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Battle of the Night: Goodz vs Eazy The Block Captain
Biggest win: K Shine over Real Sikh | Tay Roc over T-Top | JC over Swamp 
Best Performances of the night: #1 K Shine| #2 Eazy TBC | #3 Tay Roc  | #4 JC 

Danny Myers vs Nunn Nunn

Recapped by France

Nunn Nunn & Danny set the tone for the night to give us an entertaining battle.

Nunn opens his performance with full court press on Danny Myers. He showed he was comfortable on the stage and took full advantage of being the opening act of the night and was able to capitalize off the full energy of the crowd.  Nunn Nunn lands a few haymakers in the first. And Danny Myers was able to open his round with not 1, not 2 but 3 rebuttals ! He flipped all of the haymakers Nunn Nunn landed and established complete control of the battle.

Nunn responds in the second with a solid rebuttal and another solid round. So far he is doing a fairly decent job at rocking this Houston Crowd. Danny Myers 2nd round loses a little steam compared to his first but in my opinion it was enough to secure him the edge.

Nunn Nunn’s 3rd round was the best round of his performance. Nunn has showed that he belongs on these stages. So far this year, hes registered 6 battles on the app with a 5-1 record. Statistically, Nunn Nunn is having a good productive year. Some of the battles in his streak  of the battles are all debatables of course, alongside even the Danny performance and even if I have him losing his NOME debut, He always provides a competitive effort, lands a key rebuttal and gives the audience an enjoyable performance. Danny Myers secures his first career victory on NOME. 

K Shine vs Real Sikh

Recapped by Cece

HE’S BACK!!!! The battle rap community welcomed back one of its favorites K Shine on one of URL’s biggest stages NOMEXII. As a surprise battle, Shine would come back to go to war with one of New Era’s top gunners Real Sikh. Battle rap has been missing Shine’s star power since he went on a losing streak and last touched the stage on SMACK Volume 9 vs Eazy The Block Captain.

Many people were upset that we got this matchup instead of Jakkboy and Shine. However, I think it is safe to say that Jakkboy dodged another NOME bodybag.

As Shine kicked off his first round, he called Sikh “another Jersey nigga with a death wish.” The first bar to get the crowd going, “Taught my dog a new trick *click click* fetch this.” He kept gaining more momentum with relentless punches and name flips including “You from Jersey Shore (sure) so why we never see Sikh with the wave…knock his turban off we never seen Sikh with the waves…throw him overboard gonna have to see Sikh with a wave.” 

It honestly was Shine’s homecoming and he was NOT gonna settle for anything shorter than POTN and the dubb. He would continue to verbally beat down Sikh in the 2nd questioning Sikh Jersey affiliation, clowned his tournament runs, and more name flips. He had a crazy line that made the caffeine chat go up, “make a shirt out of him…wearing a shirt of his friend…but the ones on the back say when we meet again,” and even had the crowd start yelling “LEAVE HIM ALONE.” One of my favorite bars of the night was Shine’s Loki/Thor bar and “shot his momma’s house it done left a hole in the wall…she peaking through like I don’t know him from a hole in the wall.” When shine landed the Soul For Real bar the crowd chanted 3-0 and it was a wrap.

Real Sikh would start his first round with the same audio issues for most of the battle. However, he was a warrior to power through and even made a moment out of the mic guy when he said in the second “this not my first time fucking a mic (Mike) up.” I liked his bar when referring to his friend who died from cancer, “know what I learned from seeing all that radiation…you cant get rid of sick (Sikh) with shine.” Sikh did a great job grabbing the crowd back during dry periods (also made with the audio issues) with moments like his AYE BIG DAWG that lead into “Light jumping around pixstar,” bar. Did a little shit-talking about Shine’s last NOME performance, had a dope diamond tester line, and a bar I know will get a lot of replay value “bang the snub like a nerd fixing his glasses, one finger on the nose make your frame lift up.” One that won’t though is the “A-Town stomp” bar that the Houston crowd let him know “We don’t do that down here.” OUCH!

