URL Contends That Eazy The Block Captain Lied About His Contract

The Ultimate Rap League has sent a response to the Feburary 23, 2023 correspondence on behalf of Eazy The Block Captain, alleging the Philly battle rapper breached his contract when he battled Hitman Holla at Remy Ma’s Chrome 23 event in February (2023). in addition, they also claim Eazy attempted to “poach” their signed or affiliated talent to perform at his The Trenches event last weekend. (June 3rd, 2023)

URL has the right to operate like any other business as a business entity. The league must ensure that others honor their promises and has the legal authority to enforce its contracts when artists wrongfully decide to breach them.

The document has been the subject of contention, with Eazy The Block Captain claiming breach and attempting to terminate the agreement based on certain arguments. However, this article will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the document, highlighting the key points.

One specific case that highlights this is the situation with Anthony Brown, known as Eazy the Block Captain. Eazy has been under contract with URL since April 2020. However, despite his contractual obligations, he chose to breach his agreement by performing in Chrome23’s February 25th, 2023 anniversary event. These documents recognize that Brown’s contract with URL remains legally binding, despite his decision to breach it.

Defining the Term Duration: This begins by addressing Eazy’s argument that the Agreement is of his indefinite duration with his URL Contract. Eazy has gone on multiple publications stating that he is no longer under his contract. Contrary to his previous reporting of findings of a loophole and getting out of his contract. Eazy claimed he had negotiated his way out of his URL contract just hours before his Hitman Holla battle, but URL says “his contract remains legally binding.”  the document explicitly specifies the term of his agreements with URL, with a maximum duration of six years.

The language used in Section I of the Agreement, titled “Term,” is analyzed to demonstrate that the agreement has a definite term from April 26, 2020, through April 26, 2025, with the option of extending it for an additional year, till 2026.

In regards to The Trenches event, Eazy went a step further by attempting to persuade other artists to breach their contracts with URL. Despite being notified not to interfere with URL’s artists. URL sent a demand letter to Eazy’s legal team on May 5, 2023, giving him ample time to modify the battles on the card. However, Eazy consciously chose to make only minor adjustments. Eazy and his legal counsel ignored the warning. Eazy’s original card rendered talent that was signed to or affiliated with URL, such as Danny Myers, Tru Foe, Prep, Holmzie Da God, Swamp.

“The choice is simple: Mr. Brown can either honor the remaining terms of the Agreement with URL, or he can defend against a lawsuit in which URL will seek to recover the damages it suffered when Mr. Brown breached his exclusivity obligation by battling Hitman Holla at  Chrome23’s February 25, 2023 anniversary event. Similarly, unless Mr. Brown immediately ceases interfering with URL’s exclusive talent, URL intends to sue Mr. Brown for his indisputable tortious interference.” 

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