Danny Myers Backs Out Of The Gutta City ‘The Trenches’ Card

In recent developments, renowned battle rapper Danny Myers goes live on AngryFan to express that he has made the difficult decision to back out of his upcoming battle against Rosenberg Raw on Eazy The Block Captain’s The Trenches card. Danny cites his involvement as being in the middle of the ongoing war between URL (Ultimate Rap League) and Eazy as the reason behind his withdrawal. Despite his commitment to honor the contract, external pressures have forced him to prioritize other aspects of his life.

Danny Myers acknowledges that his decision to withdraw from the battle has nothing to do with Eazy or Rosenberg Raw. Eazy had generously taken care of the deposit and paid Myers for the battle, but circumstances have placed him in a precarious position. Danny states that he was advised multiple times against participating in Eazy’s card. When Eazy The Block Captain announced the relaunch of his new card, after losing several matchups, Danny says he received daily phone calls about backing out of the card. Danny Myers initially chose to stand by his commitment to ‘The Trenches’. However, the situation escalated further when he began receiving persistent phone calls from URL, urging him to dissociate himself from the event.

Danny Myers states that an ultimatum was presented to him from URL, and he was faced with a choice: align himself with URL or face the consequences of being ostracized from future opportunities. Danny Myers did confirm that his choice to stay on ‘The Trenches” card could jeopardize not only his upcoming 2on2 battle on NOME Impact, but also his future opportunities in the league. With his reputation and financial stability at stake, Myers found himself at a crossroads.

In the midst of this conflict, Danny Myers took into consideration his role as a father to 10 children. With their well-being in mind, he had to prioritize the most financially lucrative option that would provide a steady flow of income and chose his family first in this situation. As he weighed the financial losses he would incur by backing out of ‘The Trenches’ card against the potential long-term repercussions, Danny Myers says he makes 5 figures a battle on URL, and the offer he received to battle on ‘The Trenches’ was less than half of his normal rate. Danny Myers ultimately concluded that the sacrifices required were not worth it.

In addition to the financial implications, Danny Myers recognized that being caught in the middle of this conflict would inevitably affect his ability to perform at his highest level in the upcoming battle against Rosenberg Raw. The mental toll caused by the ongoing tensions and external pressures made it increasingly challenging for him to maintain the focus necessary for a high level performance.

“I chose the money over my word in this scenario. I apologize to the whole city of Philly, Rosenberg Raw & Eazy, but I have to do what’s best for me and my family.”
– Danny Myers

Danny Myers’ decision to withdraw from his battle rap obligation on Eazy The Block Captain’s The Trenches card comes as a result of the conflict between URL and Eazy. While he affirms that Eazy and Rosenberg Raw are not at fault, the external pressures, financial considerations, and mental toll prompted him to prioritize his family and long-term stability. Battle rap fans will undoubtedly miss Myers’ presence in the upcoming event and will be left severely disappointed, but Danny’s decision shines a light on the complexities and challenges faced by battle rappers that are caught in the crossfire of a larger conflict.

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