The Round Robin WOTY Race

It’s never a dull period in battle rap and we’re reaching one of the most exciting times of the year. At the end of the 4th quarter, where battlers try to make one last push to leave a resounding mark on the year or to make a push to be a quality candidate for end-of-the-year Media awards. Every battler wants their year to be acknowledged, some battlers want to make an end of year Battle list, and some want to be recognized as one of the 10-20 best active battlers but the very select few who are associated with being at the complete apex, chase the most prestigious award available, The Champion of the Year & Woman Of The Year. Three formidable women, Jaz The Rapper, Ms. Hustle, and Coffee Brown, have emerged as standout performers, each having an exceptional year in 2023 that positions them all as strong contenders for the coveted Women of the Year (WOTY) award. With a history of achievements and groundbreaking performances, these three rap queens are set to showcase their skills in thrilling battles during the second weekend of December, shaping the trajectory of the WOTY race.

The second weekend of December promises to be a vital moment in the WOTY race, as all three powerhouse battlers step into the ring for thrilling and high-stakes battles. The outcomes of these matchups will undoubtedly influence the narrative of the WOTY award, with each contender aiming to solidify their claim as the best in the game. This is one of the most interesting races towards the award we have ever seen because it hasn’t been many years where there is this much parity & volatility.  With each of the 3 of them battling on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, the leagues have positioned these ladies for an action-packed weekend of Controlled Chaos. 

As an NBA Fan, this has some resemblance to the Jokic, Giannis & Embiid 3-way race towards the MVP of last season. Two of the candidates already had won the award twice, while Embiid was still searching to acquire his first MVP. In this reference, Jaz & Coffee would be in prime position to win their 2nd WOTY belt as Hustle looks to capture her first. 

Ms Hustle: A Determined Contender on the Rise

2023 Schedule:

In the first half of 2023, Ms. Hustle has demonstrated a relentless pursuit of excellence, establishing herself as a frontrunner in the WOTY race. Her year kicked off with an explosive start, leaving an indelible mark on all media rankings at the halfway point of the year. Ms. Hustle showcased her prowess with a standout performance as one of the top performers of the night against Myverse, setting the stage for a series of commanding victories. Her dominating win against Shooney Da Rapper on The Chrome23 Anniversary card solidified her status as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive landscape. 

Notably, Ms. Hustle headlined a main event grudge match against the gun bar king in Tay Roc on the Kings vs Queens Series, further elevating her profile. And to put a nice cap in her feather, this same card featured Jaz The Rapper & Coffee Brown. And she was able to outperform both of them on this card.

Additionally, she had a one-round battle with Casey Jay, slated to be featured in the upcoming URL documentary, which underscores Ms. Hustle’s commitment to leaving an enduring legacy in the world of battle rap. Although this battle is unreleased, it still has an impact on the positive trajectory she was on. And can be considered an accolade for her career and history of female battle rap. She was then scheduled to have a battle with Loso on Bullpen in April, which she pulled out from, which caused a domino effect for the rest of the year. With such an impressive track record in the first half of the year, Ms. Hustle has undoubtedly positioned herself as a leading contender for the WOTY title.

In the second half of 2023, Ms. Hustle attempts to continue to pick up where she left off, showcasing her versatility and resilience. Participating in a 2-on-2 battle on the NOME Impact card with her EFB partner Danny Myers, she faced chemistry issues, yet managed to deliver a performance that captivated the audience, despite losing this 2-on-2. Ms. Hustle further demonstrated her mastery of the craft in a one-round battle on Houston Bar Code against a URL rookie in Kapo Bravado, showcasing her complete control of the stage. One of the standout moments of her year came in a back-and-forth battle with another one of URL’s rookies, Yunus, on the Final Exam card. The electrifying performance in this highly competitive bout solidified her reputation as a battle rap luminary, and that battle is one of the better battles of the year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this battle make a few Top 10 or Top 20 lists when it’s all said and done. A debatable battle filled with immense replay value.

Looking ahead, Ms. Hustle is slated to face off against New Jersey legend Arsonal Da Rebel on URL’s grandest stage, Homecoming 2, to conclude the year, marking a triumphant return to the Big Apple. With a track record of success in a previous stint on a New York Stage against top-tier opponents like Shooney, Ms. Hustle aims to replicate that same level of production, bringing an illustrious close to what has been an exceptional year in her career.

