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1st Round

The first round of Chef Trez versus Swamp is the epitome of what you call a debatable. Both of these seasoned battlers are both ranked within the Top 15 of the URL App. Both on their A-Game can compete with any top tier and they set the tone for a battle that only gets better as it progresses. 

Swamp came out swinging with his memorable “I’m not meeting upstairs, Chef, God is.” bar, setting the tone for a competitive round. Swamp continued to impress by making a significant impact with his sharp wordplay and clever play on his cadence. One of the standout lines of the round was “All white, porcelain shoot your girl, she’ll be dropped dead, gorgeous” Swamp’s performance was marked by a unique tempo, with carefully timed pauses and clever build-ups that allowed him to connect effectively his approach paid off as he landed a series of haymakers, including memorable references like the Julius Irving/Rock Cradle bar and the Shotgun/Pump faking bars, making his first round a solid and engaging start to the battle.

Chef Trez, on the other hand, responded to Swamp’s onslaught with a relentless barrage of jabs and wordplay with a few rebuttals and some punches of his own. While Swamp’s punches had power and build-up, Trez’s consistency in landing jabs and good punches throughout the round couldn’t be denied. He showcased his skills with a dope Golden State Warrior Scheme and clever wordplay on “38 Special/ “Paige” as a public figure.” The round was incredibly close, but Swamp hit higher peaks in a round where you can argue the punch count for Trez Razor edge for Swamp. 

2nd Round

The second round of the Chef Trez versus Swamp battle was a thrilling display of humor, power punches, and more elite wordplay! Swamp kicked things off with a dose of humor, a facet of his style that he’s been incorporating more and more. His witty lines not only entertained the audience but also served to break up the intensity, keeping the crowd engaged throughout. Swamp also delivered some powerful punches, including the vivid imagery of “Throw the Chef in the air fryer, I’m trying to see him cook in a tight spot.”  Also the “You never see me hang with Eazy, I’m not with the bull” bar and other wordplay demonstrated his ability to captivate the audience with digestible yet original punch lines & wordplay. 

As the round progressed, Swamp’s penmanship shone through with lines like “I put my best foot forward like Leonidas” and “Uppercut his chin open up like a cash register.”  These haymakers left a lasting impact, showing Swamp’s dedication to stepping up his pen game for this battle.

Chef Trez, on the other hand, didn’t hold back in responding to Swamp’s potent lines. He opened his round with a series of rebuttals, countering Swamp’s memorable moments with quick, sharp retorts. Trez also showcased his versatility, transitioning seamlessly into his “Emmaunal Hansel” and “Hair show” bars. His reference to Swamp losing to Casey Jay with the line “I repeated it in case he forgot” Trez also added a layer of context, wittiness, and humor to his performance/writing. Trez lands a crazy Soul Sister bar, “Bend a corner on page/paige tell em to save my spot.”  Trez has probably won the round and he still had at least another 3-4 big haymakers after this point of the round. Further enriching the round with his elite penmanship.  The back-and-forth exchanges between Chef Trez and Swamp continue to heighten, but Trez takes this round clearly as he lands some of the bigger haymakers in this round, nonstop for a full 3-4 minutes, one better after the other. 

3rd Round

Swamp’s third round in the battle against Chef Trez was a masterpiece that showcased his storytelling prowess and authentic delivery. Everything that makes you a Swamp fan is filled in this round. He kicked off the round with a vivid and creative Shrooms bar, delving into a lot of drug talk with remarkable quotables. This round could easily be considered one of the best of the year and one of the standout rounds in Swamp’s career. He opened with the line “I was serving water till my hands pruned up,” a clear demonstration of his authenticity and his ability to make the audience feel the weight of his experiences. The line “I was a juvenile recreating classics at a tiny desk”  further highlighted his passion for storytelling and his genuine approach to battle rap. Swamp is able to showcase his emotions in his delivery of these powerful lines. Swamp continued to impress with bars like “I had them packages with all the stamps and color on the outside and white on the inside like Ethika draws,”  Throughout this round, Swamp brilliantly demonstrated all of his best attributes, showing why is he one of the best in the league in this lane. 

In this round, Swamp’s haymakers came in rapid succession, leaving a lasting impact. Lines like “I’ve been alone so long I ain’t realize the pandemic hit” and “I’ve been selling since Limewire” exhibited his ability to connect with the audience through relatable and clever content. He further solidified his gritty style in his content with lines such as “Combine three different weeds to make a pound, Chess ain’t the only one to make a bowl from scratch.”  Swamp’s third round was a tour de force, combining authenticity, storytelling, and haymakers to create a memorable and impactful round & put the riboon on a great performance. 

Chef Trez’s third round in the battle against Swamp was a display of his A-1 rebuttal skills and freestyling skills. Trez wasted no time and started with three sharp rebuttals to the Leoniads bar, the Shrooms bar, and the Charge you More bar, countering Swamp’s previous haymakers effectively. His ability to respond in real time added an extra layer of excitement to the battle. Following up one of the best rounds of the battle, Trez maintained his momentum and kept the audience engaged, even prompting Swamp to smirk and acknowledge his skill by saying, “Aye Bruh, go into your round.” Trez’s freestyles were on point, and he seamlessly transitioned into angle punches related to Aye Verb, creating a compelling narrative within his round.

One of the standout moments of Trez’s round was his wordplay with a reference to “Martini,” tying it to the concept of angel wings: “You can get a 10-piece from Martini, but this two-piece wing gon last you forever.” This clever use of wordplay showcased his ability to connect themes and concepts creatively. Trez didn’t shy away from incorporating angle punches and touching on relevant topics pertaining to Swamp’s career, like the Aye verb 112/peaches and cream bar, in reference of Aye Verb’s app record of 1-12. He continued to impress with lines like Blade in him and swipe down on the page like I’m refreshing,” demonstrating his lyrical dexterity. Chef Trez concluded his third round with a “Mad little Mav” scheme and a thought-provoking Law of Attraction bar, wrapping up a performance that featured three complete rounds and reached elite peaks within them, further solidifying both of their status for the South & their respective region. Which raps up into being one of the best battles so far this year on 2023. 

A great comeback battle from Swamp and after being out of the loop for a few events & yet another battle for Trez to put on his mantle this year while he has another great run of his 2nd prime to his career. 

While there is enough firepower from Chef Trez to still argue this round, the content from Swamp stands strong and holds up against these barrage of haymakers and I edge Swamp this battle 2-1 (1st & 3rd).

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