The Significance of Danny Myers vs Rum Nitty in 2013

The Rematch

9 years removed from their first meeting, Danny Myers & Rum Nitty met in the ring for a second time on 5/14/22 on the Ultimate Rap League’s stage for a special rematch that is dear to the hearts of all battle rap fans, but especially the fans of the west. There’s no denying that battle rappers, Danny Myers and Rum Nitty have a unique history. In fact, their battle is often called the “JC vs. Chilla Jones of the West Coast,” mainly because it was the best battle during the weekend of a huge event filled with top-tier names.

This battle served as a testament that small room battles where both emcees are rapping at the highest lyrical dexterity can overrule battles filled with star-power. During the year 2013, the term “Bars Over Name” was a theme coined by URL to demonstrate that sometimes the hungriest rappers that are looking to break through will deliver higher valued content over the top tier names that have reached a level of complacency within their stardom.

This battle was more than just a bar-fest that surpassed high profile matches. It was a pivotal point in West Coast battle rap history for barriers to be broken by two future stars. Danny & Rum’s battle showcased how special the talent from the West coast could be when the right opportunity is presented to them. Their legendary performances was the start of a domino effect to open the doors for future talented names to establish a career such as Geechi Gotti, Saynt, Real Name Brandon and many more. 

Rum Nitty and Danny Myers may be revered as two of the top names in the battle rap scene at this moment, but this wasn’t always the case. There was a point in time where both of them would have to perform on try-out cards to demonstrate their potential or be the opening acts to main stage events. It sounds crazy to imagine, but it’s what makes the journey that much sweeter. Let’s dive deep into their risings, how this match got booked and the impact of these two titans going toe to toe in 2022.


C.E.O of GTX battle rap league, life long battle rap curator and aficionado, Lush One first laid eyes on Rum Nitty in 2010 when he attended battles at the Sand Trap in Arizona. The Sand Trap served as a satellite extension for the west division of Grind time. Lush One was blown away by what he saw from Rum Nitty and knew he had potential to be a star in battle rap. Fast forward to 2013, Lush one sets up Rum Nitty with an opportunity to make a debut at KOTD on the Alcatraz card out in Oakland, Ca, against battle rapper Pilot concsious.

Nitty has a stellar performance where he showcases his potential but chokes in his 3rd round. He then gets another opportunity to open up on the Take over card headlined by Dizaster & Cortez. At this point KOTD is ready to get behind Rum Nitty because of the star potential he possessed.

Danny Myers was nutritiously known for his battles in the streets of NYC, Detroit, LA, but in the modernized era of battle rap during the years of 2011-2013, he really built up his name on the internet through the AHAT circuit in Las Vegas. Some of Danny’s stand out performances on AHAT vs Rachit, John John Da Don & Shidog got his name on the radar for the top leagues. In 2013 Danny was doing Proving Ground battles on URL while also getting calls/offers to battle on KOTD. 

Danny was adamant and eager to be the catalyst for taking the West coast to new heights in battle rap.  Lush One wasn’t sure of what plans he had for Danny Myers, but he was certain that he wanted him to get his proper recognition and keen on working with him.

Battle of The Bay 6

King Of The Dot was carrying the Torch of the staple Grind Time, Battle Of the Bay. The last installment of this series was Battle of The Bay 5 in 2009 with historical matches like Arsonal vs Conceited, The Saurus vs illmac, Hollow Da Don vs Pass, Aye Verb vs Marv Won, Dizaster vs Organik and much more.

Battle Of the Bay 6 was headlined by Aye Verb & Dizaster, Co-headlined by The Saurus vs John John Da Don. With several other heavy weights battles on the card like DNA vs Pass, Head Ice vs Daylyt, Bigg k vs illmac.

Danny Myers who was still rising through the ranks in the West during this time, wasn’t regarded as a top name or a big enough draw, but the equity he built for his reputation from his AHAT performances was enough proof that Danny’s undeniable talents was ready to emerge on the scene. All that he needed was the right look. And in the moment, opportunity meets preparation.

Danny Myers didn’t get a chance to be on the Day 1 card of the Battle Of The Bay 6 event, but he was in the middle of negotiations to be the headlining battler for the Day 2 card. It’s important to highlight that Rum Nitty was not the first option that was offer to Danny. In fact, he was the back up option. Lush one was determined on booking Danny Myers vs Fredo originally to headline day 2.

The Alternative Universe Was a Phone Call Away

Lush One made a valiant effort to get the battle booked, but Fredo was hesitant on accepting the match for a variety of reasons. He wasn’t certain if Danny Myers was the best look for him at the time, he questioned if the match would be beneficial and if the opportunity made sense. Fredo was indecisive on accepting the Danny Myers battle. Lush One was reaching the end of his tether to ensure Danny would have enough preparation time for a battle, so Lush gives Fredo a deadline date and time to make a decision on accepting the battle. 

