Introducing the RBE 2022 class of Bricks

First and foremost. Salute to RBE and a special salute to Lawrence & Winged for their dedication to developing the Brick by Brick farming system for the platform.

RBE has been a platform to host a variety of different talented battlers from all over the country and one of the areas I felt was most lacking within the company was their department of cultivating their own talent. There was a lack of developing up and coming battlers to get them to the next level to become professionals and potentially even stars. There has been a plenty of gems to go through the 1SK process, but very few have retained spots for continuous bookings and even fewer have progressed and climbed the ladder of the platform.

After a handful of Brick by Brick events from 2021-2022, 9 emcees have gone through the ringer and propelled their selves to receive an official RBE contract. These 9 emcees are now committed to the platform and they all look to elevate their careers. Who will transcend to the next level and reach stardom ?

Introducing the 2022 class of Bricks.


A breathe of fresh air with an unorthodox & energetic style. Remedy isn’t afraid of putting his creativity on display and will take a risk on the stage to go outside the Box. He is the first battler to sign to RBE. He has experience, isn’t afraid of any challenges, a stature to elevate the optics of his performance and will always do something to stand out or be memorable. He is a battler capable of creating moments.

Latest RBE Battle: 68K views vs Gwitty 


A relentless talent that that is eager, competitive, confident and poised. Payne doesn’t shy from the bright lights and is in fact invigorated by any challenge in front of him. He was the last 106 and Park Champion before the program ceased their battle rap content. He’s been in high pressure situations, various platforms and he makes winning battle his #1 priority. Any battler focused on winning first is already developing the right mindset. He brings potent punchlines, aggression and swagger to the stage and will be here to stay.


Latest RBE Battle: 12k vs Floss Da Boss


The 1st lady of RBE has arrived. Kausion brings her aggression and fire pen to the center stage. She is gritty, commanding, witty and possess the potential to be explosive. She tailors her set up bars to give her punches more power. Once she learns some more fundamental aspects of performing and crowd control, she can become a problem.

Latest RBE Battle: 6K views vs Fresh Da Great

#4 Coach Corleone

Straight out the Midwest, Chicago stand up! Coach Corleone is one of the few battlers that had a 1sk battle on the Max Out Cards. That opportunity comes with a unique gain of experience. Coach brings a more slow pace style, strong vocal projection and presence. He may need to start implementing more punchlines or get to his punches quicker as he begins to climb the ranks but with a thunderous delivery he will always be able to assert himself on a stage. He is an enforcer.


Latest RBE Battle: 10K views vs Dre Dennis

#5 Jay Breed

A talented emcee with a relentless method of attack, that gets into some dope rapping pockets and has the spontaneous ability to incorporate crowd control while he raps. Having a 1SK on Max Out, he was able to show he has potential to translate on a big stage. He will be need to work on standing out more with his performance. Jay Beed doesn’t leave a memorable impression on his content or performance and he will have to clean up them stumbles but he is progressively getting better as a puncher, so there may be promise.

Latest RBE battle: 5K views vs J Geans

#6 J Geans

A pen heavy talent. Geans is an excellent writer and probably one of the best writers in this class. None the less he still has levels to climb. He is direct towards his opponent, he can angle, he has sarcastic/witty moments to break up the monotony of just trying to lyrically flex all battle. His delivery is the area he will need the most improvement in. He is able showcase his confidence on a stage with his big stage 1SK but he is omitted to growth.

Highest View Battle: 15K views vs Jaskizzal

#7 J-Slash

J-Slash is a tantalizing talent with a fluid cadence that reels you into his content. He is able to punch every 2 bars or switch it to a 4 bar set up. He also has the ability to rebuttal, although he doesn’t do it frequently. The potency of his punches needs to be more powerful but as far as delivery, aggression and performance, he is fundamentally sound. He will need to get better as a puncher to become more explosive for the main stage.

Latest battle on RBE:  13k views vs Mr. Mills

#8 Zay

Zay applies a lot of diversity in the way he structures his rounds. He gives you one pure punching. One round of angles to break his opponent down. Another round of deep street content to talk to his opponent.  He is multi-dimensional as a battle rapper so it gives him a perfect opportunity to become a competitive figure on the platform in a few years.  He hasn’t mastered any of the approaches he takes yet but he is committed to the system that has gotten him to this point.

Zay will need to add some more flare to his delivery and will need to enhance his performance. He has a lot of areas to sharpen up. within 2-3 years of developing, he will be certified problem on RBE.

Latest battle on RBE:  12k views vs Wise

#9 Cino Savvy

If “be yourself” was a better rapper, it would be Cino Savvy. He is completely authentic to his personality. He is aggressive, original, creative, animated and able to paint a visual with all his punches. He is fundamentally sound, has humor in his material, he has a good delivery, he does gets a little eerie with the punches but we enjoy people being outside of the box !  He is a breathe of fresh air and entertaining to watch.

Latest battle on RBE:  5k views vs Kaf

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