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Would it come as a surprise if I told you, so far, for the year 2024, T-Top has registered the most battles out of any emcee? In the first 4 months of 2024, he has eight battles. 6 of them are three-rounders, and 2 of them are one-rounders. Despite some of them flying slightly under the radar, his recent string of performances across different leagues has demanded attention, signaling a resurgence in his presence. He is fresh off a weekend where he battled twice, within 24 hours, in two different countries. 

We’re 123 days into the year, and with 8 battles so far, that means T-Top is averaging 1 battle every 15 days.
Let’s break down this run.

The conclusion of 2023 for T-Top had a bit of a flat ending, as he faced a setback from the results of his battle against Prep. His typically sharp delivery faltered because he was not clean, and his content wasn’t as potent as his usual standard, resulting in an unexpected loss to someone he was a heavy favorite against. 

However, rather than allowing this defeat to linger, it catalyzed for T-Top to instantly reclaim his stature and rediscover the consistency that characterized his earlier career. With a renewed focus, he kicked off the new year with a vengeance and battled the following month against Jay Dat Guy on a new league. Top delivered a standout performance that was reminiscent of his prime, and I can’t lie, it was a big shock to see him give so much effort to a lower-tiered opponent or a new platform, but it was because he had one mission in mind, and it was to be “The Old T-Top.”

He followed up that performance with another stellar showing with a dominating and entertaining battle against Snake Eyez. His showing against Snake Eyez was the complete package you love from T-Top. Creative angles, humor, storytelling, hard punchlines, and rebuttals. It was one of his best showings on URL in a while. And I know someone might say, well, T-Top puts highlights up on two guys of a lower tier or two guys he’s projected to beat. But it’s not merely about accumulating wins but about reclaiming his position at the top of the battle rap hierarchy and performing at the highest level.

Amidst the flurry of battles and high points in T-Top’s year, it’s essential to acknowledge the lows that punctuate his run. His appearance on the Udubb Rebirth card, facing off against the Kid Deezy in a one-round bout, unfortunately stands out for the wrong reasons. Struggling with illness, T-Top’s performance fell short of his usual standard, marred by a choke that detracted from the overall impact. While his candid admission of his health struggles adds context, and he didn’t want to no-show Arsonal, so despite his health, he just wanted to be present, the result remains a blemish.

In contrast, T-Top’s clash with Nu Jerzey Twork on Volume 11, was a solid performance but not too crazy.  Though lacking the explosive energy from some of his earlier showings in the year, T-Top delivered a solid performance that secured a flawless victory. Top was a regular pro for the battle; as stated, he didn’t have a standout showing by any means, but he brought 3 decent and clean rounds, and for this battle, that was all he needed. 

This is where things get a little interesting. T-Top has a battle against J-Blakk (Not the shake My hand one) on the Houston Bar Code. The performance has 12,000 views on Youtube and didn’t get much coverage, but he gave such an impressive performance. It was closer to his Jay Dat Guy & Snake Eyez performance than his Twork one. It was a dominating and entertaining victory. He then follows up with a 1 round battle against the up and comer Dice, where Top delivers yet again another good showing. And for the time being. He’s been performing at a high level more consistently than not, but the names he’s up against haven’t been a real threat, if we are being honest. I am impressed that he can give such a dynamic effort to perform so well on cards that are under the radar and against lower-tiered names, but he really made the statement this past weekend against Two top-tier names. 

T-Top’s whirlwind of battles reached a crescendo with a massive battle for the South, On Bullpen against Chef Trez in Atlanta, where he delivered what many consider to be one of the standout performances of his ENTIRE CAREER. Seeing one of the best T-Tops of all time was not on my bingo card, and it’s not because it’s unattainable, but because he has hit such a high peak at the mountain. It’s so challenging to mirror your apex as your career ages. Facing off against the formidable Chef Trez, known for his intricate wordplay and explosive rebuttals, T-Top rose to the occasion, matching his opponent’s skill level and then some. T-Top’s mastery of storytelling, coupled with his razor-sharp wit and commanding presence on the stage, was able to overpower Chef Trez’s performance. It’s crazy because Chef Trez was great, but T-Top was legendary, and it earned him a judged win, an extra $30,000 in prize money, and the performer of the night. 

Despite the exhaustion of a high-stakes battle, immediately after, T-Top wasted no time in embarking on his next challenge; he left Atalanta at 8:30 pm EST to catch a Midnight Red eye flight to London, to his headlining battle against Gemin1, the reigning Don’t Flop Champion. BRUH! Just the simple act of traveling from one country to another overnight can disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythm, resulting in fatigue, insomnia, and difficulty concentrating. And yet, T-Top was undeterred by jet lag or the lack of rest; T-Top stepped onto the stage with the same ferocity and determination to give another high-level performance. Personally, I had Gemin1 edging the battle. Still, the fact that he went against an opponent hailed as one of the best in the UK scene, after battling twice within the same 24 hours, and delivered yet another stellar showing, captivating the audience with his lyricism, charisma, and unwavering delivery, is nothing short of remarkable. He deserves all the flowers for his insane work ethic. Keep in mind the Dice 1 rounder was a week before this, so a total of 3 battles in 7 days.

 His ability to seamlessly transition from one high-pressure battle to another speaks volumes about his professionalism, dedication to his craft, and, most importantly, his mission to be “The Old T-Top.”

8 battles into 2024, T-Top has battled in 7 different leagues, he’s put on at least five great performances, and he has a clear win against the #2 & #3 ranked battlers of 2023 in Nu Jerzey Twork & Chef Trez. And a main event overseas to add a feather in the cap. It’s safe to say he has emerged as one of the contenders for Champion Of The Year 2024. I would say he’s at least having the 2nd best year so far behind Tay Roc  

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