable - 0 Loss

Bizzo BondPremier Battle LeagueMain eventDebatable win
Coffee BrownURL
NOME Appearance 

#11 A.Ward

4 Wins - 4 Debatable - 1 Loss

OpponentCompetitionMile StoneResult
GwittyThe PlatformMain eventClear Win
100 BulletzKOTD Debatable Win
Bonnie GodivaQOTRMain eventDebatable Win
BangzBlack Diamond Battle LeaguePerformance of The Nights Body
Tay RocThe RiotMain eventJudged Loss
Gauge (1 Round)Smoke Room Battle League Win
Cali Smoov (1 Round)The RiotMain eventDebatable
Stori James (1 Round)On-Site Battle League Clear Win
Mackk Myron & Qleen (2on2) 1 RDABCD Battle LeagueMain eventDebatable Win
DG Da ParontaBull Dawg Entertainment Main eventUnreleased

#10 Franchise

2 Wins - 1 Debatable - 0 Loss

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
HanselURL Debatable
YunusThe RiotPerformance Of The Night Judged WIn
SwervooURLNOME AppaeranceClear Win

#9 Ave

4 Wins - 1 Debatable - 0 Loss

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
Marv WonMic Masters Debatable Win
Don MarinoThe Riot Judged Win
Rosenberg RawThe Trenches Clear win
Big TSmoke RoomMain eventClear Win
J2 (1 Round)One ShotMain eventClear win

#8 Coffee

2 Wins - 2 Debatable - 1 Loss

Opponent CompetitionMile StoneResult
Rocq Lee (1 Round)Lets Be Real Battle LeagueMaint eventDebatable
E HartBlack ice Cartel Loss
ArsonalURLMain eventClear Win
JadeChrome 23 Body
Jaz The RapperURLNOME AppaeranceDebatable

#7 Chef Trez

7 Wins - 3 Debatable - 1 Loss

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
Kid ChaosBody BagMain EventClear win
Los PremeeiBattleMain Event / Performer Of The NightDebatable Win
FonzURLMain EventDebatable
MonstaUDubb Network Clear win
Charlie ClipsURL Debatable Win
T-TopBullpen Judged Loss
Coach CorleoneOne Shot Battle League Clear win
DylanThe Stage Clear win
Da ExampleUniversal Battle League Clear win
MidasDark Horse Battle LeagueMain EventClear win
WiseGates of The GardenMain EventClear win

#6 Bill Collector

1 Win - 2 Debatables - 0 Loss

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
Qleen PaperBlack Ice Cartel Debatable
ChessBattle AcademyHeadliner / Performance Of The NightBody
Tay RocBMBLBattle Of The NightDebatable

#5 Swamp

1 Win - 1 Debatable - 0 Loss

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
Aye VerbChrome 23Headliner / POTNClear Win
Ms.HustleURLNOME AppaeranceDebatable Win

#4 Fonz

2 Wins - 1 Debatable - 0 Loss

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
Chef TrezURL
Main Event
Charlie Clips (1 round)Cabin Fever
Main Event
Clear Win
Geechi GottiURLNOME AppaeranceClear Win

#3 Rum Nitty

1 Wins - 2 Debatables - 0 Loss

Opponent League Mile Stone Result
Quest Mcody Mic Masters  Battle Of The Night Awarded By the league  Debatable Win
Loaded Lux URL Main Event / Nome / Battle of The Year Debatable/Classic
Saynt LA Westworld Main Event Clear win

#2 T-Top

6 Wins - 2 Debatable - 1 Loss

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
Jay Dat GuyThe PlatformMain eventClear win
Snake EyezURL Body
Deezy (1 Round)UDubb Network Clear Loss
Nu Jerzey TworkURL Clear win
J BlakkHouston Bar CodeMain eventClear Win
Dice (1 Round)Cabin Fever Clear Win
Chef TrezBullpen Performance of The NightJudged Win
Gemin1U.KMain eventDebatable
Danny MyersURLNOME AppearanceDebatable

#1 Tay Roc

7 Wins - 1 Debatable - 0 Loss

OpponentLeagueMile StoneResult
BankheadBlack ice CartelMain eventClear Win
Serius JonesURLMain eventClear Win
Prep (1 Round)Battle Academy Clear Win
Bill CollectorBMBLBattle of The NightDebatable
LosoBullpen Judged Win
A.WardThe RiotMain eventJudged Win
Jerry WessURLNOME AppearanceClear Win
Yogi Da God (1 Round)TBLMain eventClear Win

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