Sikh had some shit now, we can’t take that away from him. Gotta give the man respect for taking K Shine on his return on a NOME stage. However, it was clear that Shine cleared him 3-0 and I really do believe what DNA said during the commentary after the battle was a key point. “The same pattern doesn’t work. It’s redundant and you have to know how to break out of the pattern,” DNA said. That is honestly what many successful battlers have to always figure out…how to reinvent their styles and try new things to add to their arsenal.

To wrap this up, Sikh shouldn’t be penalized for this loss and this shouldn’t be a reason he doesn’t get any more big plates. If we being honest, A LOT of battlers on NOME would have lost to that Shine (am I lying?). Shine’s comeback is a pure example of battlers taking time off for their advantage. We are seeing other battlers right now who may need to take a much-needed break and come back stronger. It was truly amazing to see Shine back in his element and we want him to stay around. Battle rap missed you Shine WELCOME BACK!

Hollow Da Don vs Geechi Gotti

Recapped by France

A heavy weight battle of two legends goes down.

Hollow last few performances on URL has been a little below the standard we would expect from him and Geechi Gotti is coming off two consecutive caffeine performances where he has lost the fan vote. After losing the fan vote to Hollow, that makes 3 battles in a row where Geechi has lost the fan vote. At no point of his career has ever he lost the fan vote back to back, so this was uncharted territory. 

The first round of the battle starts off pretty solid. Geechi has a few powerful punches but overall a solid opener, Hollow first round matches the energy but the battle wasn’t captivating yet up until this point.  Geechi 2nd round was probably one of the weakest rounds we have heard from Geechi in the caffeine era, the crowd was radio silent for this whole round and it was an ineffective angle.  Hollow 2nd round wakes up the room and he finally taps into a vintage bag and has a really good round with a unique approach and pristine timing to his haymakers. 

At this point the battle is feeling grim for Geechi Gotti and he comes alive. His third round is arguably the best round of the battle, Geechi gets in his bag and is landing explosive haymakers after haymakers after haymakers. It was EFB the whole round. Hollow’s 3rd round was pretty good too! He gave a competitive effort but Geechi runs away with the third round. It was just a little too late.

Goodz vs Eazy The Block Captain

Recapped by Titus

The peoples main event, Goodz da animal makes his return to the big stage to face Eazy the block captain. The conversation leading up to this battle was fascinating, fans seemed split on what they thought would happen, a lot of talk of being “neutralized.” Eazy and Goodz did amazing promo work to ensure they were the most talked about battle, they were both watching every interview the other did, as a media member it was fun to see. 

Round 1: Now we finally have the battle, and Goodz sets it off and  and plants the seeds of what his approach will be to the battle.  The interesting thing about this round is the opposite approach from both emcees. Goodz brings a slower controlled pace to lay a blueprint. Whereas Eazy comes out and just drops building directly on Goodz head. Let’s be clear there is nothing to discuss in round one, Eazy couldn’t miss and even in spite of a heated moment he refused to get rattled by Goodz tactics and finished a flawless round.
Round 2: Goodz turns his energy up a bit after the first, he incorporates some humor that  lands heavy with the crowd but he had a really awkward moment where he had an extended pour and sip of his henny, we can’t directly call it a choke but.. aight. Eazy’s 2nd wasn’t the same level of explosive as his first, but it showed his evolution as an artist, his growth as a writer, angler, and some amazing counter writing. You can tell Eazy is a real student of the game, people love freestyle rebuttals and they are amazing, but the ability to predict what your opponents approach will be for you in an entire battle and prepare for that doesn’t get enough credit. Eazy putting on a masterclass

Round 3: Very similiar to the 2nd round, Goodz is following the same blueprint of his previous round, slight humor, landing a few slick bars, but continues the same theme of self gratification of his money talks. Eazy continues to show more counter-writing by literally addressing things Goodz said in his 3rd round. And this performance was brilliant display to show Eazy’s evolution as a battler. He has surpassed just being a “Drug Talk” rapper. He’s a potent angler, sharp performer, shows elite crowd control and he shows the versatility of his pen.

