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Mauricio Hernández González, also known as MC Aczino and Aczino, is a Mexican battle rapper. His stage name, Aczino, translates to “Assassin” which perfectly encapsulates his abilities on the stage and under pressure. In addition to being the highest-viewed Mexican battle rapper in the world, some also call Aczino the best freestyler in the world, as he has laser sharp rebuttals in all of his performances and turns his opponents best bar against them. He is known both nationally and internationally for his lyrical genius, snappy comebacks, and great flow.

GTX Main Event For Their First Card. Dizaster vs Aczino

Aczino will be headlining the first ever GTX event, The Prelude, against an all time great from the west coast in Dizaster. Dizaster specializes in taking huge international opponents and turns all of those battles into a worldwide mega match. This is a multi-million view battle waiting to happen.

One round of this battle will be in English, the next round of this battle will be in Spanish, and the last round will be Spanglish round. While we look forward to his heavy weight international bout, we know the battle rap culture in America may be unfamiliar with Redbull scene or the landscape of international battle rap tournaments. Keep on reading to learn more about Aczino, his history, his career, and why he is the most decorated and accomplished battle rapper from Mexico.

Aczino’s History: The Making of a Legend

Aczino grew up playing soccer and practicing graffiti. It wasn’t until he was 12 that he got into skateboarding and began listening to rap music. Impressed by how people came up with rhymes spontaneously, he began his foray into what would eventually become his passion – battle rap. In high school, Aczino learned more about rap, attended battles, learned to battle and even started recording his own songs.

Rising to Fame

He took part in various tournaments throughout the years and flew through the ranks from 2009-2011.

In 2009, Aczino made a name for himself when he won the 2 vs 2 Street Freestyle edition, which was a tournament that replicated the World Rap Championship (WRCs).

In 2010, he won it for the Street edition for a second time. He wanted to make a name for himself away from the 2on2s of battle. He went on to win local tournaments such as the Bronx Warriors tournament and the Nacional de Perros Callejeros. He was also a runner-up in a Monster Energy tournament (Verbal Combat). Which then made him a respected battler from his country and was on the radar of all the top names at the time.

In 2011, Aczino reached the semi-finals in “The Battle of the Century” s against Forastero, in Mexico. He falls short of the win, in what was one of the biggest tournaments of that year.

He competes again 2012, he is runner-up in the Ecko Vive al Limite tournament. Later that year, he joins another 2on2 tournament he becomes champion together with his partner Jack, in the La Rebelión de los MC’s tournament, he achieved a two-time championship in the Elijare tournament in Mexcio, winning Elijare 1 and later Elijare 1.1

That same year Aczino makes an appearance on television in the program El Club del Italiano hosted by Poncho de Nigris, participating in the program’s tournament called La Rebelión de los MC’s, he attended numerous times until reaching the final and facing his partner Jack and obtaining second place.

After their performances on this television program, Jack and Aczino are now qualified to compete for the National Red Bull tournament. So they decide to split the money from this tournament and use it to travel to Colombia to compete in the Red Bull Battle of the Gallos tournament.

The international Red Bull tournaments are considered the biggest stage of this scene and before qualifying for an International Red Bull tournament, you have to win a national Red Bull tourney first.

In 2014 Aczino entered the national Red Bull in Mexico, and wins with ease. He is now qualified to enter the international tourney in Barcelona where he will compete against the highest level of competition. He wins the pairing round against the Peruvian champion Carlitos but loses in the quarterfinals against the Spanish champion Invert, who goes ahead to win the entire tournament.

The narrative at the time, was that Aczino was could only win 2on2s tournaments, he couldn’t compete at a high level, he wasn’t as good outside of Mexico and that he falls short of all the biggest battles. Azcino was determined to redeem himself and possessed the resilience and desire to be great.

His First International Championship

In 2015, Aczino enters another International tournament, the Batalla de Maestros, Deluxe Internacional and has a breakthrough. He captures his first international championship at the Battle of Masters Deluxe in Chile. He finally gets over the hump and kills the narrative of his career. He now has his eyes set on winning his first International Red Bull Tournament. in 2015 he did win Red Bull national tournament and then proceeded to compete at an international one. Aczino fell short of 3rd place in the international Red Bull tournament this year.

In 2017, Aczino reaches his Apex as a battle rapper. The International Red Bull Tournament was going to be stationed in Mexico that year and he had his eyes set on going to the finals and winning. He signed up for every single possible tournament that year to use as training for the International Red Bull. He competed in the following tournaments…

  • God Level Fest (Champion)
  • Masacre Musical (Champion)
  • Regional Big Battle (Champion)
  • Rap Tico Fest (Champion)
  • Double AA (2nd place)

He then competed at Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, Regional & Nacional and was champion at them both. He was ready to accomplish his mission. He competed at Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, Internacional and became an International Red Bull champion. Aczino now cements himself on a historical list of International Red Bull champions such as Invert, Dtoke, Noult, Link One and more.

Other impressive wins to further add to his legacy include his wins in international competitions such as Double AA in Chile, the Freestyle Pepsi Competition in Spain, The God level tournament (where he gets revenge on Invert in a rematch) and the Battle Music Festival in Chile.

He goes on to win 12 tournaments in 2017, in 6 different countries. The most he has ever won in a single year.

Red Bull Batalla: Aczino Makes History With The Most Titles All time.

In 2021, Aczino made history when he won the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, Internacional in Chile. This made Aczino the first-ever International champion with 2 titles (2017 & 2021). And is now revered as one of the greatest Red Bull champions of all time. He is the person in all of the Spanish speaking world with the most international & national titles.

Aczino’s Accolades

Torreth Data Free on Twitter, who tracks the battle rap data has provided an accolade sheet that shows how extensive and decorated Aczino truly is.

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