Top 5 Performances From The Trenches: Pick A Side Event

Eazy The Block Captain, proudly presents the fourth installment of The Trenches, his very own battle rap league, The Trenches. But this event in particular is the league’s second event that truly shines a spotlight on the rising stars in the Philadelphia battle rap scene. 

This event was a platform for the hungry, up-and-coming talent in Philly to step into the limelight and showcase their skills to a wider audience. The performances delivered at “Pick A Side” left no doubt that these rising talents with a promising ceiling, and deserve to be in rotation more in the league and also get calls from other leagues. The Hunger, energy & vibe is unmatched here. And you can feel it through the screen watching from home. 

#5 Zan

Zan’s performance was one to write home about. It’s clear that she possesses a unique presence that sets her apart. While she may have some experience under her belt, she still has room to grow. But it was her ability to turn up the aggression at precisely the right moments that truly made her performance stand out. Zan’s delivery was so impactful that she didn’t even need punchlines to shake the room. What’s especially noteworthy about Zan is her natural ability to infuse humor into her raps, she’s funny without trying to be funny, it might be a testament to her charisma and persona that shines through her performance. Her ability to deliver jaw-dropping lines and bring a level of wit and humor to her battles makes her someone you have to see again on The Trenches.

#4 Taz

Taz’s performance at The Trenches was a good showing of her prowess. Taz has been making waves in the female circut of climbing up the ranks and a performance like this one only furthers the cause. Taz seamlessly transitioned between slowing down her flow and speeding it up, keeping the room engaged because of how she switches it up. Her style was marked by fierce aggression, slick wordplay, and a deep understanding of how to truly sell a bar. Her innate ability to create moments in battles through sheer disrespect was on display in this battle, especially in the 3rd round (If you know you know) As the “1st lady of Gutta City,” Taz’s impressive performance makes it clear that she is someone that should be in rotation on this platform.

#3 OG Capri

OG Capri’s performance left a leaving a lasting impression on the room. Filled with an explosive mix of bars and a slower-paced flow, his performance is complimented by his slower pace to really exude his raw aggression that resonated deeply with the crowd. OG Capri’s delivery brought a level of authenticity that was both original and unique, showcasing his ability to connect with his roots and stay true to his style. What set him apart was his incredible projection, as his powerful voice reverberated through the room, capturing the undivided attention of everyone present. OG Capri’s performance was a testament to his talent.

#2 Quban

Quban as the most seasoned contender on the card, brought with him a level of skill and stage presence that comes only with years in the battle rap game. While his performance may have had a few hiccups (Literally) along the way, he proved to be a true veteran by gracefully navigating through these hurdles and maintaining his flow and energy. Quban demonstrated his ability to tap into an unlimited reservoir of rapping pockets, showcasing a well-polished performance that highlighted the remarkable growth he has achieved in his craft over the last few years. His ability to handle the rigors of battling on the road and adapt to various situations became evident as the battle proceeded. Everything about the way he rhymes is smooth and the wordplay fits right into place. 

#1 Muuu Wop

Muuu Wop’s performance at The Trenches was nothing short of a revelation. A complete 180 shift from his previous opening act at the Nastyagia Card. In what can be considered his best performance to date of his career. He demonstrated a level of versatility and showed to be poised. Despite being relatively new to the battle rap scene, Muuu Wop showcased a wide range of skills during his performance, from his multiple flows and intricate internal rhyming to his genuine, authentic talk, clever punchlines, and pristine pace within his rapping. His delivery and pacing were on point, and every element of his performance seemed to click seamlessly. This showing at The Trenches has set a new standard for Muuu Wop’s talent, and this should now be the floor of the level he performs at. We should expect to see this form every time or better. He should only progress from here. 

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