Battle Of The Bayou Recap

Battle Of The Bayou

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Event Recapped by Anwar (Champion)

LTBR Award Recipients

Battle of the Night: Bardasians vs Shooneral | Nunn Nunn vs Mike P 
Biggest win: Shotgun Suge over Drugz
Best Performances of the night: #1A  Bardasians & #1B Shooneral | #2 Shotgun Suge | #3 Mike P | #4 Nunn Nunn | #5 Jakkboy Maine 

NOLA Was A Great Market

URL taps into a new market and let me tell you, it was a success. It was like NOLA had been waiting all this time for URL to touch down in their city, and they relished in the moment. The crowd was energetic, filled with cheers, and excited for everything that took place tonight. From the battles, to Smack engaging the crowd, the announcements in between the intermission, fans were so excited to take pictures with their favorite battle rappers and talk to some of their favorite media members in the building. The vibes and aura of the whole event was joyful and positive. The energy was electric and amazing. This city deserves a part 2 in the future. 

Unfortunately we missed out on a few battles. 

-Fonz could not make it to NOLA and his Danny Myers battle will be rescheduled.
-NJ Twork could not make the Jerry Wess battle due to personal reasons. 

As Smack says, “We always complete the objective”  We can expect URL to reschedule both matches and announcements will be made in due time. Its a gift and curse to lose out on battles. It’s always unfortunate when you come see one of your favorite battlers perform live and they are unable to do so, out of their control. But the silver lining as a result of a cancelled match, the crowd is able to exert more energy towards the other battles because the night won’t be as long. 

We Did Get Some Summer Madness 12 Announcements !

Smack made some major announcements. Summer Madness 12 is going down, September 24th, in Charolette, North Carolina.  First two battles announced for Summer Madness 12 is the long awaited, Tsu Surf vs JC and the highly anticipated, Tay Roc vs Swamp. 

Guntitles will be taking on the Ultimate Madness 5 finalist! 

Kyd Slade vs Big T

Kyd Slade goes first to start the night and has a very good first round. He is connecting with the crowd, he has made slight adjustments in his pacing, crowd control and performance. He was direct to Big T while also ensuring the crowd was receiving him well. Kyd Slade is showing progression as a performer and solidified that he belongs on these stages and battling at this level.

Big T fires back with a very good first round! Big T is competing with threshold set by Kyd Slade. While Big T has a good first round, I would still edge the first to Slade, but you can certainly make a case for Big T in the building.

Kyd Slade’s 2nd round was just as potent as his first round and he continues to pick up right where he was. Slade takes good angles in the 2nd round about some of Big T’s past allegation and career status. Unfortunately for Big T, he is unable to match the energy. He has s few pockets that the crowd is not receiving well. Big T was not getting crowd reactions and it disrupted his momentum. You could visibly see some of the frustration in his performance.

Round 3 was Kyd Slade’s lightest round, it took him a bit of time to heat up in this round but he did manage to end the round strongly. Slade’s round was combated by a very humorous and entertaining round from Big T. Big T was able to regain the crowd back after losing them in the middle of his second round and ends the battle strong and leaves the third round open to debate, especially on a rewatch. Good battle to start the evening.

Round 1- Kyd Slade (edge)
Round 2- Kyd Slade 
Round 3- (debatable) 

Shotgun Suge vs Drugz

Shotgun Suge sets it off by going first and his 1st round laid the foundation for what his entire performance was going to entail. He is feeding off the crowd’s energy and landing effectively every 4-8 bars while keeping the room entertained and engaged. Suge raises a high bar for Drugz to meet.

Drugz counters his first round with impressive first round, landing some dope haymakers and flexing his pen. He doesn’t quite match the intensity of Suge’s first round but he received just an equal amount of crowd reactions, if not more. Drugz put up a valiant enough effort to have the round open to debate. I personally would edge him this round.

The next two rounds, Suge is taking over and completely tapped into a higher level with the environment. Suge was incomplete control and lived up to his expectations on a stage. This is a vintage level Suge, using the crowd to invigorate his relentless force. He writes up hill this battle and progressed as each round continued. Suge receives a premature 3-0 chant in the building before Drugz could even rap his third round. Drugz did not have the same electricity or performance to meet the bar Suge set for him.

It was a bit strange to see Drugz could not render the same engagement from the crowd after his first round because he had the same level of content in his 2nd and 3rd. However, it did not register with the crowd. You can certainly put that on account of Suge setting such a high precedent with his performance and energy.

