The Reason Why Calicoe vs Pass Did Not Go Down On Bullpen

In a recent turn of events, Calicoe, was set to face off against Pass on The Bullpen ‘Dope In The Pen’ card, an event put together by John John Da Don (League owner) & Mistah Fab. This battle was scheduled to take place in Oakland, but at the event, Mistah Fab announced the battle would not be down due to a flight issue. As per his exact words, “Calicoe missed his flight.”  


Calicoe sheds light on the reasons behind the cancellation

Calicoe goes on PSA Reloaded to detail the timeline of events and give his perspective on the matter.

On October 3rd, Bullpen made the Initial announcement of the battle, and controversy surrounding this battle began. Despite the positive reception of the battle, according to Calicoe, he was taken by surprise by this announcement. He took to Twitter to clarify that he hadn’t confirmed the battle and that it was merely a conversation rather than a locked-in agreement, with no deposit. This initial misunderstanding sets up further complications.

Calicoe expressed that he hadn’t received his full deposit for the battle and that he had only received a partial amount. This financial discrepancy raised concerns about the legitimacy of the matchup. Calicoe, like many other battle rappers, relies on these agreements to secure their participation and put in the hard work required to prepare for a battle. Many battlers don’t even start to write or prepare for their battle without their deposit being received, and Calicoe expresses how in his career so many his his loyal friends supported him over the past decade and came outta pocket to travel to his events. And now he uses his deposit to fund the trips of his day 1s so that they can be there with him, but with the amount he received from his deposit, it wouldn’t suffice to get that done.

After the initial misunderstanding and financial issues, Calicoe mentioned that people subsequently contacted him to solidify the battle agreement none less, he agreed and was still prepared to do the battle. He stated that he had three rounds locked in, indicating that he was preparing for the battle as best as he could under the given circumstances.

But the straw that broke the camel’s back was the Flight Issue. Calicoe says Mistah Fab might’ve believed that battlers get their travel arrangements. So when John John found out Calicoe didn’t have a flight booked to come out to Oakland, that’s when Mistah Fab reached out to Calicoe on the day of the event, to fly him in on the same day as the battle. This last-minute arrangement did not sit well with Calicoe, who understandably felt that it was impractical and flying in on the same day was unrealistic.

“When they announced the battle, I had to literally go on Twitter and say I didn’t talk to anyone about this battle, I’m on a whole flyer, It was just a conversation. it wasn’t locked in, I had no money from it and I saw a whole flyer. After that, People tapped in with me and did things to basically lock it in. But it wasn’t like I ever received my full deposit that day. I didn’t get a full deposit they sent me a couple of dollars. I can’t do favors anymore in battle rap. After all that, I had 3 rounds locked in but I didn’t have a flight and they tried to fly me in the day of. I’m not doing that.”-

-Calicoe Via PSA Reloaded


In conclusion, the canceled battle between Calicoe and Pass was the result of a series of unfortunate misunderstandings, lack of communication, bad business practices, and logistical challenges. Calicoe did express he is still interested in completing the battle. 

“My hope is to turn me and pass into a one-off. And I come to Oakland and I get on his ass. Ain’t no ducking situation I was prepared. I was gonna beat tf out of Pass, I aint gonna lie.”- Calicoe via PSA Reloaded

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