Snake Eyez vs Cortez was scheduled to go down on April 16th, 2022, on House of Causalities battle league. Snakez Eyez being the reigning Hardcore belt champion at Midnight Madness, was ready to raise the stakes of his Cortez battle and put his title on the line for his first defense.

However the battle took place and was a non title match, you’re probably wondering what happened right? This battle was booked in December of 2021, as per Snake Eyez via PSA Hip hop. On February 1st 2022, Snake Eyez Eyez announced that he elected Cortez to be an opponent deemed worthy of a title match.

Midnight Madness staff had plans to be in attendance at House of Causalities in Albany, New York, so that they would be able properly administer and regulate this title match.  One of the Midnight Madness owners (Tsu Surf, Bill Collector & Jakkboy Maine) would be in attendance to ensure both emcees would properly pick the judges for their battle and that money was on the floor for their title match.

Jakkboy Maine who was was planning to be in attendance could not make it due to a loss in the family (condolences to Jakkboy’s family). It was an unfortunate situation that was out of everyone’s control but without any of the Midnight Madness staff in attendance, the match could no longer be for the title without any of the stipulations fulfilled or the owners present.

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