QOTR: 5 Biggest Takeaways from Panic Room 7

Queen of The Ring made a return to the battle rap scene with their highly anticipated marquee event, the seventh installment of the Panic Room. Over the years, this event has showcased some of the most formidable female talents in the game, with previous headliners including the likes of 40 BARRS, Ms. Fit, Tori Doe, Yoshi G, and Chayna Ashley. The return of Queen of The Ring to the battle rap stage generated a buzz among fans, eager to witness the fierce competition and unparalleled performances that have become synonymous with the league.

Despite a bit of turbulence at the beginning of the stream and a few hiccups, the overall atmosphere of the event was infused with a fun and lively ambiance. The commentary team, featuring Josh from OTFMZ, Hurricane Du (WOTY panelist), and Kelz, the league owner from OSBL & Battle Rap Scout (and many more titles), added an extra layer of entertainment and value to the viewer experience. Josh, the star of the show, brought his infectious energy and dynamic performance style, ensuring that the audience remained engaged throughout the event.

While some undercard performances may have fallen short of expectations, the co-main event proved to be the highlight of the evening, injecting a renewed sense of excitement into the event.

While Queen of The Ring made a commendable return with the Panic Room, it’s evident that the league still has a considerable journey ahead in rebuilding its status. To truly thrive, the focus should be on identifying and nurturing a new crop of talent – individuals who are not only hungry for success but are also determined to elevate the league through compelling performances and effective self-marketing. 

The lack of marketing surrounding this particular event highlights a critical area for improvement. Investing in strategic promotion and building a robust online presence could significantly amplify the league’s visibility, attracting a broader audience and rekindling the excitement that has defined Queen of The Ring in the past. Moreover, there’s room for enhancement in the production aspect as well; a sharper and more polished production would undoubtedly contribute to elevating the overall viewing experience.

#1 Casey Jay & Shooney Da Rapper Put On A QOTR Classic

Casey and Shooney are undoubtedly some of the more recognizable names in Female Battle Rap, but at times don’t get the same recognition as other top battlers like Jaz, 40, Coffee, Hustle, and EHart. On a weekend where all these ladies battled, with a variety of different level performances, Casey vs Shooney had the clear battle of the weekend for the ladies. Albeit a little stumbly, as many were this weekend, Casey and Shooney had a true war from 1st to 3rd with some of the best punches of the weekend.

Casey is putting together a rather under-the-radar 2023, and Shooney whose inconsistencies are part of her career puts up another highlight to go with her dominant Shotgun Suge showing back in the year’s 1st quarter. At the end of the day, these are textbook professionals and on a card that was lacking a high-quality competitive battle, Shooney vs Casey are clear standouts on QOTR Panic Room 7.  

This was a passing of the torch type of battle, Shooney being here for over a decade still putting in work and staying active. Casey is one of the perennial stars and is consistently one of the top female battle rappers in the game over the last 4 years. Casey Jay has 3 consecutive Top 5 finishes when it comes to the WOTY Rankings and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 4th one added to the list this year. She continues to cement herself in this game and rise to the occasion in the highest pressured situations and when the lights are the brightest. 

#2 Coffee Brown's Career High Year In 2023

Another big battle, and another positive result for Coffee in hostile territory. Since starting her year with a tough L vs one of the current best of 2023 in Twork, Coffee has gotten to winning and hasn’t looked back. With a very competitive and debatable W vs Geechi as a heavy underdog, and a clear 30 over Shooney, Coffee’s W vs 40 BARRs files in as another high-level W that further proves Coffee Brown is the real deal no matter the situation.

Although not all these performances are BOTN contenders or perfect, there are undeniable highs and the ability to face juggernauts and legends with a lack of clear Ls is an important skill set. Against 40 in the league she helped build, Coffee fought through a tough crowd and delivered in a main event grudge match that should further cement 2023 as the best year of Coffee Brown’s career. 

8x Battles (7x Three round battles + 1x One Rounder)
Battled 5 Top Tier names this year
5x Main events on 5 different leagues
Headlined in 3 countries 

#3 40 BARRS Performance Rate Against Men vs Women

40 is battle rap royalty, and especially in lady vs lady matchups has given some all-time great showings and helped shape the game to be what it is. And in recent times, particularly the men, she still upholds this standard. Against Tsu Surf, John John Da Don, Ill Will, etc. we get an elite 40 in multiple different settings and leagues, John John being her best showing in 2023. 

Against the ladies? It has been the opposite lately. Her last 3 showings vs ladies are C3, Yoshi G, and now Coffee Brown. None of the 3 are clean performances, C3 she choked all 3 rounds and had an incomplete battle with Yoshi, and some of her pacing in the Coffee battle was a bit nerve-wracking as a fan. Although there’s still some very good material in the Coffee & Yoshi battle, her pen is never in question, but the lack of preparation and conviction in these matches is a bit alarming, especially on this consistent basis. You can point back to her Casey Jay battle, her QB Battle, her Ms.Hustle battle and see such a different level of performance, and energy in those elite showings. And she can still conjure that level of production in some of the counterpart situations. It’s clear in her male matchups that 40 has material and battles left to give, but in terms of her lady vs lady matchups, there is a bit of concern about whether the motivation is there anymore. 

#4 Cheyraq Has Been WORKING All Year

Rising the ranks in Battle Rap can be one of the toughest and most situational parts of the sport. Whether it’s promo, impact, consistency, or something else there are a lot of things to check off to get to the next level. And I say that to say, there needs to be more attention on Cheyraq and her elevation in 2023. With a clear W over a returning Tia S, Cheyraq ads to a year that is consistent with highs like a good battle vs Casey Jay, a BOTN with Toni Blanco (albeit in a losing effort), and a clear W vs Lady Caution just to name a few. With tons more work, she does have a low point like against C-Bri this year but overall, these standout battles and Ws vs notable names should lead up eventually to a real stand-out look for Cheyraq.

Whether or not you think she can be a true top-tier lady in the future, one thing is for certain, her 2023 has been very good for her stock and if there was ever a time to give her a big make-or-break plate on a large card, it is now. Truly an underrated year and one that needs to be discussed on the upcoming WOTY 2023 panel.

#5 Rocq-Lee & Malloreei X Made Theirselves A Topic Of Discussion

Rocq-Lee made a solid debut in the ring at QOTR Panic Room 7, showcasing her skills against the formidable opponent Mallorei X, who also made her debut.

While both newcomers delivered solid performances you have to give credit both for marketing and credit to Mallorei as she contributed a lot to this battle being sold, as it was one of the only matches on the card that had some promo and exchanges on social media to give the match some anticipation. Nonetheless, Rocqlee managed to carve out a moment within the battle for herself with a standout showing. Thriving on both offense and defense, she demonstrated a keen ability to impact various aspects of the battle. Facing off against an opponent like Mallorei, Rocq-Lee held her own and proved her ability to navigate the challenges of the ring. As an up-and-coming talent, Rocq-Lee’s journey in the battle rap circuit has been marked by consistent growth and development. From her earlier battles at Bags and Bodies at the top of the year to her recent debut on a QOTR stage, she has continued to refine her skills and make strides in her performance. 

With a solid second year in battle rap, Rocq is on the right trajectory, leaving fans eager to witness her continued evolution.

And Mallorei winning tournaments this year has put herself on the map as one of the newest battles in the circuit when it comes to the ladies. As far as female battle rap would go, this is certainly a Rookie of the year type of run for her. 

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