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The Ink Is Dry

Straight outta Pontiac, Michigan, Battle Rapper, Mackk Myron has committed to the Ultimate Rap League and signed a two-year battle deal. Mackk Myron is the 6th battler that URL has reportedly signed to a two-year deal via Let’s Talk Battle Rap. Some of the previous marquee signings feature names like Bill Collector, Saynt, Chef Trez, Kitchen Qleen, and O-Red. Once these Two-year battle deals are finalized, URL honors any commitments the emcee may be obligated to, before their contract signing. 

This deal may have been in the works as early as August 2022. In an interview with HipHopIsReal, Mackk Myron was asked if we could see him on URL anytime soon and he revealed that he had been in talks with URL. 

“It’s possible (to see me on URL). We had some sh*t in the work, but it didn’t really fall through, the opponent and stuff. But it will happen soon, but if It don’t, then it don’t.”-
Mackk Myron via HHIR

It’s been a little over three years since Mackk Myron last battled on URL. His last URL battle was against Ryda on Banned Legacy III and he makes his anticipated return to the league against Fonz. There’s been a subtle rivalry between the two Midwest punchers and they have countlessly exchanged competitive banter in multiple interviews regarding battling. 

Fans have long awaited and demanded to see Mackk Myron back in the league, but what’s prevented him from being here in the first place?

Mackk Myron's Past Relationship With URL

From the years 2011-2019, to get on URL as an upcoming battler, you had to try out through the Proving Grounds System. Which has farmed a lot of talented names over the past decade. But also served as a method of gatekeeping entrance into the league for many talented names who eventually found themselves a path into URL and have had some moderate success in the league. There is an estimate of about 582 emcees that have ever tried out for the Proving Grounds during those 9 years (Give or take) And about 5% of those emcees have tried out at least 3 times. And Mackk Myron is one of those names. 

Mackk has had not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 Proving Grounds (PG) battles to showcase himself as a good enough prospect to be in the League. His first PG battle was in 2014, against Stack Almighty, a vaulted battle. Then fast-forward to the year 2017, when Mackk had 3 more PG battles, against names like Who Sane, Stumbles & Jeffrey. In particular, his Jeffrey performance was a stand-out performance and easily the best he’s shown thus far throughout the process of trying out. And yet, he didn’t receive any callbacks to be featured on any main stage cards. 

“Norbes put me through the wringer and I’m ecstatic that he’s gone. If Norbes wasn’t around or I could’ve just dealt with P, I would’ve been on a smack a long time ago.”- Mackk Myron via 15 Minutes of Fame

The Reason Why Norbes Didn't Want Mackk Myron on URL

IMackk has gone on the record in multiple interviews where he expresses how he felt he was vigorously tested to validate his admission into the league. Norbes was one of the biggest roadblocks that prevented Mackk from being on URL. If it wasn’t for him, he could’ve seen Mackk on URL much sooner. But In a recent interview with 15 Minutes of Fame, Mackk Myron finally reveals the reason why Norbes didn’t want to work with him and the exact words he told.

Norbes to Mackk Myron; “You’re okay but I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to do what I want to do with you, and Ill will doesn’t listen. And we think you are gonna follow suit with Ill will.”- Mackk Myron via 15 Minutes of Fame

In hindsight, it would seem ludicrous that someone with the talent caliber Mackk’s would not only have to showcase himself so many times but still be denied at the door for reasons beyond his production on the stage. But a handful of emcees that have reached some success on URL have similar stories. Names like Yoshi G, J2, Eazy The Block Captain, Bad Newz, and plenty more.


Mackk Myron's Career Arc Post 2017.

After being disheartened by Battle rap after several attempts to be on URL. You can see a big gap in activity during Mackk Myron’s career in the year 2018; as he only battles one time that year. There wasn’t a major spotlight on Mackk until Danny Myers gave him a shot in 2019, on BodyBag Battle League. After Mack put on a stellar performance against Danny, he was able to carry that momentum into more opportunities. He had a solid performance on URL in 2019 when he made his main stage debut and also made his KOTD debut in the same year. But the following year is when it all starts to come together for him.

