A.Ward on Aye Verb Wanting $100K To Battle Him on Chrome 23

On a HiphopIsReal interview, battle rapper A.Ward recently responded to Aye Verb’s unexpected demand for a staggering $100,000 to step into the ring with him on Chrome 23. A.Ward believes that this demand is nothing more than a strategic ploy to avoid the battle altogether.

Acknowledging Aye Verb’s was a talented battle rapper at one time, while also acknowledging that Aye Verb is a talented entertainer, A.Ward initially thought there was potential to build an exciting storyline. However, upon closer examination, A.Ward realized that it was merely an attempt to undermine and discredit his career. A.Ward firmly believes that Aye Verb is well aware of his own shortcomings compared to his own skill set.

Expressing his frustration, A.Ward also highlighted Aye Verb’s inflated self-appraisal and deemed it as ridiculous. While A.Ward respects Aye Verb as a pioneer in the battle rap scene and for the Midwest, he has found recent months for all of this to be ‘corny’.

In A.Ward’s words,
“He doesnt wanna battle me, it’s not in his best interest, He knows he’s not as good as me. It’s probably 2-3x more than he ever made he priced himself so high and it’s ridiculous when he finds all these cop-outs. Bro just say you don’t want the battle.”

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