Ms. Hustle set out a goal back in 2022 to contend for the WOTY Belt. And while she came close to this goal, falling in 2nd place in the rankings in 2022, she followed up this year by saying she wants to be COTY. She started her year off with a bang and while others may be closing the gap she has a chance to leave a final imprint to see if she can be one step closer to the gold. 

Jaz The Rapper: A Trailblazer with a Winning Legacy

2023 Schedule: ​

In the first half of 2023, Jaz The Rapper embarked on a journey to maintain her status as one of the premier figures in female battle rap. After a remarkable year of winning WOTY in 2022, she returned to the Kings vs Queens series, facing off against Charlie Clips. While her first round exhibited flashes of brilliance, the remainder of the battle was deemed lackluster by her standards. Undeterred, Jaz sought to elevate the game by giving a platform to a rising talent in the form of RX on the King Bau Create For U Card. Despite the initial setbacks with the delayed release of the battle, once it surfaced, it showcased the signature level of performance that Jaz is renowned for, marking a complete turnaround from her bout with Charlie Clips.

A notable highlight in Jaz’s year involved an unexpected turn of events when Ms. Hustle backed out of a battle against Loso on Bullpen. In a testament to their professionalism and dedication to the craft, Jaz and Loso agreed to a one-round battle with just five days of preparation, delivering one of the standout performances of the night and arguably one of the best one-rounders of the year.

In the second half of 2023, Jaz The Rapper continued to showcase her elite talents in high-stakes battles. The first standout moment came in the Co-Main event on The Riot, where she was scheduled to face off against none other than Rum Nitty, the reigning Champion of the Year in 2022. This historic intergender battle between the #1 ranked Battler and the #1 ranked Female battle rapper delivered an intense and competitive clash that lived up to its anticipation. Both artists exhibited Top-Tier performances, making it a battle where the outcome could be considered a toss-up, a testament to the skill and prowess of both Jaz The Rapper and Rum Nitty.

Jaz then took center stage once again, this time as the main event on a card presented by Emerson Kennedy’s production company, Last Second Sea, where she faced off against the formidable Nu Jerzey Twork. This battle showcased Jaz’s ability to consistently deliver masterful performances at a high level. Facing a relentless barrage of firepower from Twork, Jaz demonstrated exceptional skill in countering every haymaker, creating a battle with remarkable replay value and sparking debates among fans about the outcome. With these back-to-back performances in the second half of the year, Jaz The Rapper has begun to close the gap between her and any contenders ahead of her for the beginning of the year. 

Jaz The Rapper’s debut on Chrome 23 will be against the person who is arguably the #1 front-runner for COTY this year, in Bigg K. This is undoubtedly one of the most pivotal battles of 2023, carrying immense implications for both competitors and the landscape of the year-end awards. The significance of this clash lies not only in the potential impact on Bigg K’s Contender of the Year (COTY) run but also in the doors it can open for Jaz. A victory against Bigg K would not only elevate Jaz’s status but could position her as a frontrunner for her second Women of the Year (WOTY) belt, with the potential for the highest placement ever seen by a female battle rapper on a COTY list. Some may even believe that because of her last 3 opponents, she has enough momentum to be in the runnings for the men’s & women’s belts. Jaz’s recent opponents include 3 of the top 6 best active battlers in the world, marking a challenging and commendable streak where every battle has a high-level performance and can be debated. However, a loss in this bout could create opportunities for other contenders to make a compelling case for the coveted COTY & WOTY title.

Jaz The rapper had no real intentions of trying to repeat for her 2nd belt but the way everything started to fall together and the level of production she was putting up on the stage, it became hard to rival what she was doing. Once she saw the glimpse of a window opening for a dynastic opportunity to capture her 2nd title. She went full fledge and now is in one of, if not the most critical battles that will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the awards race and the broader narrative of the rankings. 

Coffee Brown: Brewing Success with Consistency

2023 Schedule: ​

In the first half of 2023, Coffee made a triumphant return to the battle rap scene after a year-long hiatus, diving headfirst into challenging matchups that showcased her skill. Her comeback began on the big stage against the formidable Nu Jerzey Twork Twork, a risky move considering his reputation as one of the best big stage performers in the league and in battle rap period. She was completely outmatched, but Coffee displayed a few highlights that hinted at her potential, signaling a promising return but this is the biggest blemish of her resume. The following month, she demonstrated her ability to bounce back with a one-round battle in Detroit and another clash against Snake Eyez on URL, where she secured a commanding victory, regaining control of the room and silencing any doubts about her hiatus affecting her performance.

