Eazy The Block Captain Addresses URL’s Response To His Correspondence.

In a recent interview, Eazy the Block Captain addressed the release of the legal documents of URLs in response to Eazy’s correspondence, asserting that his lawyer has discovered a way to free him from his contract & responds to the attempt to “poach” their signed or affiliated talent.

While URL has issued a response to Eazy’s claims, the battle rapper remains adamant that he is no longer under contract with the renowned league. Eazy reveals that he received a letter from his lawyer indicating that he could find a legal loophole to nullify his contract before the Hitman Holla battle on Chrome 23’s Anniversary event (February 25th). Eazy states that URL is aware that he is not under contract, but if they want to fight the claim, they are well in their right to do so, but he states that they won’t.

Interestingly, he responds to the claim of booking battlers under the URL contract. Eazy advises that all the battlers on the Trenches signed their contracts in April, but he received a letter after everyone else was locked into their agreements to battle on The Trenches, in May, in regards to this manner. As he was told by serval emcees that he booked for his event, that they were not under contract.

Emphasizing his confidence in his legal position, Eazy expresses his refusal to publicly share the details of the loophole discovered by his lawyer. However, he adds that in the event the matter goes to court, this information will become public knowledge. Eazy’s belief is that URL may have anticipated him revealing this information as part of his response.

Notably, Eazy clarifies that he is not currently not being sued from URL. The legal documents that were released were simply a response to his Lawyer, stating to URL why he is out of the contract. So while he is not being sued, he welcomes the possibility of going to court, as it would enable a resolution to the dispute. 

Furthermore, Eazy does say if they really wanted him back, he outlines a set of demands if URL wishes to see him return to perform on the league’s stage. He insists that URL must issue a public apology and allocate a sum of $65,000 to him. Additionally, he requests his battles to be dropped on YouTube as part of the agreement. Should these conditions be met, Eazy declares his willingness to make a return to URL’s Summer Madness event.

As for the battles from the Trenches, Eazy confirms that they will be released on Chrome 23, offering fans an exciting lineup to look forward to. In conclusion, Eazy the Block Captain’s response to URL’s legal correspondence showcases his determination to liberate himself from his contract. While details of the legal loophole remain undisclosed for now, Eazy’s has addressed the legal forms that were sent to his Lawyer and released to the public on June 5th, 2023. 

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