UM5 Finals: Consistency vs Potential

The Ultimate Madness 5 Finals Preview

There are a horde of battle rappers in the world with unique attributes and characteristics that aid in their ability to perform in battles. Oftentimes people discuss abilities like punching, angling, and writing, going on to neglect the intangibles that are immeasurable to one’s success on stage. The road to the Ultimate Madness 5 Finale between JC and Swamp has presented us with an enthralling match, that also tells the stories of both of these individuals. Consistency and Potential. 

Through the first 3 rounds of Ultimate Madness 5, the URLTV app reaction numbers have generated an accurate assessment of both emcees advancing through the tournament. JC’s reactions have been persistent within the same range, his numbers don’t often fluctuates. The culture sings the same tune in regards to JC’s preparation, and the fact that he shows up every single battle is indicative in his statistics.

We know what JC has to offer and at this point, he is competing against himself along with his past performances. Trying to convince us all that he still has the ability to elevate, even after years of experience in the game. 

Swamp on the other hand, has had a different measure of success on the app. While his range of reactions fluctuates by 119,000 between battles, his best showing has approximately 30,000 reactions more than JC’s best in Ultimate Madness 5. Showcasing that he has hit a higher peak in wins so far through out the tournament Which leads me to believe there’s something latent about Swamp’s potential.

The next level is pushing itself to the forefront of his career, we just need it to manifest into his standard appearance. If he can tap into this bag regularly and limit the inconsistencies, the room for growth is endless.

JC's Consistency is unmatched

JC is now on a 14 battle win streak on the URLtv app, a streak that stretches over a two year period! Now writing, performance and rapping ability aside, there is a significant advantage for battle rappers who have high floors. JC’s “worst” performances seem to compete with 98% of the battlers he stands in front of. That being said, JC has arguably the highest floor of anyone in the culture. Per his last 10 battles on URLtv, JC’s least amount of reactions in a 3 round battle has been 38,790 reactions and that’s his most recently released battle vs Sheed Happens that still has time to grow. His highest number of reactions to battle in that span is sitting at 117,670 vs First Lady Flamez and his average is 72,990 reactions per three round battle.

His die hard fan base says he can do no wrong and his performances are so consistent, it’s hard to ever catch him in a slump or on an off day. His style and setups are crafted in a way that allows him to walk into every battle with an effective layout for successful rounds. He can also tweak his delivery effortlessly and punches are at the forefront of it all. He has the confidence and preparation that limits his stumbles and chokes are hardly a concern. He has shown us his potential night in and night out, with classic performances and bars on URL dating all the way back to at least 2012 vs Chilla Jones.

When looking at it objectively, JC isn’t lacking in any one area of battle rap. He takes every opponent as seriously as the next regardless of status or stature. His heart has never been in question and at times his dedication to the craft has gone unappreciated and undermined.

The Michigan native has carried the midwest and represented them throughout his entire career, stepping up each time to prove that he is nothing short of an elite, top tier opponent. With his showing in Ultimate Madness 5 and a chance to be a Finals Champion, JC continues to fight for his respect and yet another accolade to cement his name as a battle rap legend. Is the UM prize money enough motivation for the Vet to bring his A game? If not, surely becoming known as one of the greatest ever versus a newer, talented, driven opponent in Swamp should do the trick.

Swamp's Platinum Capability

Swamp has jumped into the URLtv app top 10 after successfully making his way into the UM5 finals! We’ve seen some high highs and some low lows with swamp, and while I think his floor has been reached, I believe his ceiling has yet to be met. Since his appearance in Ultimate Madness 3, he has taken advantage of all the opportunities that are thrown his way. With a resume containing names like Nu Jerzey Twork, Geechi Gotti, Rum Nitty, and T-Top.. Swamp has stood in front of the best of the best in the game, holding his own time and time again. Proving the doubters wrong, who always have him listed as underdog, time and time again. Proving that the South has just as much potential as the West, Midwest and East time and time again!

Swamp has shown us glimpses of consistency in his own right, but where he really has the advantage ahead of UM5 is the unlocked ceiling he can still tap into. His win over Nu Jerzey Twork is widely regarded as one of the top performances of his career with over 220,000 reactions on the app.

We need that same Swamp with the square behind his ear, whose presence and hunger can be felt and never questioned. Contrary to the summit, his battle with Casey Jay was Swamp’s worst appearance with only 28,320 reactions.

The difference between the apical attainments and nethermost collapses are staggering, and it’s worth bringing up as the chart above (his last 10 url battles) clearly signifies the ups and downs we can expect to see with him. UM5 has brought out that version of him who can’t be shaken by anything in his path. With multiple UM5 wins, knocking off the biggest names in the tournament, Swamp has done nothing for us to not believe in him, and there is a good chance he has another career high bout at his disposal. Still, I’m sure there are plenty of nay sayers he would love to shut up by being crowned the Ultimate Madness 5 Champion. 

What A Win Would Mean ?

Let’s start off by saying regardless of the outcome this match brings, both battlers have crawled and scraped their way to a chance to win $100,000. The winner will be well deserving of this title and I hope we get to witness the best performances both of them have to offer! With this high of stakes being presented, each battler is culpable for representing themselves, their families, and their regions on battle rap’s biggest stage. 

For JC, not only is a win making him $100,000 richer, this tournament is a chance for him to make a permanent leap to the top of the food chain. His skillset has always supported the claims of him being an all star, but the UM5 finale is where questions can be answered. An opportunity for JC to show there has always been levels between him and the newer class of battlers. Time to show that Loaded Lux and Tsu Surf are appropriate next steps in his career. Main Stage, Main Event JC will be prevalent until his retirement if he pulls off a win vs Swamp. The financial security is just a bonus at this point, let’s see how JC fairs with his respect and future on the line!

Swamp has an infinite amount of motivation to fight for in his upcoming battle with JC. Being crowned UM5 champion wouldn’t just bring the title back to the Carolinas, but the entire South wins if Swamp wins! Every other region has had a dominant presence in battle rap for a set period of time, and although the tides have changed over the years, the South has yet to get their time to shine.

Now while a couple exist, there isn’t an overwhelming presence of southern battlers that get a good deal of respect. A win here could change that and be just the spark the south needs to start their battle rap takeover. If that isn’t motivating enough, Swamp is a father of multiple beautiful children, of which I’m sure would benefit from a $100,000 prize! For his family, for his state, for his legacy, we will see if Swamp has what it takes to be a champion in the Ultimate Madness 5 Finals on CaffeineTV, July 9th at 3pm ET.

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