Final Exam Towards URL Admission (The Top 6 Crucibles Emcees of Season 2)

Finals are worth 25% of your grade

With Season 2 of the URL Crucible reaching its final stages. The top 6 contestants that have made it to the end of the process are now rewarded with a grand slam of an opportunity where they are put through a rigorous test and will have to stand in front of experienced, season URL veterans. This card has the theme of Rookies vs Vets and will take place in Fort Washington’s infamous battle rap venue, Martinis. 

These 6 names will have a unique way of being evaluated for their performances on this card. URL has created a grading scorecard that will be used as a point system. This system will be compiled of a variety of components, attributes, and qualities to look out for within a battle.  

URL has selected 5 professional high level battle rappers to be the judges for the Final Exam. 

Judges: Tay Roc, Nu Jerzey Twork, DNA, Real Deal, and Eazy The Block Captain

With the exception of “Promo” Wordplay, lyricism, Presence, performance, delivery and aggression are all of the key components the judges will be on the lookout for within their performances. They will award additional points if these emcees are able to successfully execute a rebuttal. They will be awarded points depending the outcome of their battle.

The Rookie with the highest points from this grading system will be deemed as the performer of the night.  Let’s introduce the 6 contestants and discuss the quality of their styles. 

Saflare Sole 

If there’s one word to describe Saflare: Energy. As soon as he starts his round, he reels you in with a distinct voice and projection that catches your ear immediately. But it’s not all flash, his substance is just as noteworthy. The best punchliner in his class but I wouldn’t pigeonhole him as just that. Some of his build-ups to a haymaker show his potential as a big stage rocking battler and blending in his real talk elements make him someone who could resonate big time with the audience. Fresh off a debut at Summer Madness against Z The Drop out, Main event Saflare is here to stay.

Recommended Battles to watch:vs Swervo, vs PG Skillet, vs Foetdev


A true rookie in every sense of the word, but with poise and presence beyond his years. The west coast continues to churn out high-quality talent at a rapid rate and with an EFB co-sign already, the established stars of the west clearly already see another one in their midst. A stellar delivery, some great wordplay and punchlines, and showing signs of being an effective angler, Hansel with more experience is a scary prospect. 

Recommended Battles to watch: vs NXT, vs Smurf, vs Shastaffa


That WeGoHard feel is back and revamped. Awthentic has been around for some time but has gotten to a point where his star power is hard to keep ignoring. He jumps off the screen when you see him and then the bars and energy match. He’s extremely witty and creative with his name flips and brings plenty of aggression and dope rhyming pockets to the table too. The only thing ever holding him back was chances post UDubb and here he is with a great one in front of him. 

Recommended Battles to watch: vs Aeon, vs Sir South, vs Ru Bando


he wildcard of his class. Footz has the comedic chops to keep us laughing the whole battle, but can also out rap a lot of people and punch anyone’s head off. He has the most unique skillset out of everyone on the card. To have such intricate flows and patterns while punching often is not easy, but Footz makes it look like it is. And he’s not just standing there getting by on a pen, he’s a highly energetic and entertaining performer too. To put it bluntly, Footz is dangerous and for my money, maybe has the highest ceiling in his class 

Recommended Battles to watch: vvs Saflare Sole, vs Ace Amin, vs Quis


The Pen of the class. Klutz is a layered writer with the ability to get surgical and break down his opponents. He is the best writer in this class and it’s more than just double entrees. He makes his writing unique, creative, accessible and tailored to his opponent. He will learn how to increase his presence, and performance over time to magnify the impact of his lyricism.

Recommended Battles to watch:vs  Zay,  vs S.p.a.d.e,  vs Palmer boi


A tantalizing talent with a gritty feel and an array of skills. Eaze is able to talk and punch his opponent so being mirrored with Qleen will bring out the most important aspect he needs. The value of entertainment. He has the talent and needs to be able to propel it into his performances so that he can captivate his material and aura.

Recommended Battles to watch:vs O’fficial, vs Skip Jones, vs Duce

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