WOTY: The Jewel In Jaz The Rapper’s Crown


In 2021, when Champion held their 2nd edition of the Women Of The Year(WOTY) panel, Jaz The Rapper did not qualify to be on the list, due to the fact she only had 1 battle that year, and the minimum to qualify is Two 3-round battles. Jaz had a culture-shattering performance against Gattas on the Drake card, as she made her solo return to battle rap after a 4-year hiatus. 

Her dominating performance against Gattas won her several awards on the WOTY Panel, and it was to the point that the panel came to a hypothetical consensus that If Jaz was just a little more active in 2021, she could’ve been a unanimous selection for Women Of The Year (WOTY). And her year in 2022 is a testament to Jaz proving the culture right & wrong at the same time. 

Prior to 2022, the last time Jaz The Rapper battled more than once in a calendar year, dates all the way back to 2011. There was always a lingering narrative revolving around her activity. 

Jaz The Rapper has always been one of the most polarizing figures in battle rap. A true battle rap icon, Jaz has given the culture everything from unforgettable rounds to unforgettable reactions, being one of the most powerful brands and talents within battle rap. The only critique that consistently came Jaz’s way: she didn’t battle enough. At one point one of the most tired debates in battle rap, Jaz took matters into her own hands in 2022 and answered a question that many had: What would happen if Jaz was active for an entire year? The answer is the best Women Battler of the year and one of the best battlers period. 

Victories Against A Former COTY & WOTY

Looking at some of the key performances that got her here, her lead-off battle for the year vs Geechi Gotti was a mega match that plays out perfectly on paper for Jaz. A closely contested main event on a marquee event such as Kings vs Queens, big-time moments have become a commonality for Jaz, showing a consistent and high level of Impact from the jump. Couple that with a well-rounded performance, covering all facets of battle rap, and having a strong 2nd (another trend in her year), Jaz would go on to win the fan vote live, traditionally used to decide KvQ battle scores. The debates can last forever, but no matter what your personal call of the battle was, Jaz battled one of the most dominant forces in Battle Rap in his prime and belonged. This was an early indicator of how Jaz is a threat to any style or stature of battler she faces. 

The real crowning jewel of Jaz year was to come when the lights were brightest: a home game in NYC vs one of the newest top threats in the game, Viixen The Assassin. The performance of the year with a complete 3-round attack giving punches, flow pockets, performance, angles/style breakdown, humor, and endless quotables and moments. A masterclass of the highest level, as her best round of the battle also takes home an award, with her 2nd vs Viixen winning the round of the year. Possibly the greatest style breakdown since Hollow’s timeless “Kit Kat” concept vs Clips, Jaz gave one of the all-time textbook examples of neutralizing a puncher and did it in historic fashion with one of the best 3 round performances in Battle Rap history.

Queen Sweep

These key battles will age like gold in the history books, and this is without mentioning Jaz vs Shiest Raw, the body of the year, and Bardashians vs Shooneral, the battle of the year. You read that correctly: Jaz quite literally won everything. There is no greater statement for being the best in the world than being #1 across the board. Out of the total 8 panels combined for COTY & WOTY, she is the only emcee to win a unanimous vote, alongside winning every single award presented. This may never be replicated. Whether it was the main event, undercard, bizarre circumstances, or on the biggest stages the sport has to offer, Jaz was the same Jaz. While always revered as a master angler, what Jaz showed in terms of pure rapping ability and performance proves even the all-time greats are always striving to get better, and that is precisely why they are all-time greats. 

Jaz 2022 WOTY will fit well into her Hall Of Fame career and becomes another piece to support a compelling argument that Jaz is the best female battle rapper of all time. What makes all of this even crazier is Jaz did not let her foot off the gas and has a brilliant start in 2023, already battling RX, Charlie Clips, and Loso. 

Productivity is never an accident. it’s always a result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. So, they asked what would happen if Jaz was outside, and it turns out it’s the same greatness just seeing it more often. Jaz was nothing less than a history maker through 2022 and one of the best the game has ever seen, congratulations to her on a very special year.

3x Headliners (URL & OSBL)
2x URL Headliners
1x Battle Of The Year 
1x Body Of The Year
1x Round Of The Year 
1x Performance Of The Year
1x Champion Cover
Top performer of the night 4/5 appearances
Undefeated in Caffeine Fan Votes

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