Bags & Bodies NYC Auctions Recap

Bags And Bodies Is Almost Ready To Go!

Battle Rap legend & Wild-N-Out star, Hitman Holla will be bringing battle rap to the big screen. As he announced earlier this month, he will be creating a battle rap reality TV show called Bags And Bodies.

The TV show will consist of 12-16 emcees living in a Mansion for 4-6 weeks, to all compete in a battle rap tournament, for a cash Prize. Hitman Holla has been adamant about this TV show having the imprint of the culture so that it can be received amongst the Battle Rap Community in its proper light, while also breaking the barriers to translate to all the mainstream casual eyes this TV show will garner. 

Hitman Holla loves battle rap and the culture. Despite his mainstream success, he has never left battle rap. He has been active every single year since he’s started and now is looking to get involved with a more managerial role, to impact the culture outside of the ring. 

Hitman Holla held an open invite for battle rappers to audition for the show, in 4 different cities. Houston, Los Angles, St Louis and New York City. 

The 3 other cities all held successful audition, with quality candidates that showcased their talents, for a potential spot at the mansion. 

I got the pleasure of speaking with one of the event coordinators, his name is Rome. And Rome let it be known, the St. Louis audition had the most talent, with a possible 10 names that can be selected from that city. It’s no surprise that Hitman Holla’s hometown showed out (no pun intended) .

Stand out performances from NYC

The auditions were held in a cozy lowkey venue in NYC, called Madame X. A two floor venue with couches, a little stage set for speakeasy events and red lights for a nice sensational feel. The audition format for each contestant was to rap a 90 second battle rap round,  directed towards the camera to give a preview of what they are capable of. 

The Ruin Your Day production team was behind the camera filming all of the auditions and post audition interviews. It’s always reassuring to see production from inside the culture handling this project.

With over 20+ names auditioning, some familiar faces, some newer faces, some rappers that have never battled a day in their life ! We got a variety of talent, some funny contestants. You even had 1 contestant who travelled to all 4 cities and auditioned 4 times ! Talk about determination. 

Hitman Holla, John John Da Don & Charlie Clips were in attendance to watch the performances and evaluate the talent. 

Top 4 Performances from the NYC Auditions 

#1 Yo Bull P Nut (Philly, PA)
#2 Jers (New Jersey)
#3 Kid Rock Dollars (Far Rock, NY)
#4 Alias (ATL, GA) 

Latest Updates On The Show.

Hitman Holla held a Q&A Twitter Spaces for the fans to ask questions regarding the further developments of the TV show. 

Hitman had me Co-Host the space and be a moderator to rotate the speakers to ask their questions.  
Here is a list of some new details we know so far about the show. 


  • There will be a total of 16 contestants in the mansion. (Total contestants increased from 12 to 16)


  • 8 contestants from the audition that really stood out will be hand picked by Hitman

  • The other 8 Contestants will be selected from a battle rap event.  
    Hitman has decided to take 16 total names that showed a lot of potential from the 4 auditions and pin them against each other for a 2 day battle card. 8 total battles and the 8 winners will be selected for the mansion. (The 2 Day Card will be at the end of September in Atlanta, GA)

  • The total cash earnings for winning the tournament will be $50K, instead of being $100k. Hitman has decided to allocate the other $50,000 into cash prizes/challenges, and will spread it out throughout the tournament, so that battle rappers in the mansion can earn money throughout the season. In the event, rappers are eliminated,  they won’t leave empty handed.

  • Filming for the Season will start October 1st, 2022. 

  • Hitman Holla says there will be a season 2.

  • Bags and Bodies will be on available on Hulu, Roku, Apple TV  & Samsung. The TV Show is still currently being shopped around.

Mackk Myron Will Be On Bags And Bodies

During the Twitter Spaces, ARP (league owner of Rare Breed Ent) joined the spaces. ARP has been involved with the behind the scenes operations regarding bags and bodies, so he has a ton of inside information. Once ARP joined the spaces, he put Hitman Holla on the hot seat with some questions that made Holla have to reveal a few exclusive details of the show. 

Hitman Holla reveals that 2 emcees from the Midwest have been selected. One from St. Louis and another one from Michigan. Little behold, that Micigan representative is Mackk Myron. 

Mackk Myron is a great fit for this opportunity as he possesses a witty, funny, humorous and joyful personality, but is also a serious threat in the ring, one of the 20 best battlers in the game right now, and regarded as a top 5 puncher pound for pound.  This is a wonderful opportunity for Mackk. 

Hitman also dropped some hints that we may possibly see KD from ST. Louis & Aeon, female battle rapper From Chicago on the show. He says he was very very impressed by their auditions. 

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