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Adam Ferrone, also known as Rone, is a man of many titles. Battle Rap veteran, former KOTD Champion, actor, blogger and much more. He puts together a battle rap event that is thrown by Barstool Sports, hosted by himself, called The Nicest. 

The Nicest was an evening filled with praise, affirmations, positive reinforcement, intimate advances and humor. We have a 5 battle card full of compliment battles and each of the battles were 3 rounds. 

It’s always refreshing when battle rap applies a creative theme in attempts to break up the monotony of the the vulgar, aggressive and boastful content that we know and love. Battle Rap being a niche sub-culture of Hip-Hop, is always looking for ways to expand its reach to the casual eyes and ears. When battle rap uses unique themes, settings or different methods of distributions, it helps bridge the gap of the fans who aren’t familiar with the culture but are entertained by battle rap.

We have seen various examples of leagues putting on compliment battles, such as KOTD, BOTZ and Don’t Flop. And this event will serve as great product to deliver compliment battles to the masses. As many fans were able to notice, on the flyer of the event there is a logo of Sling TV.

Sling TV is the first app-based TV service that lets you stream live television and on-demand content over the internet. With Sling TV, you get to choose the television option that’s right for you, including Channel Add-ons, Premiums Add-ons, DVR Plus and more.

Rone gives us brief details of the vision for this event. The plan for these battles is to have ‘The Nicest’ turn into a TV show and have it hosted on Sling TV. Each episode will have an introduction of the battlers so that viewers can get familiar with them. And the end of each episode will be the battles. The show will be on Sling some time in May. And 2 weeks after the battles air on Sling, they will be available on Youtube as well.

Salute to Rone for bringing something fun and creative to the culture, in efforts to introduce the battle rap on a platform with over 2.4 million subscribers. The battlers get to expand their audience and so does battle rap. Brand new fans are able to digest this content and seasoned fans can enjoy the theatrics of our savvy veterans and legends doing something different. It’s a win win.

LTBR Award Recipients

Nicest Battle of the Night: Marv Won & Quest Mcody
Funnest Battle of the Night: Frak & Geechi Gotti
Kindest Battle of the Night: Real Deal & Rone
Most Generous Performance of the Night: FRAK & CAUSTIC
Surprise of the Night: Charron, XQZ
Best Friend of The Night: Quest Mcody, Frak, Cali Smoov,


Rone decides to show everyone what a good heart he has and how selfless he can be by setting off the night and being the first battle of the evening. The compliment battle veteran is not new to this, he’s true to this. You can go get a taste of what Rone does in this setting by watching his KOTD Compliment battle vs Pat Stay with over 2 million views.

He begins to list all of the things that Real deal is superior in. He lets him know hes a legend and deserving all of the blessings life has to offer. Rone shows a great deal of to the current KOTD Champ. And the Irony, is his last compliment battle was also against a KOTD Champion of the time. Guess he has a thing for the champs. Rone showed respect to the champ with an intense round where at one point he started barking on Real Deal !

Real Deal is happy to give a confidence boost to Rone. Deal applauds Rone for all of the titles and positions in his life. And wishes he can reach the same level of success that he has. This was a very kind way to set off the night.


Charron from Ottawa, Canada gets the luxury of standing in front of the man he wishes he could be in XQZ from Chicago.

XQZ and Charron both enjoy some multi syllabic rhymes, taking direct angles towards their opponent and I guess also each others company. Both of these emcees are very much alike when they rap. They both are not afraid to have an awkward moment on the stage while performing, even if that means Eskimo kissing each other.

XQZ pulls out a wild-N-Out shirt in honor of Charron, calls him the tall version of himself, he lets everyone know Charron is his best friend and even freestyled in the battle to make Charron proud.

Not quite sure if Charron understood the assignment… Charron was so fond of XQZ, that he offered his wife as a gift. As an expression of gratitude for their friendship, he also let XQZ know that he purchased an NFT of his circumcision. Yeah, we all need a friend like Charron in our lives.


Marv Won and Quest Mcody, are revered one of the greatest battle rap 2on2 teams of all time. 

