The Saurus Scheduled To Make His Highly Anticipated URL Debut

Exciting news for battle rap fans as the man, the myth, the battle rap legend, Mr. Two Times everything, The Saurus, is gearing up to make his highly anticipated URL (Ultimate Rap League) debut. 

This URL App exclusive event of one-round battles, which is headlined by The Saurus squaring off against Holmzie Da God, a formidable opponent in his own right. 

The Saurus’ arrival on the URL platform signifies a significant moment for the battle rap culture, as it brings together one of the staples and foundations for battle rap history on to URL. The match-up is a great showcase of the diversity in talent and competitiveness within the scene, for someone as prestige as The Saurus to make a debut against a pure competitor like Holmzie shows the spirit of the legend.

For fans to witness this historic debut, they will have to purchase the URL App, to ensure that no one will miss out on the action of this battle or any of the other matches on this card. 

Be ready for this battle to drop soon on the URLTV App, as The Saurus steps onto the URL stage, ready to leave his mark and captivate audiences with his unmatched lyrical whirlwinds and multi-syllabic acrobats.

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