Top 5 Battlers on Chrome 23’s One Shot Card

Remy Ma’s battle rap league, Chrome 23 is having their 2nd event called Ladies and Gentlemen on Saturday, June 11th. To our leisure, we are getting a warm up event before the main card on Saturday, for a full weekend of female battle rap. Friday night, Chrome 23 will be hosting their One Shot Card, which will serve as a casting party for future opportunities on the league.

Remy Ma is ready to open the doors for the rising talent to find a path towards the Chrome 23 main stage. All of the battles on the One Shot Card will be 1 round battles.

16 women will take the center stage to display their abilities and prove they are ready to take the leap and perform at the next level.

Today, the LTBR Team (Dylan, Tai Tai, France) have all come together to create a list of the top 5 list of the ladies that project to have a breakout performance on this event. We believe the 5 ladies listed are equipped with the best skill-set to live up to their potential and can transcend into a productive and polished battle rapper.

While we detail some of the strengths and weaknesses of each battler. We believe the upside of each individual will outweigh their minuses.

#5 Kay Prophet

Straight outta Queens, New York, a Queen Of The Ring OG is making her debut on Chrome 23. Kay Prophet has been in battle rap for over a decade and has seen elite competitors like Jaz The Rapper, Phara Funeral and O’fficial. She has rejuvanted her style and was fairly active in 2021 with battles against A.Ward & Shooney Da Rapper and the veteran is ready to test her pen again With hardly any provocation, Kay Prophet looks to establish some consistency this year and increase her activity.

Strength: She has a unique flow, has gotten a better pen over time, a lot aggression, really good set up lines to her punches and can talk to her opponents. Enhanced her performance.

Weakness: Has hit her ceiling. Her humor/comedic timing could use improvements. Stumble prone. Some of her bars goes over head and isn’t digestible to the crowd.

#4 Hope Trilly

Straight outta Queens, New York, Gutta City’s own, Hope Trilly is showing the world she is a rising star.  Hope brings a laid back smooth demeanor in the ring and posses a versatile skill set. She implements humor in her material, has a really good pen and has star power potential beyond battle rap. Her swagger, demeanor, confidence, lyricism has so much potential for greatness.

Strength: Good stage presence early in her career. Stellar writing abilities, can freestyle, has comedic timing and can angle her opponents.

Weakness: Delivery still needs work. Performance needs enhancement.

#3 Charimsa

Staten Island stand up! Charisma is the best pure rapper on this entire card. She’s also well battle tested. She’s been in the ring with Coffee Brown, Jade, Jada Raye, Lady Caution, Melato Black and more. She’s been featured on leagues like Verbal Warzone, SheGoesHard, QOTR, URL and Gates of The Garden. Experience is the best teacher. She is due for a breakout performance to transcend to the next level.

Strengths: Great flow, good wordplay, can scheme well, battle tested, poised and has a solid pen.

Weakness: Charisma is a great rapper but there is a lack of a command in her projection.  She doesn’t put enough emphasis on her punchlines. Decent performer, could improve. Could be close to ceiling. Needs to implement more structure in her rounds.

#2 Chetta

Fresh out of Cleveland Ohio. Chettat is a talented prospect in the Midwest circuit and has been on the radar for a few years. She has gained a plethora of experience over the last 5-6 years. She’s been featured on leagues like Bullpen, QOTR, Gates Of The Garden, SheGoesHard, Our Society Battle league and URL.

Alongside her experience on mutiple platforms and cities shes also got a stellar resume filled with names like O’fficial, Myverse, First lady Flamez, Melato Black and 40 BARRS. Despite being well a qualified performer with a ton of exposure, she hasn’t had a breakthrough yet on the main stage.

She posses the writing and rapping ability to emerge and really establish some momentum for her career if she can maintain consistency. She is a fearless battler that is willing to take on any challenge. Chetta good puncher and tends to be able to register big haymakers from time tome. If she’s able to polish up her fundamentals to improve her delivery and performance, she can greatly improve to be a productive battle rapper.

Strength: She has a unique flow, is a good puncher, a lot aggression and is extremely confident.

Weakness: Delivery still needs work. There is a lack of performance sometimes in the way she raps her material. She is stumble prone and there is valid concern if she has reached her ceiling.

#1 Fendi

Where Brooklyn at !? Fendi is by far, the best pen on this card. The intricacies of her writing is layered and high level. She can pack a punch and is almost certain to give you some content worth enjoying in the building and on the watch-back. Fendi has been on the scene for almost a decade, but as of lately, she has been closely surveying the landscape of battle rap in efforts to break through to the main stage this year.

Fendi is headlining her second card of the year. She is fresh off a good performance from the URL Future Queens event. Fendi went toe to toe with Shooney Da Rapper on Midnight Madness, where she put up a valiant effort in a judged loss. Fendi is a great pen, but just like most battlers with great pens, they fall short in other departments to enhance their lyricism.

She has gained a special amount of momentum this year and hopefully she can put on a performance at Chrome 23 that can catapult her to the next level.

: Great pen, great wordplay, good puncher, she is battle tested, ability to craft a good angle and is very poised when her opponents are rapping.

Weakness: Not captivating enough to take over a room, delivery still could use improvement, stumbles in battles, needs to enhance performance and she may be close to her ceiling. Fendi has been on the scene since 2013.


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