Rosenberg Raw Signs A 2 Year Deal With Rare Breed Entertainment

The Ink Is Dry

Norristown, Pennsylvania, Battle Rapper (or newly regarded as the king of RBE), Rosenberg Raw has made the commitment to platform as one of the corner stone faces of the Franchise and signs a 2 year battle deal.  

In the second quarter of 2022, the owner of RBE, ARP, broke some news in regards to Rare Breed Entertainment signing battlers to their platform. These contracts were initially made towards the upcoming talent that are referred as “The Bricks.” The league used their Brick by Brick series to cultivate a class of young and talented prospects into RBE. The goal of this process is mold the Bricks into professionals so that they can reach the next level of battle rap. 

Remedy Loko, one of the Bricks from the 2022 class, was the first signed artist to RBE in the history of the league. Followed by the Remedy signing, 8 to 10 more Bricks also sign to RBE. Names like Payne, Coach Corolone, Kausion, Deth The Kid and much more.  

The RBE contracts weren’t only made exclusive to the newer talent, as some well known battle rap veterans also sign to the platform. Names such as Gwitty and Philly battle rap legend E ness. But what about the face of the league ? 

The King of RBE Sits On The Throne

Rosenberg makes his debut on RBE in 2014. 8 years and 14 RBE battles later, he still stands strong with the brand. 

Rosenberg really transcended over the last year with a dominate performance at MAX OUT I vs Showoff and a competitive battle vs A.Ward at Max OUT II. The world was starting to really be put on notice of what Rosenberg could do on a big stage of 1000+ in attendance.

As of recently, RBE has taken to the small rooms, where so far this year, Rosenberg has a very good performance against Cyssero and a career elevating performance vs Ill Will. He was able to defeat Ill Will in a dominating fashion, as the main event and one of the biggest underdogs in 2022. This was a win that no one could no see coming at this magnitude. 

The outcome of the Ill Will battle has catapulted Rosenberg into a level of his career where he is ready to demand big plates, lucrative opportunities and marquee matches. After the Ill Will battle, there was no more parity with the idea of who was the face of this league. Rosenberg was anointed the title of King of RBE and not only does the culture accept this passing of the torch, Rosenberg wears it with honor. 

Rosenberg has called out some names like Charlie Clips and Hitman. There are also some names that are consistently in rotation at RBE like Mackk Myron or maybe a Bigg K Rematch. Rosenberg also wants to complete the long awaited grudge match between him and Bill Collector. There is also a possibilities for some more marquee names that have been seen on RBE like Arsonal or 40 Cal. Who knows? maybe he will spin the block and battle some of The Bricks. There is a handful of lucrative opportunities available for him. 

While there may be some interesting matches on the horizon for Rosenberg, we do know that he was scheduled to battle Chef Trez on Straight To It Vol 3, and could not make the battle due a family emergency at time. Rosenberg did state in a 15MOF interview, he is ready to complete all obligations. We may see that battle get completed at a later date.

“Me and my brother (his manager) talked it over and we believe this is the best move. We look forward to see what the future holds.”Rosenberg Raw

Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality and no better display of this than signing to a 2 year battle deal to RBE.


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