T-Top vs Tay Roc

Recapped by Titus

The best summary of this battle: Be careful what you ask for.

T-Top and Tay Roc was a long-standing grudge, there’s multiple blogs and moments with T-Top speaking on the matchup and this was a battle he wanted for years. The time finally came and… Let’s just say things didn’t go in the bears favor. Tay Roc put on a dominant performance that should serve as a warning to anyone thinking the Gun Bar King has faded and is vulnerable. At his 10th NOME appearance he showed us why he is the face of URL and the undisputed King of NOME. Roc clearly had a point to prove in this battle and he showed no mercy to the bear, the crowd said “LEAVE HIM ALONE” multiple times and Tay just refused.

This was a 30 plain and simple. Stop playing with Tay Roc’s name.

JC vs Swamp

Recapped by Dylan

The ultimate madness finals match started off just the way we anticipated, with great energy and performances. JC won the coin toss and elected for Swamp to go first. Now these battles are judged live, and it seems clear that both emcee’s had a plan of attack to win over the building. Swamp comes out the gate with some great h town flips and crowd pandering bars, getting everyone engaged to kick off the finale. He transitions into what I think is one of his better, more well rounded rounds of the tournament, mixing in some JC flips and bible bars, short jokes and of course gun bars. Swamp had a very solid showing and definitely set a high standard after the first.

JC kicks off round 1 with combating some of Swamp’s bible bars and has a jc flip himself. He used this round to showcase back to back punching ability and his jayson aggi-tatum wiggin to the finals bar, had us shaping up and preparing for a classic. JC did some crowd pandering of his own in this round with a bar about the venue (Bayou Music Center) but he really focused on scheming and punching. This was a very lyrical JC, but the issue with that on a big stage, is he had to bring his bars back and that lead to time being called on him to end the first.

In what was an extremely close round, I edged it to Swamp.

Round 2 starts off and Swamp used this time to show that JC isnt the only one who can punch, but the difference with swamp is he likes to tie it into an angle and not chain punch. There are so many examples to pick from in this round, you could essentially close your eyes and randomly select a punch that landed. Swamp was effective in painting a picture of the bars he was conveying in round two. Ending it with “Swamp in the Bayou, im in my natural habitat” seemed like the perfect play to build on his first round, and to set up his 3rd round for a dog fight.

Round two for JC was arguably his best lyrical showing of the battle. Back like he never left, his wordplay was on another level and his between bar trash talk is tactical. “He go from trying to eyeball white.. to meeting the undertaker” was the best bar of the round from either battler. JC kept the pressure going and never let up. He showed up with the clip loaded, having time called on him again at the end of round 2, but this time JC had done more than enough prior to the stoppage.

Round 2 edge to JC, leavings us with the infamous 1-1 headed to the 3rd.

Swamp started round 3 with the same energy as his first two. He had a heavy stumble/light choke early on, which at first wasn’t too noticeable. It became an issue when Swamp mentions that he messed up before getting it back. The crowd gave him a chance to get it back and he did briefly! But moments after, following a slight slip up, Swamp again says “my bad” and informs the crowd of a mistake. Overall it was a choppy round from Swamp and one he will kick himself about for the rest of his career. There was a very good opportunity to win this round, had it been delivered cleanly.

All JC needed to do was close out his third round flawlessly and it was going to surely be a lock for him. Not only did he present us with a clean round, but there was a great mix of wordplay, punches and pen work that JC has shown throughout the entire UM5 tournament. What a better way to end the battle than by saying “I lost my mother and aint take a mother fuckin loss since” on his way to securing a $120,000 bag and the Ultimate Madness 5 title!

Before this battle I stated the UM5 finale would come down to two things: Consistency vs Potential. Potential has it perks and creates amazing stories, but consistency never waivers in the face of adversity. Being consistent in all aspects of your life will continue to yield beautiful results, and JC is the epitome of that success. Congratulations to JC and his family on his success this far in 2022, cementing his career legacy with a marquee tournament win, and becoming a champion in front of the entire battle rap culture.

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