The Detroit Duo have over 2 decades of blood, sweat, tears and memories of running together in battle rap. They have won tournaments, starred in movies , crushed cyphers, done music, basically any or everything you could think of (well not everything but you get it). This was a compliment grudge match waiting to happen.

Marv lets us know who he thinks is the GOAT between Jay-z or Quest. Let’s just say with Jay, Marv has been less impressed. Marv makes sure to put the world on notice what a great father Quest is, how there’s a sushi roll named after him. Marv even brought Quest some dutches like a good friend! We all need someone in the clutch when its time to light one.

Quest tells all of us how Marv has the greatest mind, how Marv won is unbeatable at Words with Friends and how much he admires his immaculate beard.

Quest asks the whole room to raise their hands if any has ever beat Eminem at a rap battle. And shows how territorial he can truly be. Battle Rapper, Th3 Saga has a great relationship with both Marv & Quest, however he made his choice this battle and decided to stand behind Marv.

When Saga would try give Marv encouragement during his round, Quest would use his elite freestyling abilities to let Saga know, no one else is allowed to encourage Marv except him.

Th3 Saga was just an innocent by stander. Oh, Barstool sports told us to tell you, that no Christians were harmed in the making of this battle.


Caustic from Oakland, California and Cali Smoov from Los Angles, CA get the chance to exchange words. They put on the best display what a true friendship is suppose to be about.

Cali couldn’t stop bragging about all of the wonderful things that Caustic could do like rap his bars and do a back flip at the same time. Cali tells Caustic his smile illuminates an entire room. And he is honored to be Caustic’s right hand man. Caustic is the stone cold to Cali’s Rock. 

“You know what rhymes with Cali Smoov? He’s a handsome dude.”

Caustic glamours over Cali’s physique. He tells Cali that body is out of this world like an alien at planet fitness. Clearly the only thing lower than Cali’s esteem is his body fat percentage. Caustic confesses to us when ever he types the word Smooth on his iphone, the auto-correct changes it to Smoov with a V.

But if anyone is familiar with Caustic, they know that he never plays fair and he has no problem exposing his opponents. Caustic always has some dirt on whoever he is battling. He exposes Cali Smoov for a deep secret and once it’s revealed, I’m sure the perception of Cali will dramatically change.

He exposes how Cali Smoov started a non-profit organization opening literacy workshop for kids that may be struggling with their education.

A few years back, Cali Smoov flew to Sweden for hip hop tour and in between shows he stopped at a youth center in Eskilstuna, Sweden to have a creative arts, Hip-Hop and emotional literacy workshop with the youth.

SOME GUY HUH ? I know I will never look at him the same ever again.


The battle of the night was ready to take the stage. Geechi From Compton, California and Frak from Oakland, California get to have a very nice conversation for the west. Geechi Gotti and Frak was filled with entertainment from start to finish. They were so nice to each other they didn’t want to let the other one start the battle. But like the true gentlemen Geechi is, he decides to sets things off.


Geechi Gotti let us know Frak is what Jim Carey would be if he hung out with crips. Geechi gives Frak a special thank you for beating Danny Myers and ending his Champion Of The Year run, so Geechi can get a 4th belt.

Gotti takes a minute to smell the aroma of the room because the minute Frak walked through the doors, it smelled like good credit. Gotti had some great rebuttals to all of Frak’s kind gestures by giving him some money and some items in exchange. And Geechi really appreciates the fact when he ate dinner at Frak’s house, the food was seasoned.

“You Know what Rhymes with Geechi Gotti? He’s got a beach body.”

Frak compliments Geechi with some rebuttals right back. He is grateful that Geechi has put the whole state of California on his back. Geechi has got the west moving like Pete Davidson. Gift giving is a love language and what better give to give to Geechi than some extra magnums in case he needs them. Frak hands over his netflix password like the good friend that he is. And gives geechi all the flowers for becoming of the greatest to ever battle rap.

Frak wants the world to know that Geechi is the GOAT and he will stop at nothing to get his message across.

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