TOS League Owner Addresses Controversy Surrounding Ace Amin & Piranha Battle

In a recent tweet, the League owner of the TOS Battle League addressed a series of concerning incidents that occurred during the intense promotional campaign for the battle between Ace Amin and Piranha. The situation had escalated beyond the realm of battle rap, raising concerns among fans and participants alike.

Taking to Twitter, the League owner sought to reassure everyone that despite the controversies, the battles would proceed as planned. The owner emphasized the importance of maintaining a clean and safe event, prioritizing the well-being of all involved.

The tweet explicitly warned against any individual instigating or engaging in physical violence during the event. It was made clear that those who violated this rule would be promptly removed from the premises without a refund. Furthermore, the League owner highlighted the close proximity of a police station, emphasizing the league’s commitment to ensuring the event’s security.

The statement aimed to quell any anxieties and reassure attendees that appropriate measures were in place to handle potential disruptions. By addressing the concerns head-on, the League owner exhibited a proactive approach, demonstrating their dedication to fostering a safe and enjoyable environment for battle rap fans.

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