2020 served to be a breakout year for Mackk’s career as goes on a run in various leagues but is predominately featured on RBE. He takes a leap and proves he can go toe to toe against higher level competition; names like A.Ward, Showoff, & Bigg K. Fast Forward to 2021, Mackk Myron isn’t featured on any RBE cards, but he commits to join the KOTD Season 1. He was the #2 seed for the North Division and went on such an impressive run, that he made his first-time appearance on a Champion of The Year (COTY) Top 20 list that Year. 

He goes on to have a 6-1 record on KOTD, and ends his season with a grueling battle in the semi-finals against Bill Collector where he suffered a loss by a split decision. Although he rendered a very successful run on KOTD, he wasn’t particularly thrilled about the time commitment he devoted to the season to come up empty-handed near the finish line.

That KOTD sh*t had me held up. It held me for a whole year. I had to dedicate a whole year to that, I hated that.”Mackk Myron via 15 Minutes Of Fame

In 2022, Mackk Myron battles E Ness on RBE and it has nearly had been 2 years since Mackk Myron returned to the RBE stage since his last battle in 2020, against Bigg K. There had been reports during the summer of 2021, that a Charlie Clips battle was in the talks for Mackk Myron on a Max Out stage, but never came to fruition. 

Mackk was also featured on Hitman Holla’s Bags and Bodies Season 1 as a contestant for the $50k Tournament. He suffered an early elimination on his way to the $50k, but still showed his personality on the show and made the most of the opportunity.


Breaking Through The Ceiling

Mackk Myron is a versatile battle with an array of skills at his disposal. He can punch, has a ton of charisma, has a smooth yet rugged flow while he raps, and has mastered the art of comedic timing with his keen sense of humor and personality. 

He has built himself up to be a name that the people champion, an underrated talent that took his career into his own hands and became a late bloomer in regards to his career success. Mackk Myron is crowned as one of the best punchers in battle rap by the fans. While his performances showcased how talented he truly is and how much impact he could have by properly being utilized for the right opportunities,  it was evident that Mackk was hitting a ceiling with the possible matchups available to him. 

He built up a demand for a handful of big battles with his constant callouts and back-and-forth banter with names like Ave, Loso & Fonz. There is even a portion of hardcore Mackk fans that have supplied the demand for a Mackk Myron battle against Rum Nitty, for a shot at the title of the ‘best puncher‘. If Mackk wants to be revered as the best puncher, he has to battle the best punchers and all 3 of the top punchers in the game are actively battling on URL. Not to mention that 3 of the grudge matches that Mackk has built for himself, (Ave, Loso & Fonz) are all signed to URL. 

This may be the best career move at the moment for Mackk Myron so that he can transcend into a higher position. Although Mackk has admitted he has seen a lot of backlash from his supporters on social media, in regards to signing his new deal, he has responded to the criticism with a tenacious & preserving response. 

I see the hate I’ve gotten and I love the hate. It means people are taking their time. Reading some of the comments (on Instagram). Somebody called me a sell-out. And I told that person, I’m sorry you think I sold out, but if you’re a fan of mine, don’t give up on me now. I need you more than ever.”- Mackk Myron via 15 Minutes Of Fame

QnA with Unkle Ra & Mackk Myron on a 15MOF Interview

15MinutesOfFame Unkle Ra interview with MACK MYRON

Unkle Ra:  Was it difficult to sign this Two-Year Deal with URL?

Mackk Myron:  This was the first time I ever signed a contract because everything else was just a 1 battle deal.


Unkle Ra: You never signed a contract with RBE?

Mackk Myron: Nah it be just like a 1 Battle deal at a time. RBE (ARP) was never on that with me about locking me down. It was more so him giving 1 plate at a time.


Unkle Ra: Was it a goal of yours to be on URL?

Mackk Myron: It wasn’t no goal, they just hit me with an offer I couldn’t refuse. And Now I got Fonz. He can hold his own, he proved that. Me and Fonz bout to shake it up and see what the Fuss about.


Unkle Ra: Do you prepare for Fonz like it’s just another battle or is this different?

Mackk Myron: I’m on URL, but this is just another battle. Let’s get it. Fonz a b**ch. I ain’t worried about this n**ga. Imma cook this boy.


Unkle Ra: Now that you are on URL, do you have a Hitlist?

Mackk Myron: T-Rex in Harlem, Head Ice, Iron Solomon. And If the opportunity presented itself with Loso, I would do it

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