The Riot: Weekend in Miami Day 3

The Riot


Event Recapped by Staff Writers Cece On Air

LTBR Award Recipients

Battle of the Night: JC vs Black Alladin

Best Individual Performances of the night: #1 JC | #2 Franchise | #3 Swamp | #4 Hennyman | #5 Black Alladin  | 

The Biggest Win of the Night: Hennyman Beat Da Spot unanimously in a judged battle for $5K

Let me ask for a round of applause for Geechi Gotti and his league The Riot as well as Fred from M3S3 Apparel for giving the 305 a weekend full of fun events! The weekend ended with a dope event on Sunday which paired some up-and-coming talent versus some of the best in the game of battle rap today. Watching some of the new names go after the vets in the room was fun.

Hennyman vs Da Spot

It was money on the floor for this battle…$5K WORTH! Hennyman went first and didn’t waste time punching on Da Spot like he owed him money. While doing so the people in the room was enjoying Henny’s material. He had good punches and the flow was dope for all three rounds. Da Spot made the second close and was his best round. By the third, it was clear Henny had won. Da Spot had some good moments when his material landed but too many dry spots in his rounds. They both did good counter writing. Some of Da Spot angles were good but some I heard before in regards to Henny.

Judges: Anderson Burrus, JC, and Eazy Da Block Captain gave the win to Henny

JC vs Black Alladin

This was one of the fun battles to watch for the night. Black Alladin has the energy for real!  Did a good job talking to JC about some of his downfalls in 2022 like losing to Tsu Surf. JC stole the first with his original punches and writing. Alladin turned up in the second and fought back. The Miami, 3.14…easy as pie, broadway, and clips that curve like frog legs bars from JC in the second were fire. JC didn’t waste time hitting on all cylinders in all three rounds. Alladin was entertaining, the performance never had a dry spot but his material couldn’t match JC’s.  It was a good back and forth but JC with the make-a-wish bar in the 3rd closed the casket.

Aladdin had some shit like the white perks, accepting money from me and said you gave me a plate, and the Pontiac/Detroit/Marv scheme in his 3rd was goood. 

Talking to Black Alladin after the battle he said he had 4 days to prep. Props to him and I would like to see more from him in the future.

Juvelli vs GodBody 400

Juvelli kicked off the battle and did a great job implementing what was said by JC and Hennyman in his material. Velli overall was cool and put together a good first round. Godbody was stumbling in the beginning of the first but got it back. Velli would win the first round clear and start the second with strong setups that landed with punches that the crowd was feeling. His got the body to locked up like rigor mortis and shot the baby out like an abortion bars in the second was dope. GodBody was cleaner in the second but his material was lacking compared to Velli. The metaphors from Godbody in the third were good but he would later choke in that round. Velli clearly wins 30.

Franchise vs Payday

I haven’t seen Franchise battle in person in a while but this performance was a great reminder of how amazing his talent is. This was a one-rounder and Payday from Florida went first. Name flips were cool, Canda/Drake/Toronto bar was cool. PayDay made the Florida movement look good and he came with a solid round. Franchise from his opening bar to the last went crazy! Separated himself from Payday. Name filps were insane and he was rapidly punching so fast I couldn’t keep up taking notes because I was reacting nonstop.

Franchise clearly won but this battle brought the energy back into the room and had us talking throughout the night. You know a one-rounder is dope when people ask for two more rounds! Shoutout to the battlers for this one.

LI The Major vs Don Marino

This was a one-round battle between 305’s own Don Marino versus West Coast’s LI The Major. Don went first kicking things off with a good start. I like Don’s counter-writing and beating Major to any Mexican struggle bars he might mention. He had some material playing to the local crowd which was smart but effectively good. LI The Major would be next and also had a really good solid round too. He was more aggressive than Don but his material was solid. He did have Mexican bars (of course lol) but they were good and the crowd did react positively to them. The building loved them both but if I had to pick a winner I would edge it to LI The Major on first watch. This battle made me also wish we had more rounds too.

Swamp vs Barz Major

Now this battle on the flyer was the main event but Swamp and Barz Major would go second to last. This too was a one-round battle. Barz Major was really dope and wasn’t phased that he was going up against one of the hottest battlers in the culture. His performance was there and had punches that landed. The only thing I knew would bite him was the dry spots in his material but overall he was solid. Now Swamp had a slow build-up to begin the round but once he landed the first bar, it was a night for Major. The swamp has gotten so good at writing up in battles, it was just over by the time he landed the material about the South, the military, and his Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq scheme which was crazy.

Man three one-rounders I wish were three rounds but both Swamp and Barz Major had the room going crazy. One of the better battles of the night.

King Stokes vs Loyal Savage

Now before I give my opinion, I want to be fair and say I think going after Swamp and Barz Major sucked the energy that was left in the room. Now…King Stokes overall was cool. I have seen Loyal Savage before on Don Marino’s Art of War League and he has a really really good pen. In this battle, some of his material didn’t hit but I will say some of it was slept on by the room. The first round from both of them was aight, nothing crazy but just decent punches from both. Loyal had bars like the Maximus/gladiator bar, and overall more consistent material. To add he was cleaner and that’s why I gave him the first and third. To show love to King his trap house to an event center bar, name flips were cool, and The Riot car bar was fire. He was doing alright until the third where he choked. 

I give the battle to Loyal Stokes 2-1 on first watch. It could be argued a 30 but in the room, some people were giving King Stokes the second.

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