Round 1- Debatable (Drugz edge)
Round 2- Shotgun Suge
Round 3- Shotgun Suge

Nunn Nunn vs Mike P

Mike P has a good 1st round filled with some good rapping pockets, but they crowd was not yet fully immersed into what Mike P brought. His material was well tailored for the situation, but the door was open for Nunn Nunn to dictate the tempo of the battle. And Nunn does just that. Nunn Nunn has about a 6+ minute first round, where he is registering almost all of his haymakers with the crowd. He is connecting at a high level and puts the pressure back on Mike.

Top of the second round, Mike P Instantly responds and with a big haymaker about swamp not being on the card in the Bayou and the crowd went crazy for it. At this point, Mike is fighting back from a very tough and long first round from Nunn Nunn and Mike is able to regain the momentum on his side with a powerful 2nd round. The crowd is loving the battle and at this point of the night, its setting the standard for Battle of The Night.

Nunn Nunn 2nd round is a slight step below from the level of his first round, but still a very good round. He is opening up a multitude of angles without going for the low hanging fruit of the obvious angle everyone uses against Mike. 2 rounds into the battle, the energy is high and both emcees are extremely competitive. You can make the case that Nunn Nunn could be up 2-0 at this point, but Mike had an outstanding enough round to secure the win in the 2nd. 

Mike P third round was solid. His 3rd round was better than 1st round but it felt very reminiscent of the same reception 1st round received. He’s rapping very well and hitting some amazing pockets but the crowd was not fully immersed into the round. It seems Mike may have peaked in the 2nd round. Nunn Nunn’s 3rd round also dwindled down from the previous two rounds  and the third round is wide open for debate. I don’t have anyone clearly winning this round and the battle could come down to it.

Round 1- Nunn Nunn 
Round 2- Mike P (edge)
Round 3- Debatable. 

Jakkboy Maine vs Tink Da Demon

Jakkboy goes first and goes CRAZY in the first round. He is conquering the stage to start this performance. He is exhibiting his crowd control and found a good balance to his performance and bars. Out the gate, he has the crowd rallying behind him and has placed all the pressure on Tink. 

Tink is able to respond and fights back. He brings the dark content we love, lands a few big haymakers and matches the aggression to combat Jakkboy. While Tink puts up a valiant effort, some of his content towards the end of his round didn’t land the same and his performance was a notch below Jak’s. At this point, Jakkboy is leading the tempo of the battle and Tink is trying to follow the pace.

Second round, Jakkboy picks up right where he left from his first round and goes right back to bombing. This is one of Jakk’s more impressive performances on a stage. His pace is really putting him a position to succeed because he is able to have the crowd follow his set lines and delivers his haymakers with full aggression while being animated enough to give the bars power. 

He is resonating well with the audience but tappers off towards the end of his second round with a bit of a weak ending. Bottom of the second round, Tink is having a better round than his first and is on his way to even the score, but suffers a hard stumble that completely shattered his momentum. And Jakkboy is now holding a 2-0 lead. 

Jakkboy’s 3rd round was his weakest round out of the three and it was notable from the end of his second to the beginning of his third, he did not have the same energy output as he did to start the battle. He packed all of his best material into the first half of his performance and it felt as if his third round was also his shortest of the three. Tink is able to win this third round clearly and closes out strong but both emcees put on a goring, vivid, graphic, and very entertaining battle. 

Jakkboy is showing with his performances why he deserves the K-Shine battle.

Bardasians vs Shooneral

When the editor says “give me a brief paragraph summarizing the women’s 2 on 2” and you know that there is no way to BRIEFLY summarize this battle.  Phara and Shooney took their place among the ELITE tag teams in battle rap. This battle is…ok, I will respect the genre so I won’t say it…but we WILL say this is the women’s 2 on 2 version of Eazy v Chess!!!

Jaz and O’fficial were dropping haymaker after haymaker, in and out of each other’s space and executing the lines as if this were their 20th team instead of their second.  Shooneral has silenced THIS critic because they matched EVERYTHING the Bardashians threw at them and then even brought their own “kitchen sink” to throw back.

When this battle releases on the app, don’t hit the reaction button, don’t hit the vote button, heck, don’t even read the comments.  Cast it to your big screen TV, turn the volume up to 100, roll up and pour up and get ready to be AMAZED.  You just want to ENJOY it!

If you’re still reading, you’re maybe wondering “well who won’, I’ll tell you who CLEARLY won this battle…the fans did. 

Can’t wait for this to drop on the app for everyone to enjoy it.

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