Ms. Hustle Opens Up About Her Preparation Struggles for NOME Impact

Battle rapper Ms Hustle recently teamed up with her crew member from EFB, Danny Myers, to face off against Lu Castro and Jerry Wess on NOME Impact. However, in a Black Compass Twitter Spaces post the battle, Ms Hustle expressed her frustration with the preparation process and the lack of chemistry she experienced with Danny.

According to Ms Hustle, their first meeting took place just a day before the battle. She made numerous attempts to contact Danny, but he repeatedly assured her that he had everything under control. However, Ms Hustle felt otherwise.

Speaking about the challenges she faced, Ms. Hustle revealed how disconnected they were as a team and the lack of communication they had, “I’m so mad. I’m so mad at Danny. Shoutout to him, EFB, and all that. I am the only one preparing and the only one doing everything. There was no chemistry. The first time we met up was Friday. I was trying to contact him.”– Ms.Hustle

It became evident that the duo’s collaboration had encountered significant obstacles.

Ms. Hustle,  expressed her difficulties of being a single mother with various responsibilities and understood the importance of fulfilling contractual obligations, so she wasn’t accepting of the excuse of Danny being affected by distractions in the background revolving around his incident in regards to The ‘Trenches’ Card. 

The battle took an emotional toll on Ms. Hustle, as she revealed, “You know I’m transparent after I got off the stage, I went to the bathroom and was crying.” The combination of the preparation struggles and the weight of the performance seemed to have affected her deeply. She took it upon herself to memorize parts of his round as well so that she can shoulder the burden for what was missing in this performance. 

Ms. Hustle’s openness about her experience sheds light on the challenges that can arise in collaborative endeavors and emphasizes the importance of effective communication and shared commitment to ensure a successful outcome. She openly admits to losing the battle in the building, despite some of the positive feed back she received for her performance. 

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