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Art Of War

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Event Recapped by Cece on Air

LTBR Award Recipients

Winners of of the Night:   Kvng Kia | Loyal Savage | Adolph & Goodie

The biggest win of the Night:  Adolph & Goodie

Best Individual Performances of the night: #1 Kvng Kia | #2 Loyal Savage

Certified Zay vs Big Meech

Kicking off the night was Certified Zay vs Big Meech. Both battlers get an A+ for going first and setting up the momentum for the night. Meech going first had some of the first big reactions but Zay made it a fight. To be fair Zay would win a slight edge with performance as he brought in someone into his round that landed perfectly. Not gonna lie I missed 20 percent of the battle, mostly Meech’s round. So that wouldn’t be fair to call a winner. I did ask around the room to see who they got winning, it was pretty close between the battlers but there was a slight edge for Zay.

Kvng Kia vs Manii

Manii was dope to kick off this one-rounder. I can see how his energy and bars alone would make him get a crucible look. The room was loving his mater as well. I just wished his round was a little bit longer because I was enjoying his performance. However, the night would get dark for Manii once Kvng Kia went up. I love the fact the room knew his opening slogan. Kia had a Wakanda bitches bar that had the whole room in awe and ended up being the bar of the night people kept talking about. Kia did a great job angling by flipping a positive into a negative when talking about Manii being in the crucible and affiliations to Tay Roc. 

In the end, it was clear Kvng Kia took this one home clear. I would say to Manii to expect every battler to approach you with the Tay Roc and crucible angles and do a better job counter writing. They both have the potential to be bigger outside of FL.

Mumba vs Loyal Savage

With some of the better schemes of the night, Mumba was definitely fire to kick this battle off. I thought he did a good job angling when mentioning Loyal Savage’s battle rap history and breaking it down. His wordplay and punches were very good. His Miami/FTX bar which he flipped into a gun bar calling Savage a munch had Grindmode Chaos walking off lol. Overall Mumba was good but respectfully Loyal Savage was just better that night. One of the bar’s of the night was when Savage said “that white was so good in the hood they let it say the N-word.” Savage’s schemes were crazy all battle. To be fair he did have a little dry spot in his material but end his round strong.

Savage’s schemes were crazy all battle. To be fair he did have a little dry spot in his material but end his round strong.

Going around the room some people had given it to Mumba and others picked Savage. In my opinion, I edged it to Savage because his punches, wordplay, and schemes were on 10 for 90% of his round. Mumba has a cool and smooth approach which I really like in a small room setting. His schemes were really dope as well.


Eaze & Don Marino vs Goodie & Adolph

On paper you the names Don Marino and Eaze would stick out and might make you predict a easy win for the pair. However, Goodie & Adolph gave the pair a challenge in this fire 2-on-2! Don and Eaze went first doing a good job setting the tone and having the crowd enjoy their material. Don had his funny moments which connected well with his and Eaze punches. Bars like the Brenda’s baby and name flip with Adolph’s name to concentration had some of the biggest room reactions. They had some stumbles but made quick recoveries.


Goodie and Adolph match the tone very quickly with Adolph opening up with a funny intro which open the floor with nonstop high energy performances from both. The room went crazy for the Queen Latifah, and Mexican bars. Their wordplay and punching so bad it was hard for Don and Eaze to not react at times. Overall the material was better and they did a better job performing together. They looked more comfortable compare to Don and Eaze and were cleaner.


We love you Don but Adolph and Goodie got that one.

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