The day of the deadline approaches and there is still no word from Fredo. Lush One senses Fredo’s reluctance to accept the battle, so Lush proceeds to reach out to Rum Nitty to give him the opportunity instead. Rum willingly says yes to the Danny battle. An hour past the deadline time, Fredo returns Lush One’s phone call to accept the battle, but by then it was already too late. If Fredo makes a decision a few hours sooner, we may not have gotten this classic battle.

So now, we have Danny Myers vs Rum Nitty as the headliner for Day 2. Both of these emcees were waiting for the right opportunity to have a break out performance and the timing of their battle couldn’t have been any more perfect. One of the biggest sliding door moments in West coast battle rap history will always be, what if Fredo made the phone call just a few hours sooner ? 

Danny Myers Reflects on the history

Danny Myers opened up about his history with Rum Nitty in an interview with Rap Grid, where he admitted that the battle propelled both his and Rum Nitty’s careers. After the battle, both were getting booked for Gorilla warfare and many offers from other leagues. Rightfully so, they both took advantage of the momentum. 

In fact, Danny has specifically said that for him, it was “never about Danny Myers, it was about the West [Coast].” He wanted the West Coast to get “the same respect everyone else gets.” New York was the center of the movement, and the community had recognized the Midwest movement, but with the battle and those that followed, the West Coast had made a resurgence. 

The timing was perfect since this was when the street style of West Coast battle rap was being introduced to not only the battle rap community, but the rest of the world. Myers, Nitty, and Daylyt were the major names that brought street style to the genre. While all three were unorthodox, they brought a black representation to West coast mainstream battle rap, which had previously been dominated by rappers such as Dizaster, Okwerdz, The Saurus, Illmac. Danny Myers admits that these artists paved the way for him and many others but highlights the importance of street style being introduced to the genre. 

Tension Thicker Than German Guard Dogs

While many of the battles over the Battle of The Bay 6 weekend was outstanding, the Myers vs Nitty battle was exceptional. Most of the battle rap world credits this to the energy between the rappers. Danny Myers admits this and says it was the tension between him and Nitty that made for such a memorable battle. Danny Myers vividly remembers his first encounter with Rum Nitty and describes the tension.

“Before the battle when I arrived, he (Nitty) didn’t want to speak to me. We didn’t talk to each other, we didn’t know each other, we didn’t say not one word. I ain’t know him and he ain’t know me and he gave this vicious stare like with blood in his eyes and I’m just thinking to myself, this man is evil.” -Danny Myers

Danny Myers & Rum Nitty both looked at this opportunity on KOTD as a chance to ascend to the next level and they both showed no mercy or regards towards each other as they viewed their opponent as an obstacle preventing them from getting to their goal.. Tension environments often yield higher quality outcomes and insure maximum effort. A little bit of tension or a lack of complacency not only keeps everyone on their toes but makes us more cognizant of our role and the importance of a situation.

Because it was so tense, when they finally started rapping, there was a mutual appreciation of each other’s bars, competitiveness  and performance. That’s when the tension dissipated and both rappers got to show off their talent. As a result, the battle became more fun than intimidating. The atmosphere, the lyrical content, and the energy in the small room made the battle legendary and one that will certainly go down in battle rap history. This battle knocked down so many doors for the West Coast in battle rap and helped both of them Ascend to new heights.  The West Coast had two guys ready for war against anyone from the East and they were ready to prove they didn’t just belong but more so, that they were the best.

The Ascension Since 2013

Danny & Rum Nitty instantly leveled up after their classic in all areas you could think of. They gained more viewership, they became bigger brands, they got bigger plates on big cards and top tier opponents. In 2014, Rum Nitty proceeds to battle top names like B-Magic (in his prime), O Red and gets a home game against Arsonal.

Danny Myers gets a call back from URL to go do another PG battle and he participates in the Ultimate Freestyle Friday Tournaments. He gets huge battle with Aye Verb, Bigg K and goes on to headline his first URL event, in New York a few years later. Rum Nitty joins the party and makes his URL debut in 2015. They both have been battling on the league about 7+ years. Rum Nitty and Danny Myers have climbed the ranks of the league from 2015-2022. And they are two of the most dominate emcees since the caffeine/App era of URLTV.

-Both of them are ranked within the top 4 in wins on the URL App.
-Both of them are ranked within the top 6 of reactions/engagements on the URL App.
-Both of them are within the top 3 of most caffeine appearances.
-Both of them are within the top 3 most booked emcee on URL in the past 2 years.

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