Taking a strategic break, Coffee returned to the scene towards the end of the summer, making waves on both sides of the border. Her debut & headlining appearance on a KOTD/Beastmode event in Canada had her facing off against Grid, showcasing a level of comfort and groove reminiscent of her prime.

Coffee’s clash with Geechi Gotti on The Riot card, positioned as the main event, was nothing short of a match-up nightmare. Going into the matchup as a heavy underdog against the three-time Champion of the Year, Coffee faced considerable & valid skepticism. However, she defied the odds and emerged from the battle with an outcome that can be argued as in her favor. The battle may not have received unanimous critical acclaim, with varying receptions from the media and fans on its lack of replay value, but the undeniable takeaway was Coffee’s ability to secure an arguable win in a situation where she was counted out the most. This arguable victory against a seasoned and highly decorated opponent like Geechi Gotti adds another layer to Coffee’s comeback narrative, cementing her resilience and ability to thrive in high-stakes grudge matches. The main event on The Riot showcased Coffee’s determination and skill.

In the third quarter of 2023, Coffee continued to ride a wave of success, marking a pivotal point in her year. The momentum surged when she faced off against Shooney Da Rapper, her second female opponent of the year and her first top-tier female opponent in years, on URL’s Civil War 4. Once again cast as the underdog, Coffee defied the odds, delivering a performance that not only prevailed but also showcased her complete control of the battle from start to finish. At this point of the year, I feel she had already surpassed her achievements in 2021, the year she won Woman of the Year, Coffee reached new heights and displayed an elevated peak as a battler.

The fourth quarter saw Coffee extending her reach to the international stage as she traveled to the UK for her third country in the year, engaging in a competitive battle against the reigning Don’t Flop Champion and UK battle rap legend, Gemin1. Making her debut on Premier Battles, Coffee demonstrated her adaptability and skill in a debatable and competitive bout that was deemed the battle of the night. With remarkable highlights, particularly in her first round, Coffee continued to solidify her standing as a versatile force in the global battle rap scene.

Coffee is closing out the year in battle rap with an ambitious and grueling schedule, taking on two Top-Tier opponents in a span of just a few days. The First announcement that was made was for Coffee to rekindle an old grudge with 40 Barrs, revisiting a battle that was once booked as a main event on Queen Of The Ring’s (QOTR) Panic Room. Scheduled to headline Panic Room 7 on December 9th in NYC, Coffee faces the challenge of going toe-to-toe with 40 Barrs in what promises to be another intense grudge match in 40’s illustrious career. Adding an extra layer of difficulty, an announcement reveals that Coffee is also slated to make her Chrome 23 debut on Friday, December 8th, against another Top-Tier female battle rapper in Couture, who is making her return to the ring after close to two years. Taking on two Top-Tier opponents back-to-back, or even a day apart, is the epitome of high risk and high reward. 

Undeterred by the difficulty of these assignments, Coffee is poised to swing for the fences, aiming to make history and defy the odds once again. Confident and ready to roll the dice on herself, Coffee is prepared to face the challenges of this grueling weekend and live with the results. She has already hit higher benchmarks this year by acquiring 5 Main event accolades across 5 different platforms and has gone through the most rigorous test of her career. She is ready to leave it all on the floor, with a chance to prove the world wrong again. This year really showed how she was pertinacious through all of her challenges.

What Is The Most Impressive ?

-There is a world where Ms. Hustle Dominates a battle rap legend like Arsonal. Putting a ribbon on a fantastic year, with the most & best big stage performances, and arguably not losing a round on a New York Stage. Also having the accolade that she was featured on the same card as Jaz & Coffee on Kings vs Queens 4 and out-performed them both. 

-There is a world where Jaz The Rapper could have knocked out the arguable #1 contender for COTY, and find herself in the COTY & WOTY runnings by battling and possibly beating 3 battlers that may be ranked within the Top 6 of the best active battlers in the world. 

-There is a world where Coffee can do something that sounds nearly impossible and win against Two Top-Tiers in female battle rap, back to back a day apart, and have the most decorated year with main events, the toughest Schedule, & most accolades. Her last 5 opponents are all Top-Tier names 

The possibilities are endless. The nuance of this round-robin is that everyone’s results no matter the outcome, will have a residual & resounding effect on each other’s standings. Buckle up, we are in for one of the craziest battle rap weekends we have seen in a long time. 

Let the games begin. 

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