First Lady Flamez Respond To Kausion’s Claim Of Being The Queen Of VA

In a heated response to a recent interview with PSA Hiphop, First Lady Flamez has directly addressed her Kausion, her opponent made a bold claim of being the Queen of VA. The battle between these two talented artists has gained significant attention in the hip-hop community, sparking a war of words that is leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next encounter.

Flamez wasted no time in questioning Kausion’s audacity, stating, “How do you feel like that when you just got here? What have you accomplished outside of a tournament? Weren’t you just Remedy Loko’s sidekick a few months ago? Now you claim to be the queen of VA? Stop fooling yourself because you’re not playing with me.”

Highlighting her own accolades, Flamez countered, “How many ‘Battle of the Years’ does she have? I’ve had them back to back. What makes you the queen? Speak to me with decorum.”

Acknowledging Kausion’s motivation for her remarks, Flamez pointed out, “You know why they compare you to me? They compare you to the better things that exist.”

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