Which Brick Can Reach Star Power ? Ranking The Bricks on BST7

The 7th Installment of Blood Sweat And Tiers Is here

Salute to Rare Breed Ent for bringing back one of their signature series, where rising talent has their pen and potentially tested against an experienced veteran battle rapper. Many names have been able to elevate their positions within the culture by having great performances in this series. Names such as (but not limited to) Ooops, Show Off, J-Murda, Heavy Half, Big Kannon, Jimz, Heavy Half, and more.

One of the most poetic aspects of this series is seeing names like Showoff, Big Kannon, J-Murda & Craig Lamar on the receiving end of getting a shot from a vet, many years ago. And now they are all returning the favor, to see if some of the newer talents can have a break-out performance and become a household- Rare Breed Name. 

Salute to Lawerence & Winged for their relentless efforts into building new talent and future stars for the league. 

Let's Rank The Bricks With Most Potential to be a Star

Ah yes, battle rap’s favorite pastime. A ranking list. I always believed the word List is just an acronym for Lets.Start.Trouble.Intentionally. 

However, the dialogue is always healthy and these think pieces and lists serve as a great time capsule for the landscape of the game in that current moment. Maybe 6 months to a year from now we will see some great selections where our opinion ages like wine. Or maybe someone can surprise us or prove us wrong and make this list age like milk. Either way, we are willing to roll the dice and put it on the line.

#1 Payne

Payne is the most well-rounded of the class and a real cornerstone of RBE’s potential. He doesn’t have mastery in one department, but he isn’t lacking in any area. Once he identifies which route and attribute he will want to develop the most, he will have a foundation for his style. His online presence helps him stay active in the news cycle and he has one of the hardest test on the card.

#2 Kausion

Kausion is a force to be reckoned with. Once she gets more comfortable, she will go on a relentless run in RBE and female battle rap that will make all the waves in the circuits of the culture. She is tested with one of the greatest female battle rappers of all time Bonnie Godiva and to even raise the stakes, 24 hours later she will perform in the first round of the Chrome 23 Tournament. She had a fire performance vs Tae Doe and her ceiling is still unknown, but that’s the best part. You can’t replicate hunger. 

#3 J Geans

My personal favorite, J Geans could usher in another Writer’s Bloque era on RBE. I would like to see him spearhead a Writers Volume card to make a return to the league and his pen be tested amongst some of the best in the game. As usual with pen-heavy battlers, there is a concern about performance and entertainment. However, his talent can carry him as he continues to elevate his ability to perform. 

#4 Remedy Loko

Remedy Loko -is the brick with the most momentum right now. His extremely unique and entertaining style has centered the card around him. He will be face to face with a Battle Rap Legend in Reed Dollaz. Acquiring Reed on your resume is a special accolade and Remedy should be fully aware of the opportunity he has to seize and catapult himself to the next level of stardom.

#5 Zay

Zay coming off a great performance vs Showoff. He shows an interestingly a weird mix of the best qualities of Young X and Swamp. Someone with enough personality to stand out in a room, use humor and charisma but also be capable of talking to his opponent. He could be one of the best anglers in this class. 

#6 Jay Breed

Jay Breed is a solid pen with a great delivery. He is lacking in originality a  little bit, so there are some qualities that make it hard for him to stand out on a card full of his talented peers but still worth building around because there is untapped and unlocked potential. Having a great delivery is the first step to being able to captivate a crowd. And he’s got that down pact. He can work on his fundamentals and step up his lyricism over time with experience. 

#7 J Slash

J-Slash is a tantalizing talent with a fluid cadence that reels you into his content.  His performance is the best attribute of his skills.  He also has the ability to rebuttal, although he doesn’t do it frequently. He is also lacking in originality at times with some punches and references. Once he is able to tap into a more distinctive level of writing. He will level up. 

#8 Snypa

Snypa is potentially a super dope pen but missing a little bit of performance and other aspects to help him stand out more. He doesn’t draw in the attention of a listener with his delivery but for those who are focused on his content will realize. He is a good writer, with potent content. 

#9 Gez Laflare

The only reason Gez is this low was the choppiness in his Lou Cain battle but when he’s clean, he’ll be a problem for a bunch of battlers. Once he gets his affairs in order and can deliver consistently clean performances. 

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